who viewed my whatsapp profile

WhatsApp is the most popular social app that manages its user's privacy in top priority. If you are finding the people name who viewed your WhatsApp profile then you should know a few things. However, WhatsApp can show you who viewed your status recently along with timing.

As WhatsApp is conscious of its privacy settings, it's unable to show the profile viewers. But, you have the way to see the WhatsApp status viewers.

A person can see your WhatsApp profile only when he or she saves your contact number on their phone. But, you can manage to hide your profile picture, about and last seen from appearing to strangers.

The best part.

Your saved contacts can see though your WhatsApp DP & status if the permission is not changed and you can also see who viewed your WhatsApp status.

WhatsApp has the feature to display the list of people who have viewed your stories and the time they did so. Whether some third-party apps claim to show the list of people who viewed your WhatsApp.

Now, in this article, you will learn to observe who viewed WhatsApp status on Android/iPhone.

Can I See who Viewed my WhatsApp?

Apps mentioned here are not available in Google play store means you have to download it from third-party websites.

Apps like 'Who Viewed my Profile' & 'WRevealer' can show the most visited people list in android and iPhone.

Reality is.

These apps track the most recent chats and status viewers to make a list of people who are already in your contacts or chats.

You will never see an unknown person is listed in that list as the apps are fake.

Remember a few things.

To show you who viewed your WhatsApp profile, these apps should have access to WhatsApp data which is impossible as WhatsApp does not share user's information with any other third-party apps.

However, if you are using WhatsApp through any third-party services, your activity is recorded in that case and thus these apps are being helpful to see who viewed your WhatsApp profile.

Conditions that One can See your WhatsApp Profile (stories)

i) You should know that someone will only be able to view your WhatsApp profile only when they have your mobile number saved into their contact list.

ii) Also, your contacts will only be able to view your status or stories update within 24 hours of posting.

iii) If you have limited your about and profile picture to your contacts then the privacy will be maintained from people even they have your WhatsApp number.

What Can someone see on your WhatsApp?

If you have shared your status on WhatsApp and looking for the list of people who viewed that status then the process is really simple.

WhatsApp allows its users to post status publicly and by default keeps that post for 24 hours. During that time, anyone who viewed that status will be available in the 'viewed list' of WhatsApp status.

So, if you have recently updated any post within 24 hours, you can check who viewed your status. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1:
Just open the Status section on WhatsApp and tap on it. You will see the current status there.

Step 2:
Next, tap onto the status and it will start showing/playing on the screen. Then, just tap onto the sign of view list. The sign shows the number of people viewed it.

Step 3:
Now, once your tap onto the view sign on the status, that will show the list of people who viewed that status.

who viewed your whatsapp

This is how you can see the viewers of your status. You can even share that status particularly to your contacts on WhatsApp who are not on that 'viewed list' for any reason.

The Bottom Line:
If you want to see who viewed your WhatsApp status then the process is simple and follows the above guide. Always remember that don't install any third-party apps in the process to see who viewed your WhatsApp profile as these apps are fake and not helpful.