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Digisol Router is the most common model of routers these days. In this article, after Tenda Router setup process, now we will discuss how you can configure Digisol Router using Static IP and PPPoE system.

It is suggested to set up a router with the direction given by your ISP to browse the web. A large portion of the web access is being done through Router or WiFi utilising Static IP and PPPoE setup.

Configure WAN and LAN Port of Digisol Router

It is a very important part to configure Digisol router parts because, without a physical assemble, it is not possible to run a router perfectly.

Step-1: At first, unpack the router box and connect the power adapter to the router.


Step-2: Then connect the Ethernet cable to the WAN port of the router device (which you have got from your Modem).

Digisol lan wan

Step-3: After that, you can connect another Ethernet cable to LAN port of the router from your PC or Laptop.

Note: It is not essential for your laptop if your laptop has Wi-Fi features otherwise it is required to access the web interface.

Configure Digisol Router Using Static IP:

Step 1
Go to your Digisol router IP using your browser. Then, log in with your Username (Default: admin) and Password (Default:1234).

Digisol setup

Step 2
Then, click on Setup and hit Next.

Step 3
After that, select the Static IP option and continue to Next.

Digisol sip

Step 4
Now a window will appear. You will have to put all info like IP address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway provided by your ISP. In DNS boxes you can use Google DNS [Primary:] and [Secondary:] in the boxes. Then, click Next.

Digisol static setup

Step 5
Now you have to set up your router name and password in this process. First of all, in SSID option put your desired SSID name in that box. Then, select ‘2.4GHz (B+G+N)’ in the ‘Mode’ option. Then select security ‘WPA-PSK’ and enter your desired password. Leave other options. Then, click Next.

Step 6: After that, click Finish. Your router will Reboot now.

You are done!…

Configure Digisol Router Using PPPoE Setup:

PPPoE is a setup that is done through username and password provided by your ISP without any IP setup.

Step 1
Go to your router IP using your browser. Then, log in with your username (Default: admin) and password (Default:1234).

Step 2
Then, Click on Setup and hit Next.

Step 3
After that, select the PPPoE option and continue to Next.

Digisol pppoe

Step 4
Now in this easy step, you just have to enter the Username and Password provided by your ISP. After that, click Next.

Digisol setup 2

Step 5
In SSID option set you WiFi name. Next, select ‘2.4GHz (B+G+N)’ in Mode option. Select security WPA-PSK and enter your password & click Next.

Step 6
Click Finish. Your router will restart and you are done.

These are the processes to configure Digisol router. All the models of Digisol are having almost the same settings and features. We have clearly discussed the methods for setup in this content.

Find the IPv4 Addresses if when your PC is connected to the Internet

IP Address is essential for internet connection if you are using Static IP mode. You can easily collect those from your internet service provider or you can get it by yourself.

Note: If you need more guidance to change the Static IP address on PC you can check this out.

To get your IP Address to follow these steps one by one which is given below–

At first, go to the Control Panel and click on Network and the Internet.

Then click on Network and Sharing Center. After that, click on change adapter settings.

Digisol 1

Here you will find Local Area Connection. Then just right-click on Local Area Connection and click on properties. Here you will see Internet Protocol Version 4. Then double-click on it.

Here you will see IP Address, Subnet mask, Default gateway, preferred DNS server and alternate DNS server. Just note down those numbers one by one carefully.

Digisol change ip

Then give tick marks to obtain an IP Address automatically and obtain DNS server address automatically. Now, click on the OK button to save the settings.

Change WiFi Name and Password of Digisol Router

To know how to change name and password in Digisol router just follow these steps which are showing below–

At first, open your web browser and input in the address bar then press enter to reach that router login page.

Then type ‘admin’ in the Username box and password: 1234 (or whichever your router company suggests) into the box then hit ‘Login’ button.

Then go to a wireless option which you will see on the top of the web page.

Now find out SSID box (SSID is the name of the Wireless Network). Then type the name which you want to set.

Digisol change ssid

Now enter the password which you want to set and click Apply.

After clicking the ‘Apply’ button, this system will take a few seconds to reboot and complete this process and then you have to choose the new SSID and put the new password to connect once again.

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