How To Remote Access Mac From iPhone

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You can access your MacBook remotely using other mac devices. Apple has this amazing progressive feature that allows the user to access their MacBook from other laptops or iPhones.

In order to remotely access any MacBook or iMac remotely, it has the primary option to remotely manage MacBook.

Alternatively, it requires you to first set up your MacBook for it by downloading Anydesk on your MacBook and setting it up with all the necessary steps and information that will help your MacBook be accessed from other devices.

You can also access your MacBook remotely using third-party applications from your iPhone. 

You can even access it from another MacBook your shared files or folders with it.  You can log in to your mac from your MacBook for sharing the screen.  

This article has all the information regarding how a MacBook can be accessed remotely.

Here you’ll get to know about all the methods to access the MacBook from other devices. All the information is provided in detailed steps to make it easier for you to follow and act accordingly.

🔯 What is Apple Remote Management:

Apple remote management is the internal setup that helps the users to manage tasks or access files on Mac using other macOS remotely. It’s a technology of Apple that enables the user to log in to their MacBooks from any macOS device and control it from there.

Apple Remote Management

You can access your Mac remotely using other laptops, iPhone or MacBooks. You need to set up the remote login to have access or control your mac remotely. 

It requires you to set up the remote login by going to the System Preferences section in the settings and then clicking on Sharing to choose the device from where you want to control your mac.

You need to know the user name and your mac’s IP address to access it remotely from other mac devices.

How To Remote Access Mac From iPhone – Tool:

You can access your MacBook remotely from any other device. To enable that feature to have access to your Mac remotely, you need to download the application AnyDesk for MacOS.

Anydesk enables or allows mac users to access their MacBook remotely from any other device. 

In order to remotely access Mac from any device and install AnyDesk on macOS,

anydesk for macos

Step 1: First of all, get the application AnyDesk and click on it to install it on your MacBook.

the the application AnyDesk and

Step 2: To set up, once the download is completed, click on the download arrow sign at the top right corner to find it, and then click on AnyDesk.

Step 3: After it opens, double-click on the AnyDesk icon to start the setup process, then click on Open, and click on Accept on the promoting box.

Step 4: Now head onto the option System preference that you’ll find in the lower panel. Select the option Security and Privacy.

Step 5: Then click on the option Accessibility from the left section of options and provide the correct username and password to enter by clicking on Unlock.

Step 6: Then check the box beside AnyDesk. Head on and click the option Screen Recording and check the box beside AnyDesk.

Step 7: Click the lock sign at the bottom of the page to save it to avoid changes.

Step 8: Coming back to AnyDesk, click on Accept on the prompting box and you’re good to go.

Now you’ll be able to connect and access your MacBook from any device.

How To Remote Access Mac From iPhone:

You can access your MacBook remotely using your iPhone. Apply and use this smart technique, requires you to download and install some third-party applications. 

The below applications are most recommended to perform the access of MacBook remotely using the iPhone:

1. Remote Mouse

These tools have advanced features and simple designs to provide the user with a better experience. It turns your iPhone into a remote controller to access and control the MacBook. 

remote mouse tool iphone

⭐️Features of Remote mouse:

◘ It has small features which are designed for one-handed use.

◘ It has fully stimulated mouse function.

◘ Features like voice recognition and typing by voice is available.

◘ It displays different keys for Mac and supports the multitouch gesture.

◘ It has power options to remotely shut down, sleep or restart.

◘ Password protection is available. It has different methods of connection like connecting using IP address, QR code, etc. 

🔴 Steps to Use the Remote Mouse:

You can use the Remote Mouse tool to control your Mac by following the steps:

Step 1: Download and install the application on both your computer and iPhone.

Step 2: Open it on your MacBook after downloading it to set it up.

Step 3: Grant all the permission that appears on the popups to complete the step process on the computer.

Step 4: Now open the application on your iPhone.

Step 5: Swipe to the left through the tutorial and you’re good to go.

Step 6: Now you can use your iPhone to access your MacBook using the gestures and the volume buttons of your iPhone. You can change the interface according to your need.

2. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop has various advanced features to help the user to use his iPhone to control the MacBook.

Chrome Remote Desktop tool


◘ It has a simple interface and the ability for one-handed use. 

◘ Keys to support mac and windows.

◘ Easily connectable method. It’s protected using a pin.

🔴 Steps to use Chrome Remote Desktop:

Step 1: Download and install the app on both Mac and iPhone.

Step 2: On your MacBook, install the application and provide a name for your device. Then set the pin.

Step 3: Grant permission to the app to have access to your accessibility settings.

Step 4: From your iPhone, open the app Chrome Remote desktop and log in using the same details.

Step 5: You’ll be able to see the same screen as your MacBook on your iPhone. Now you’ll be able to control it using the iPhone.

How to Remote Access iMac from MacBook:

Follow the steps to control and access the iMac from MacBook:

Step 1: On your iMac, click on the little apple icon at the top left corner of the screen and then select the option System Preferences.

On your iMac, click on the little apple icon
 option System Preferences

Step 2: Now you’ll see a box of options prompting on your screen. Select the option Sharing.

Select the option Sharing

Step 3: You’ll find a white box with options flashing on your screen.

Step 4: From the set of options at the left section of the box under the Service list, check the boxes beside Screen Sharing, File sharing, Remote login, and Remote Management.

Step 5: Now you need to add users who can access your iMac using MacBook.

Step 6: Click on the + sign to add your MacBook as the user you can access and make sure you’ve turned on the option Read And Write.

remote access management macos

Step 7: Then Click on the option remote login and select the option Only these users.

 select the option Only these users

Now from your MacBook, open the file window page.

Note that, your MacBook is connected to the same WiFi as your iMac.

Step 8: Then you’ll find your iMac name in the left section of the window. Click on it to proceed.

 you'll find your iMac name

Step 9: Then click on Connect. Click on Connect As and then log in using the correct information.

Then click on Connect
 log in using the correct

Now you’ll have access to all your iMac files from your MacBook.

Note that both devices should be connected to functional WiFi. If you need to access from another internet then try the AnyDesk method as on the first method.

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