3000 people in a WhatsApp Group

If you are the admin of a particular WhatsApp group then by default you have the permission to add or remove someone from the WhatsApp group. For a viral post, it's better to have a lot of people in a WhatsApp group.

But, only a fixed number of people can be added to a WhatsApp group.

To add more members in a WhatsApp group, you have to invite more people with the group invite link. But, with the help of the explorer, you can add up to 3000 to 10,000 people in your WhatsApp group.

WhatsApp Group Limit: 256 users in a WhatsApp group

Why is this limited to 256 users in a WhatsApp group?

The actual reason is unknown but this is WhatsApp's decision & the company is trying to increase the limit day by day. The reasons are described in details below:

Limiting the chats:

Limiting the people undoubtedly will limit their usage per WhatsApp group automatically. Suppose, if there is an unlimited amount of people is added in a WhatsApp group, users might face issue to see all chats when everyone is posting. It's hard to scroll always upward to see all the chats, thus will lose interest in that particular group.

Prioritizes Group Members:

If the members are limited in a serious WhatsApp group then related people will be the first choice for the admins, thus making the group valuable in all way.

Internal Issue:

There might be WhatsApp's internal issue which restricts the admins to add more than the allowed limit in a WhatsApp group. WhatsApp is improving its system and increasing the limit and we can expect to get a hike in-group member limit.

Add up to 3000 Members in a Group

Utmost of 256 people in a WhatsApp group is a myth. You can get more people added into a WhatsApp group by sharing the invite link. That implies you can't include more than 256 by yourself but that is not the exact group limit. So, if you want to increase your limit from 256 up to 3000, at that point this strategy will be useful for you.

Sharing Group Invite Link
For doing this just follow the simple steps:

Stage 1:
Just open your WhatsApp group and tap on three dots icon.

Stage 2:
Next, from that point tap on 'Group info' and an option will be there 'Invite to Group via Link'.

Stage 3:
Just, share the link with your friends and in other groups.

Now, when anybody taps on that link, he/she can join the group even if the limit is crossed over 256, thus increasing the limit of up to 3000 people in a single WhatsApp group.

Increase WhatsApp Group limit using ES-Explorer

For adding more than 10,000 people in a WhatsApp group, ES-Explorer is the best app you should try. But, your device must be rooted in using ES-Explorer. Now, once you install the ES-Explorer file manager from the play store, just follow the simple methods below.

Before starting, just check if the Root Explorer is turned on then follow the next levels-

Step 1:
First of all, tap on the 'three lines' icon and select 'Device' option from there.

ES-Explorer wp grp limit

Step 2:
Now, once you tap on that, you will find the 'Data' folder. Again tap on the 'Data' folder that comes in the next screen.

ES_Explorer wp grp limit data

Step 3:
Then, you have a folder named 'com.whatsapp' and this is your target. Upon opening the folder you will get another folder 'shared_prefs'.

Step 4:
Once you open that folder, finally you get the file named 'com.whatsapp_prefer'.

Step 5:
Just select the file and from the 'More' option tap on 'Properties'. Now, to change the permissions tap on the 'Change' button. From there tick on all permissions and save.

ES_Explorer wp grp limit change

Step 6:
Now, open the file in HTML format and find the line participants_size_limit and change the value to 9999.

whatsapp group limit 10000

That's all. Your limit for adding people in a single WhatsApp group is now increased. However, you can put any value there to increase the limit to unlimited.

FLAW: Sometimes it only shows the number only but could not add more than 256 people, the method seems to be fake.

Wrap Up:

The last thing to highlight is that if you want to increase the group members share the invite links as much as you can so that more people can join through this. Still, you have the Es-Explorer that will help you to maximize the group limit.