unblock myself

Someone blocked me on WhatsApp that I confirmed by checking with a few facts that appear only if you're blocked. I tested many ways and finally, a few of those worked.

To unblock yourself from the WhatsApp block list of someone else, you can enter the common WhatsApp group for you & that person or use an alternative to the Parallel Space for a new WhatsApp account to chat. You can try the GBWhatsApp trick, I have described in this content will be most helpful for unblocking yourself.

That's really important if you want to share something important with your friend and you find that he or she has blocked you on WhatsApp.

Definitely, this guide will help you to unblock yourself and send a message that originally delivers to that person.

I just contacted the WhatsApp developer team to ask a legal answer to such a situation and I found Antonia from the WhatsApp support team who cleared my doubt.

developer answer

Let's discuss what she actually indicates.

As you see in the image WhatsApp clearly indicates that you can see other's messages and reply to that person in a WhatsApp group if you and the person who blocked you, both are present there.

Note if WhatsApp blocks your account due to some suspicious activity, you will not be able to access WhatsApp your profile.

However, if you want to unblock yourself on the latest WhatsApp version in other ways, you can do this by a few simple steps which you will learn in this article.

💥 This unblocks your WhatsApp 100% guaranteed.

The process can be performed on both PC (WhatsApp web) or mobile.

Remember one thing that if someone intensionally blocked you after getting unblock don't you think he/she will again respond the same!

While you are aimed to request the person to unblock you from their end, the group trick and new registration will be helpful in such cases.

You can unblock yourself from someone's WhatsApp account; Yes, it is possible on its latest 2.20 version. You cannot access other's profiles but there are some legal ways to message that person from your mobile.

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You are good to go with the virtual registration if you don't have any mutual friend between you and that person.

1. Unblock Someone from your WhatsApp

 Just open WhatsApp and look for the 'three-dotted icon'. Tap.

 There you have to tap on 'Settings'.

Open the profile section. There you will get the 'Account' option. Just tap on it.

Now Click on 'Privacy'.

There you will see the 'Blocked contacts' list.

 Tap on the number which you want to unblock. 

You'll see unblock option, you just have to tap to unblock.

Just hit the Back button & close.

Identify Blockers on WhatsApp and Unblock Yourself

If you are looking for the ways that help you to unblock yourself from WhatsApp, it is possible because of the few flaws on WhatsApp.

As I experienced on a WhatsApp group that someone was trying to spam on a WhatsApp group where I was not the admin.

When I blocked the person and a few moments later I can see the person again visible sending the same type of messages on the group.

And I rechecked the block list, the person was there.

That means this was a flaw that you can take advantage of your WhatsApp unblocking case.

Unblock Yourself on WhatsApp from Others

If you are not able to chat with the blocked person through the WhatsApp group then you can use the method instead.

Does not matter either you are on iPhone or Android, this method will work 100% guaranteed keeping both WhatsApp accounts active on the same mobile.

i) Dual Space: Unblock Yourself on iPhone

Dual space is available on Apple Store for iPhone devices that can clone up to 24 apps.

Follow the steps to use Dual Space on iPhone:
1. Go to the Apple app store and install Dual Space.
2. Register on Dual space and clone WhatsApp.
3. Register with a new number on that WhatsApp.
Now you can start chatting with the person who blocked you.

Here is the step-by-step guide to using Dual Space for unblocking your WhatsApp from someone else's account:

Step 1:
To use Dual space just go to the Apple app store and install the app on your iPhone device.

Step 2:
Now register on Dual space and clone WhatsApp on dual space Cloner.

Step 3:
Once your dual space is ready to use the cloned version of WhatsApp, just register with a new number on that WhatsApp. You can try virtual numbers that are available online or you can buy one.

Step 4:
Now, once your new WhatsApp is ready you can start chatting with the person from your iPhone contacts who have blocked you before. You are absolutely unblocked to chat with that person without any restriction.

That's all you have to do to unlock yourself from WhatsApp on your iPhone.

I do personally use a type of free numbers anytime I need to register for an alternative. This same will unblock your WhatsApp for sure.

