turn off safe mode tumblr

Does the age matter on Tumblr? Yes, if you are under 18 you will see the Tumblr safe mode is turned on by default. Well, don't be depressed about this.

In 2018, Tumblr has cleaned up all o the striking contents to make their server suitable for all ages.

If you have crossed your age limit on Tumblr, you can easily turn off the safe mode option from your account to browse all the contents there.

Definitely there still such posts that may occur on a daily basis and Tumblr is taking action like other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram in a process to keep their server clean and suitable for all users of all age groups.

I was looking for some wedding photographs and some important gone missing due to the safe mode is turned on because of those were a bit wired Tumblr excluded that.

Why Tumblr safe mode switch is missing?

Now if you are below 18 then you will have no option for the switch to turn off the safe mode. The settings actually provided by the calculation of your age through the date of birth you provided at the time of registration.

To turn off the safe mode, you have to go to the settings, and from there swipe the button to the left to turn off the safe mode. In different cases, if you're below 18 and you have placed the date of birth mistakenly then you can update it by changing the date of birth or the year to make the switch available on your account.

After that, you can follow the same process to turn off the safe mode for your Tumblr account. In this context, I am going to explain how you can turn off the safe mode on Tumblr from any device.

How to Enable Switch and Bypass Tumblr Safe Mode?

While you want to turn off the safe mode on Tumblr then you can do this using third-party Tumblr viewers or you can access some high profile blogs that automatically open up without logging into your account.

If you don't know why this happens, actually this is due to contents are made with safe mode on those blogs by the blog-owner and this is why you will see the blog is not accessible to those posts if Tumblr not logged in.

Now, if your intention to without the safe mode then you can you have to follow the steps to view those using the third-party Tumblr viewers.

In case you're opening any Tumblr blog by the Google search then without an account, you can see all of the videos, images, or any other contents on that Tumblr page.

You can use the Tumblr app on your mobile device and follow the steps to view using these online tools or on direct browse, things will be normal if the contents are available for all age groups.

Turn Off Safe Mode on Tumblr on PC Browser

If you are browsing Tumblr from your PC on Chrome or Firefox and you want to turn off the safe mode for browsing some stuff on Tumblr blogs then you have the option to turn off the safe mode directly from your PC either it's Windows PC or macOS.

The process is very simple, let's follow:

Open your browser from your PC and just visit tumblr.com directly from the URL tab.

Now, you have to log in with your Tumblr account in order to access your account to turn off the safe mode there.

Next, hover to the ‘Settings’ option and then click on the ‘Filtering’ section on your Tumblr account.

You will see the switch that you have to turn to the left to turn off the safe mode on your Tumblr account and browse all of the posts that are restricted or disabled with safe mode ON.

turn off safe mode pc

After all of the settings are done successfully, you can browse all of Tumblr's contents from your PC.

In Safari Apple macOS:

If you are on your Apple macOS, you can turn off this safe mode on Tumblr by the same process by going to tumblr.com. Then Login >> Settings >> Filtering & toggle the switch left and that's all you have to do you for turning off the safe mode from your macOS.

Note: Once you have turned off of the safe mode from your PC, the same you’ve to follow on your mobile in order to take effect on your mobile devices.

Get rid of Safe Mode for Tumblr App [Mobile Methods]

While you have the Tumblr app on your mobile device and want to turn off the safe mode for that app, you have to follow some simple steps that are easy to execute and you can apply this both on Android or iOS devices iPhone or iPad.

If you are on an Android device, just connect to the internet and follow these simple steps for turning off the safe mode on the Tumblr app:

Just open the Tumblr app and on the bottom right corner, you will see the account icon, just tap on that.

Next, on the next tab, you will see the gear icon 'Settings' on the top right corner and you have to take on that icon.

Upon tapping there, you will see the 'Filtering' section will come in this tab and you have to toggle the button to the left to turn off that safe mode for the Tumblr app.

That's all you have to do to save the settings on your Android device.

Turning Off the safe mode for Tumblr App on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

While you are on your iOS device either it's iPhone or iPad or any version, just make sure that you have updated Tumblr app on your iOS device then follow the simple steps:

While you are on an iOS device, you will see the Tumblr directly from the 'Settings'. Just tap on settings from and scroll to the bottom to find the Tumblr option.

Once you take on, the Tumblr settings will pop up at the bottom section the safe mode is turned on by default.

Now, to change the settings just select the option to ‘Don't hide anything’. Once you select that the safe mode is automatically turned off for your iOS device.

turn off safe mode ios

You can follow these three steps to turn off the safe mode for your download app on your iOS device. 

How to View Tumblr blogs using online tools without an account?

If you are on Tumblr and cant access some blocked contents or don't want to login with your Tumblr account, you can use these online tools that can help you access to Tumblr blocks from directly your PC or mobile. This does not require any download as this is directly from online web-tools. You have to put the URL and you have all the access to those blocks, here is the list of such two:


TumblViewr is the best online tool that you can use to access Tumblr contents in full resolution. You can search a blog by just directly typing the URL into is URL field and all the stuff will you visible to you even you don't have an account there. 


⦿ You can view Tumblr Blogs by URLs.

⦿ Full resolution images.

⦿ No need to log in or register.


GramUnion is the another to where you can search the hashtags of Tumblr, you can find the related post to the Tumblr hashtags.


⦿ You can search for hashtags.

⦿ Best UI design and without account access.

⦿ Categorized by Formats.

The Bottom Lines:

If you have an account and you want to turn off the safe mode then you can log in with your PC or on your mobile app and turn off the safe mode directly from the settings under the 'Filtering' section and this is so simple. In case you are looking for some stuff on Tumblr without an account, you can have access directly to blog URLs by using these online tools that I have described in this content.