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Instagram offers its users to choose and control their posts from people whether to show or not to certain people and that you can do through different methods.

You may feel weird to share your Instagram personal videos or photos with someone else and would like to hide those ones or to share with only certain followers.

I felt such a situation when I was about to post some stuff on Instagram and definitely did not want anybody to see those photos. I decided to keep it with certain people on Instagram and changed several settings on Instagram that made the posts in control on my hand.

Still, there are some ways that take advantage to view private Instagram account without an account.

In this article, I will just share those features and settings to hide your posts or stories from certain followers on Instagram or to say alternatively you can show your posts & stories only to a few people that you select under close friends list.

To hide Instagram posts or stories from certain followers, you can your Instagram account private that will hide all of your posts from unknown people those are not following you. Alternatively, you can block a few Instagram users to hide the posts or stories from them even they are following you.

If you delete the followers from your private Instagram account then those people would not be able to view your posts. You must need the guide to understand how could you do this and here, giving you the step-by-step guide that will help you hide your Instagram posts or stories with a pictorial guide.

Is it possible to hide posts or stories from Instagram?

Instagram definitely allows to post your images and recently Instagram offers its users with various settings where they can control their privacy for their posts and stories. If you want to hide Instagram posts or stories then either you can block some people by restricting their reach to your post or else you can select some people and share your story with them.

Hiding the posts or stories on Instagram, you can do by unfollowing people but there are some ways that you can also use to do it without unfollowing or blocking them. In this context, I will definitely share the guide where you can control your posts to show only to certain people and your stories can be controlled from viewing by others. 

Hide your Instagram Posts from certain followers

If you want to hide your Instagram photos and videos from someone else then you have many different options that you can take to control your these settings.

Now, further all, I want you to know that making your profile private on Instagram will definitely assist to hide your posts instantly from any unknown person on Instagram.

But, if you have a large number of followers and you want to hide your post from certain people the way that you remove all of your unnecessary followers from the list and make your profile private and this will help protect your post privacy on Instagram.

Now, in this article, I will explain how you can make your Instagram profile private and how this works by hiding your Instagram post:

⦿ How to Make an Instagram Profile private?

Making your Instagram profile private will help you hide your posts from unknown people. You can control your Instagram privacy for posts including photos and videos or any other files by limiting the reach from unknown people. You just follow the steps to make your Instagram profile private. Let's dive into the process:

 First of all, open your Instagram profile and then tap on the three-line icon on the top right corner.

 From the list of features, you have to tap on the ‘Settings’ and this will open the list where you can make your profile private.

 Now from the list, you have to tap on the ‘Private profile’ option and then the profile will automatically convert into a private Instagram profile upon confirming the message.

That's all you can do to make your Instagram profile private to hide your all posts from other Instagram users.

💡 Tip: If you have multiple old posts then you can delete the unnecessary Instagram posts or videos from your account to hide that permanently from everyone.

How to Hide Instagram Posts without removing Followers?

If you are to hide some Instagram posts without losing any followers from your account then you can use some methods that also protect your follower list and in the same way, you can hide your posts from those certain people.

While you want to limit your post from reaching your followers then either you can rest it to some particular followers or you can block them from your account and this will definitely protect your post from being seen by others but also you will lose the followers count from your account. 

For the best solution to this problem, I have entitled a great way where you can also keep the following list and limit the person from viewing your posts and comments on it.

By restricting Certain Followers

If you want to restrict a person, the person will not be able to see any future posts but still, you will be able to view your profile and the follower’s count. He will also be able to identify himself as the follower of you but I cannot see your posts or the comments on it if you just restrict the profile. Here are the steps to make a profile restricted on Instagram:

Step 1: First of all, find a follower in the Instagram app on your mobile device or you can open on your desktop and then open the person’s profile whom you want to restrict.

Restrict on instagram

Step 2: Now tap on the three-dotted icon on the profile of that person and this will show you the option ‘Restrict’. Just tap on it and confirm and same will restrict that person from seeing a future post and comments on it.

Blocking a few Certain Followers

When you’re aimed to completely delete some of your followers from your list then you can take the action by blocking those followers from your Instagram account. This method is recommended when you want to completely disable the person from seeing your profile or any other staff on your Instagram, either from the search or from the entire Instagram only for that blocked person. To block a person on Instagram, here are the steps:

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and open the profile of that person whom you want to block on Instagram.

block user on instagram

Step 2: Now tap on the dotted icon on the top right section and then tap on ‘Block this user’ option. After that, confirm the pop-up and the person will be blocked from seeing your profile and posts on Instagram.

How to Hide a post from All Instagram users?

To hide a particular post from all Instagram users and keep it on the Instagram server, you can archive that post to make it available for yourself but to hide from everyone.

In this method, you don't need to make your profile private or delete anybody from your Instagram profile as you only need to save some of your Instagram posts for yourself and want to hide all of the Instagram users.

This is the best method that you can take to keep a post on Instagram and hiding the same from your friends or followers.

How to Hide Instagram Stories from Certain People?

In case you want to hide your Instagram story from certain people you can do it by some simple methods that available on Instagram and easily you can take advantage of it. You can hide the Instagram story from certain people or you can hide from all of Instagram followers rather than a few from your follower list.

Now both settings are available on Instagram, from those you have to only make a list some close friend on your Instagram account and then you can hide the stories from rest of the people on your Instagram followers.

Hide Story from Instagram Settings

Use the Instagram settings to hide your stories from certain people. Yes, if you use the settings where you can select some particular friends from whom you want to hide your Instagram stories then select them from the list of your followers and save the settings to it effect automatically.

This will act when you post a new story on Instagram and the same will not be shown to those people if you restrict the settings. To make the set up just follow these steps:

Step 1: First of all, open your Instagram profile and on the top right section tap on the three-lined icon. Now you will see the options ‘Settings’ at the bottom section.

hide story

Step 2: Just by going on to settings you will see the ‘Privacy’ option and by tapping on that option you will find the ‘Story’ option on the list.

Hide Story from Instagram Settings

Step 3: Finally when you tap on the ‘Story’ you will see the option ‘Hide Story From’. Now just open and select the people to whom you want to hide your future stories on Instagram.

Share story with Close Friends:

Now if you want to hide your stories from all of the Instagram users rather than some friends then you can use the ‘Close Friends’ setting on your Instagram account. In this method, you can select some of your Instagram friends from your follower’s list who can check your Instagram stories and rest all of the people will not be able to view your new stories on Instagram. To make the setup, just follow the process:

Step 1: To open your Instagram just go to your profile section where you will find a three-lined icon on the top of your profile.

Step 2: Just tap on the settings from the bottom and then go to Privacy >> Story >> Close Friends.

Share story with Close Friends

Step 3: Now, select a few of your followers to make a close friend list on Instagram and set it to view stories only by those ‘Close Friends’.

The Bottom Lines:

Finally, I want to conclude that if you want to hide some of your Instagram posts either you can restrict certain people from your Instagram account or you can block them if you want to remove them permanently from your Instagram account. In case you want to hide your Instagram story from all of the Instagram users rather than a few people then you can choose only the close friend to share your stories with, also you can select some of the particular friends to hide your story from showing to them.

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