Facebook Order Friend List
Ever wondered that when you surf through your Facebook you will find that there will always be these friends whose posts and updates will be given priority over others.

The same way there will be these friends’ suggestions that keep coming in between your surfs. Certain people being able to make their way into it though you have no friends in common.

Also, in your friend list, now that it is updated you get a synchronised list of alphabetical names but it actually isn’t so.

Facebook actually does identify the people who have some kind of one-sided association with you. You just need to understand the signs.

Here, we’ll tell you the algorithms which Facebook use to order Facebook friends list on someone's profile.

How Does Facebook Decide to Show Friends on List?

>>Interactions on Facebook: Recent interactions play a large role in the ranking process.

>>Profile Views: How many times a profile is viewed and such.

>>Tagged Photos: If you have photos in common.

>>Wall Posts: What you have posted on your wall and if the person has been on your wall recently.

Here are the more to know about this below...

i) About people who are present in your network:

1) Facebook kind of rates your interaction with your friends and in that way they highlight and give a certain priority to their posts. This way you get to know about your social interactions and activity too.

2) Facebook allows you to arrange friends in your contacts too. Though, whenever you make a search you can find that not more than ten people are shown in an alphabetical search. If you happen to be a very friendly and social person this might be a problem.

3) Facebook has introduced this feature of close friends wherein you yourself can add people to that list. This way you can easily have management and access to your dear ones.

ii) About people who aren’t a part of your network:

They keep popping in your friend's suggestions anyway. Though you maybe not have even one friend in common or anything you still find them on your page.

1) It is observed that there is this group of 9 people, these suggestions that might be totally random at times that tends to creep people out. After much discussion and speculation about the same it was agreed upon that most of these people are the ones who stalk your profile—one-sidedly and hence Facebook gives you a loop point to know about it.

2) If you are into the habit of using Facebook for some light stalking here and there then this is your cue to limit your activities otherwise your crush will know what you’re up to!

Many more factors are taken into account all with all these. Stalkers beware, Facebook is watching.