View Private Facebook Photos of profiles

Sometimes, people share these photos publicly or privately with few ones on Facebook. I was looking for my close one's profile if she is present on Facebook.

Yes, I found her and then the target was to view the private photos that were posted on her profile.

To view hidden or private Facebook photos of a private profile, just go to the Facebook search bar then search the URL of that profile, after clicking onto the search button check all of the tagged photos from different profiles, just click on the date of post. Now the photos will be visible to you.

I did some tricks and I succeeded to view that private profile and its tagged photos in a few minutes. For sure, in this article, I will share with you the steps that will definitely help you to view a private Facebook profile and its pictures.

But, Facebook provides a handful of features to hide any posts or make any photos hidden anytime. Also, now Facebook users can hide his profile from random people by their choice.

But the good news is the profile is viewable on Facebook.

You can view all Facebook photos including the hidden photos if you unleash the private Facebook profiles. Still, there are some Facebook profile viewer apps to see but have a read to do this easily.

And also, if you are finding the way to see all private Facebook photos then firstly you must understand where the photos save.

That is not an issue to find the hidden posts or the private pictures for the users who posted it on Facebook, but how would you do that?

Well, let me clear, that private or the hidden photo is still on Facebook but having permission blocked for other users to view it. Means, if you get the permission unlocked you can view it.

So, who can do this?

Obviously, the user who posted it can allow you to view it. But, in some cases, connecting to friends of that user and getting them on your list can be helpful to unlock the privacy. That is the reason, why you should be aware to store photos on Facebook which are sensitive.

Many Ways to View Private Facebook Profiles and Photos

There is a chain of methods that you have to execute. Just follow the below methods to view any private Facebook profiles and their photos.

1. Targeting Friends of that Person To Look for Private Facebook photos that shared with only Friends
2. PictureMate Extension Finds tagged hidden photos at a time automatically
3. Becoming a Fake Friend To view new posts of that person without searching again
4. Facebook Bug Trick Finding the Private photos from Private Facebook Profiles
5. Spyera to Automate Finds out Private photos along with other multi taksing
6. Social Engineering Technique Tricking the Person to view his stuff on Facebook

private fb photos infographics

1. Target Friends of that Person:

The first common method to view private Facebook photos is just by adding friends of that person to your list. This feature unveils the photos with are limited using friends of friends' privacy setup. This feature helps to reveal the tagged photos which the user shared with friends.

target friends of that person

Once, you add his/her friends, the photos which are shared with that friend will be visible to you as you are now a friend of his close friend.

Just target 4 to 5 persons and go on as you can, to increase the chance to find every piece of photos in front of you even for the future posts also.

But, this basic method works only to a limited extent to reveal the tagged photos only which are not public.

2. PictureMate: View Private Facebook Photos Online

If you looking for a good fit to find tagged hidden photos at a time then PictureMate extension is the best and easiest thing you must try. This extension is available for Chrome browser. Just go to Chrome Web Store and install it.

Now, let's follow the below steps to understand how it works:

Step 1:
Just open the Chrome browser and search for 'PictureMate' on Google. This will show a link to the chrome web store. Just click and install it on your browser.


Step 2:
Now, open a Facebook profile whose tagged shared photos you want to see and then click on the extension.

Step 3:
This will graph search automatically to find all tagged photos of that targetted Facebook ID.

[The best thing which is still now unknown is, this extension lists up all photos at once without finding the photos manually. Thus, making the system quite data saving, easily and in the quickest way possible. That's the algorithm of this extension.]

You can use the same technique for your Facebook ID also to save more time on finding the tagged photos.

3. Become a Fake Friend:

Even after getting some target people in a friend list, a feature is still untouched. That is photos shared with the friends, but not tagged with anyone. In that case, if the photos are not publicly shared or not tagged to anyone, the only way to see those is just being a friend of that person.

If you feel unsafe to reveal your real Facebook ID, then you can send a friend request using multiple fake IDs and wait to accept the request. Once it is accepted, all done. Now, you can see anything he or she has been shared on its own profile.

But, people have gone so smart that some of them don't allow unknown people to come into the Facebook friend list. In those cases, some of the third-party apps might be helpful.

4. Facebook Bug Trick: Tagged Photos of Target Profile

Facebook has a feature in the search bar which is another helpful method to see the private photos of any Facebook profile. Facebook actually kept this bug open because it is the better method to identify a person whom you are searching on Facebook.

Thus, if you search for 'Photos of (any_name)' then Facebook will list up all of the possible photos which is being helpful to identify any person.

facebook bug to view photos and ID

This method is also beneficial to view photos of a Facebook profile that is actually hidden in his or her timeline. By pictures, you can find out private profiles that are not visible in the search.

But, this method will also show up other photos if it matches the name with other profiles. In that case, you have to scroll down to the bottom and find the appropriate target of yours.

5. Use Spyera to Automate the Process

Now, here is the premium app for you 'Spyera'. Spyera is the best app to view private Facebook photos also able to track cell phones, calls, and SMS.

spyera logo

If you want the complete information regarding any Facebook account including private posts or photos then this app is really going to help you. This tool also available to your iOS (iPhone) devices without any restriction. But, you have to purchase the app for at least 3 months and the cost is quite reasonable for its lots of features.

Just you need to have the rooted android devices but also available in a web-based dashboard. So, if you want to view those private Facebook photos then this software will really do the job for you.
If you are willing in the psychological approach to viewing the Facebook private profiles then this social engineering technique might help you.

If you still need a trick, here is a trick you must try.

How is it Possible to View Private Facebook Profiles?

Facebook provides users with a feature that helps them to protect their photos and videos from circulating around Facebook to everyone.

Thus, Facebook had to introduce the feature which is only used to share photos among close friends and families. Now, this feature prohibits other users to see the photos of that person.

But, the question arises, is that really possible to see those private Facebook photos?

The answer is, yes you can. There are multiple methods that can help you to unlock the blocked Facebook private photos and see those respectively.

By being a friend and making use of Facebook bug might help you to find the shared posts or see the photos which are shared among the friends.

Social Engineering Technique:

First of all, this is not about programming software rather it's the quite easiest method to play with the victim's psychology.

Whenever you want to connect a new person, you will have two options either Add Friend or Send a Message. In most cases, the Add friend option is not visible, the only way you can contact by sending a message, still, this is stored in his/her message requests.

So, here the fact is to view the private profile photos info without adding him as a friend. Now, the first thing you should do just send a message & wait till the reply you receive. If you are able to introduce and remind the person about yourself the possibility is there that she may add you as a friend.

However, if she does reply even negative but doesn't block you then the primary basic info will now be visible to you easily.

You might notice on your messenger that if someone sends you a message who is not on your contact list if you reply to them, you see an alert below the reply that now both if you and the person can see each other's information.

Here is more.

If you can identify one of her friends is on the list, you can create a fake ID with that name and profile picture and send the friend request. Most probably if she accepts the request, now you can have access to the private profile easily and see the photos. That's social engineering if you succeed in this step.


From the above-mentioned methods, social engineering is the easiest method you can use anytime. The risk is totally zero in that as the victim would not know who is behind the scenes. Still, you can use the above premium apps which are also helpful in finding the private profiles of Facebook and other social media sites.