You can use any local or international numbers for registering your new WhatsApp.

ii) Parallel Space: Unblock Yourself on Android

If you are using an Android device, parallel space can be your first choice.

To unblock yourself on Android, follow this:
1. Go to play store and install Parallel Space.
2. Clone WhatsApp on there.
3. Register with a new number on that cloned WhatsApp.
You're now unblocked.

Step 1
At first, install the Parallel Space app on your Android device.

Step 2
Then just start the app by clicking on the 'START' button.

Step 3
Now allow the notification access.

Step 4
Now select WhatsApp and 'Add to Parallel Space' to copy that.

Step 5
Now you have a new WhatsApp. Just open it to register the new mobile number.

Step 6

Step 7
Now enter your mobile number and click 'NEXT' to complete the verification process.

Step 8
Now you can chat with that person from your contact list again. Also, other persons will also receive messages if you send them now.

NOTE: Using this process you can chat with that person again and send him a request to unblock you also. This process will surely unlock your limitation to reach out to that blocked person.

3Unblock WhatsApp APK: GBWHATSAPP

If you are using the latest WhatsApp 2.20 and blocked by someone else then definitely you don't have that right to unblock from someone else's WhatsApp. But, what you can do, if you can unlock by using a trick that will definitely unblock you from that person's WhatsApp.

This trick needs to install the GBWhatsApp that is an alternative to the WhatsApp, you can download it from the third-party websites and install the APK.

GBWhatsApp is absolutely free and works in 4 easy steps, let's discuss:

➟ Delete the WhatsApp profile & Uninstall
➟ Installing any alternative i.e. GBWHATSAPP
➟ Changing the Number in GBWhatsApp
➟ Uninstall GBWHATSAPP & reinstall original WhatsApp

The detailed description starts here:

1. Just start by following the method that asks you to delete your WhatsApp profile and then uninstall that from your Android or iOS device.

2. Now once you have completed the step go for installation of an alternative to WhatsApp like GBWhatsApp from the web. You can download it in apk file and then install it on your Android device. GBWhatsApp is available for Android devices.

Note: If you want to unblock yourself from your iPhone then the method can be performed in Android but the other you can do it on your iOS. There is nothing that affects it.

3. In GBWhatsApp, you should not register with the number that you want to unblock for rather you register with a different number or any other virtual number for one-time registration. Once the registration is completed, change the WhatsApp number from the settings tab where you need to put the current registered number and then put your original WhatsApp number that you want to get unblocked with.

4. In this process, once the change of number is completed, just uninstall the GB-WhatsApp from your mobile.

Now finally install the original WhatsApp Messenger from Google play store and register with your original number. You will see that your number is unblocked from that person's WhatsApp as you will be able to chat with that person and deliver your messages to the person.


👎 This method works in 4 steps but the steps it takes a long time to complete that is the most noticeable flaw of this method.

👎 This step needs to get your WhatsApp installed at the first that will definitely force all of the data to be cleaned from your mobile thus losing all of your important WhatsApp data. So, consider taking backup of your current WhatsApp data.

👎 You have to allow the third-party installation on the mobile device that may be a security threat to your Android device. But don't worry GBWhatsApp is not that much problematic and you will only need it for just a few minutes then you can uninstall it once step 3 is completed.

Can I get Automatically Unblocked from WhatsApp?

As you know, you can do two things on WhatsApp.

Either you can uninstall your WhatsApp or you can delete your profile totally. Remember that deleting your profile will not erase all of your details from WhatsApp instantly.

This will take time to completely get your data deleted from the WhatsApp server but the time is unknown.

But when your data get cleared up, you can re-register your WhatsApp to continue using the service.

Final Verdict:

If you're looking for ways to unblock yourself on WhatsApp then you can choose any of the methods in this article.

The WhatsApp registration using the Parallel space or Dual space on your mobile whether it is iPhone or Android, you can perform this action. While you are on a PC through the WhatsApp web option, you don't need to revert back to the mobile because you can take the help of a WhatsApp group by adding that person who has blocked you. You will be able to show your messages to that person through that group.