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Do you believe in earnings from Android apps online? Well, there might be hundreds of causes you believe but some people say it takes a long time and patience to reach the payout goal and that is why they did not give it a try.

The best part?...

But, here let me give you an example of an app that provides the payout of only @ $2.5 and also pays a high amount of coins per app installation.

This is a good chance to earn free PayPal cash using apps like CashPirate. Not only PayPal cash, but I will share also other ways to redeem coins in the CashPirate app.

install cashpirate
That’s not all

To earn money with CashPirate apps install is not the only way. There are many features you can use to get your coins.

payment proof

This app gives 1 USD per 1000 coins, and 1 app nearly gives 50 coins. There are also other types of methods available in this app to earn.

So, to know all of these methods just read this content until the end to take the full advantage of this app.

If you didn’t hear the name of this app then here, you will have more tricks and ways to learn & earn cash from the CashPirate app.

An excellent feature of CashPirate is the referral program. It gives 10% for your referral earning and also 5% for their referrals. It is a great advantage and opportunity to make money from this trusted app.

SO! Need to know more about PAYOUT?
payout system

Yes, if you guess, it is directly to your bank account then it is possible with PayPal. This app is a very trusted app globally and the primary advantage of it that it is supported over 200 countries and payout done via PAYPAL.

The first step is, to download CashPirate from the play store. To download this app click here. After this, you need an email id to register. So, enter your email id and password to register.

Wait…. Here is the deal.

You have a bonus gift of 500 coins. Just you have to do a thing.

When you register they will ask for a referral code just put this code: SODZJT

get 500 coins in cashpirate

After applying the code, you will get 500 coins instantly.

But, you can use these earned coins in CashPirate to recharge your mobile and also to get the gift vouchers for the most popular shopping websites.

Earn Money Online with CashPirate infographics

Then, why so late? Let’s discuss the features of this app to start earning bucks…

Now let’s come to the point of earning from this app….

CashPirate has Many Offers and Campaigns to Earn Coins:

Those are-

  • Pirate picks
  • SponsorPay
  • TrialPay
  • AdColony

Pirate Picks

Pirate Picks is a category that stores most suggested app installs and top paid apps. It is updated daily and pays much more than other categories. It also shows the difficulty levels by stars. If you select one-star apps those are most easy and quick to get coins. So, if you see any apps in Pirate picks don’t forget to install those first.

offers Pirate picks SponsorPay TrialPay AdColony


SponsorPay is a third-party service that provides apps to earn money in many other apps like CashPirate. If you are using CashPirate, then you will also have a chance to use SponsorPay to install their suggested apps to earn coins in CashPirate. SponsorPay also contains video ads.


If you want to earn money by completing an online survey then CashPirate also gives you such an opportunity. TrialPay is another third-party app that contains apps and surveys to complete which will add coins to your CashPirate account. It pays a lot of coins per installation and survey. So, if you want to make more bonus coins, then TrialPay is a good choice to go with.


Another category is AdColony. It fully contains video ads. When you click on the Start Playback button, it will automatically start playing video ads. Those video ads are usually 20 seconds. If there are no ads available, then you will see an error like- currently no ads are available for you. So when you open this app just click on start playback option if there is any you will get that.

…Now, it is time to get to the point of checkout. As I told already you can receive it directly in your bank account but CashPirate added many other features to redeem those coins. Let’s understand the step-by-step process to checkout.

Invite and Earn Coins

If you need a boost in your earnings then start inviting your friends. It will give you 10% of your referral’s earning and also 5% for their referrals and your friend will also get 500 coins instantly which is equal to $0.50.

Set Goal to Get Paid to your PayPal Account

If you have a PayPal account and PayPal supports your country then you are eligible. You can set any goal to check out. CashPirate minimum PayPal payout goal is $2.5 and the Maximum is 25 USD. The maximum limit may increase in the future. But we should focus on the minimum limit…right?

Yes, it is 2.5 USD, minimum limit.

Below are the other ways to redeem your CashPirate coins—

Mobile Recharge

You can also use those coins to recharge your mobile. CashPirate supports over 200+ countries for mobile recharge. If you are living in one of those countries then you can also use those coins to recharge your mobile.

Virtual Visa Reward

If you have more than 4750 coins in your CashPirate wallet then you can redeem those to earn prepaid virtual visa reward worth $5. So, earn at least 4750 coins to get this virtual visa reward that can be used for online purchases.

Amazon Gift Card

CashPirate has a great offer for those people who are living in the United States and the United Kingdom. They are eligible to get Amazon gift card balance using their earned coins. If you are residing in these countries then you need 2400 to 2800 coins to get the minimum Amazon gift card or Amazon Gift Certificate.

Just follow the steps that I have described in this article and you can easily earn and redeem your coins to your bank account. It is very simple to make money online with CashPirate because it is a very trustworthy app.