pdf to word

A PDF file is not editable unless you use a tool, that's a common factor everyone knows. However, converting the Pdf to Doc is another part of the game.

Yes, there are many online methods available which you can use to easily convert PDF to Docx for free.

Pdf to Word converters can perform such a job quickly in any devices online.

However, if you want to convert a file without using any software then you can convert PDF file to Word using Google Docs with the efficiency of 100%.

In this article, we have mentioned the steps to convert PDF to Microsoft Word (.docx) file free using Google Docs.

If you need the easiest approach then this method is best to convert for free and save Pdf to Microsoft Word format(.docx) in Google Docs. Also, you can download the Docx file from Google Docs after converting this from pdf format.

For changing a pdf file to a Word document you can either use the online converting websites or the free pdf converter tool. The pdf converter tools keep the signature or image-quality same while converting to a doc file.

Furthermore, online websites can handle pdf fonts and tables easily while converting the pdf to a word document.

Let's discuss some best options before you complete the process:

Why Should You Change a PDF File To Word Document?

Word document file is editable, where a pdf file is an electronic paper with no editable features. Once you download and compare both formats, you would understand the difference between these as we have mentioned here in this article.

However, in some cases, editing or converting a pdf file is necessary. Here are the few reasons to convert a pdf file to word document:
  • If you need to make any correction on the pdf, the only option is to edit by converting it into a doc file.
  • If you don't have a pdf reader just convert it directly to doc file to view the file quickly.
  • You cannot add a table or column in pdf, to do so you just have to convert the pdf to doc file.
Now, let's start the step-by-step guide to convert the pdf file to Microsoft word using the Google Docs:

Convert PDF to Word Document through Google Drive

Google provides the pdf converting feature online that is through Google Drive. If you need to edit a pdf in word or download the pdf file in .docx format then Google Docs should be your first choice to start.

Google Docs offers many formats to edit and add things in that file easily. You can download that pdf file in .rtf (text formats) and .html formats also using the Google Docs. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1
At first, open your Gmail and go to Google Drive to add the pdf.

Pdf to doc using Google Docs

Step 2
Now, click on 'NEW' and then click 'File upload'. Just select the pdf you want to upload from PC and let's complete the upload automatically.

Google Docs pdf to word

Step 3
Once uploaded, just click on that file. It will open the menu. Now, click on the 'three dots' icon.

convert to ms word

Step 4
Now select the 'Open with' and hit the 'Google Docs' option.

Step 5
It will open the file. You can now edit and make any changes.

edit and save pdf file in docx

Step 6
Once complete, just click on 'File' and select 'Download as' to Microsoft Word (.docx).

Google Docs pdf to docx

This pdf will be downloaded and saved on your PC in Word document format.

Final Words:
These are the simple steps that might help you to convert PDF to Microsoft Word easily. Just follow the guide and you will be able to get your conversion done quickly and easily.