Freemake Video Converter Tutorial - Full Version

Do you need a converter tool for converting to any formats? Freemake Video Converter is the all-in-one solution to convert any video to other formats for free. Freemake video converter is available for Windows OS (32bit & 64bit).

You can convert any video files on your Windows PC, making those supported by Android and MAC devices. Freemake video converter can also make Blu-ray videos easily by converting any files.

Freemake video converter can convert online videos to MP4 and also the MP4 video format to any. This tool can convert a video to other formats just by pasting the URL of that video into the software.

FVC converter tool is clean and very safe to convert any files. Freemake video converting software can also burn DVD and edit any video to cut any part of that file.

Besides of these, Freemake can also create photo slideshow by adding multiple photos altogether. You can also add an MP3 song to that slideshow as well using Freemake video converter tool. Also, the Freemake converter can convert the MP3 file to WMA and AAC to MP3 easily.

Let's get into the details to use Freemake Video Converter.

Why Should You Use Freemake Video Converter?

The best thing that forces us to choose the Freemake video converter, is available for all options. Although this adds the Freemake logo into the converted video this does not matter a lot for personal use.

Freemake converter tool supports over 125+ video formats to convert including Mp4, MOV, AVI, FLV, 3GP, SWF, etc. Also, this tool can convert audio files as well (e.g AAC, MP3, WMA).

Besides, this tool makes a good quality video by converting it to fit on the screen for Android and iPhone devices.

How to Use Freemake Video Converter to Cut Video?

Freemake video convert tool comes with a great feature with which you can edit and cut any video from a particular portion. This tool can do this very easily by few simple steps. Just follow the steps below-

Step 1
Install and Open Freemake Video Converter. Then add a video file to edit and cut.

Use Freemake Video Converter cut video

Step 2
Now, click on the cut option which is present on the right side of that video.

Step 3
Once you click a new window will appear. Here, you can select the start and endpoint by using the tools available there. Then simply click the cut icon and click 'OK'. 

Use Freemake Video Converter cut videos now

That's all you need to do to cut a video file quickly with the Freemake video converter.

How to Use Freemake Video Converter to Burn DVD? (Convert MP4 to DVD)

With this feature, you can burn the files to DVD by using Freemake video converter for free. To complete the process safely just follow the steps which are given below-

Step 1
At first, start the software and add the files to the Freemake software. Then click on the 'to DVD' icon.

Step 2
Now, a window will appear with target disc information to burn. Just complete the selection and click on the 'Burn' button.

Use Freemake Video Converter to Burn DVD

This procedure will burn the files to the DVD once the Burn is completed.

How to Convert video to Blu-ray using Freemake Video Converter?

Blu-ray is the most advanced technology which can store up to 25GB of storage easily. 3D movies and HD movies are displayed with this disc. Freemake video converter can easily convert your video files to Blu-ray disc format. Just to get this advantage just follow the steps below-

Step 1
Just open and add a video file to the Freemake converter tool.

Step 2
Now click on 'to Blu-ray' option from below list.

Step 3
Now, in the new window, just complete all selection including the target output folder and menu option. Then click on the 'Convert' button to start the conversion.

Use Freemake Video Converter blu-ray

Once the convert is completed, it will be a readymade Blu-ray DVD file.

Use Freemake Video Converter to Export Audio to iTunes

iTunes is a free application on Mac which can play audio and video over the internet. Using Freemake Video Converter you can export your audio files to iTunes. You can add a video file as well then you can convert this to Mp3 to export the same to the iTunes app. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1
Add any files (video or audio) to the software. And click on the 'to MP3' option.

Step 2
Now, on the next window, you will see the information. Just tick onto the 'Export to iTunes' option and then hit the 'Convert' button.

Use Freemake Video Converter to add to iTunes

Just complete the export process to get it on iTunes.

How to Convert any Video for iPhone Devices?

If you are using an iPhone then converting a file to the iPhone helps the video to fit into the screen of the device. You can convert that easily using the Freemake Video Converter. Just follow the step-by-step guide which is given below-

Step 1
At first, open the Freemake video converter tool and add Video.

Step 2
Once you have added the video file, click on the 'to Apple' option.

Step 3
On the next window, you can select any target device by clicking the drop-down arrow. This will convert & add AAC audio format in the video background. Then click on 'Convert'.

convert to iphone

Step 4
A confirmation will be asked if you are using the tool for free. Just click 'Continue'.

Free convert Freemake Video Converter logo

Step 5
Once the convert is completed click on OK. Then find it in the output path.

That's all. Just do it in this way to complete the conversion.

How to Create Image Slideshow with Freemake Video Converter?

With Freemake video converter you can create a slideshow by adding multiple photos on the tool. Also, you can add audio in the background of that slideshow.

Step 1
At first, add all the images by click on the '+Photo' icon. You can add audio also from the option below.

Step 2
Then click on the slideshow option to edit settings. This will open a window, choose the interval time there. Once setup is done click OK.

Step 3
Now click on any format to create the slideshow. You can select MP4, DVD as per your choice. This will start the process. 

Once it is completed, you will get the slideshow saved into the targeted output folder.

Freemake Video Converter provides all the options to convert any video file to another format. This tool can cut a video, as well as creates a slideshow in an easy way. This Freemake video converter tool is the best-recommended converter tool to do any conversion in a quick and easy way.