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How To Add Featured Channels On YouTube

By Pranab Sen

✎ Key Points:

» You can enhance your YouTube channel by adding featured channels. Begin by logging into your YouTube account on your desktop, navigate to ‘Your Channel,’ and select “Customize Channel.” Proceed to the “layout” and click on “Featured Section,” then choose “+ Add Section” and opt for “Featured Channels.”
» You can use the search box to find and select the channels you want to feature and customize the section title accordingly. Ensure proper selection by checking the chosen channels under “Channels in the section” on the right side before hitting the “Done” button.

🔯 What Are The Featured Channels On YouTube?

Featured Channels are the ones you add to your YouTube channel’s homepage as highlights. YouTube gives a flexible feature to create as many as 10 sections on the home page. 

For example, on the homepage of a popular motivational YouTuber, you may have seen the different sections, like, Uploads, meditation uploads, motivational videos, Podcasts uploads, etc., and all the related videos in their respective heads, so when a user visits his channel, he’ll get a quick view about everything available on his channel. 

Similarly, under the “Featured Channel” section you can those YouTube channels that you want to show to your subscribers. Here, you add YouTube channels other than yours as a recommendation or highlights. 

YouTubers usually add this channel to their homepage, to promote their near-dear person’s channel and gain traffic through popular channels. If the channels they have added is liked by the viewers, then the viewer will again come back to search for more such content and he/she will get more subscriber as well as popularity. 

How To Add Featured Channels On YouTube In PC:

Follow the steps below to add featured channels on YouTube:

Step 1: Open your channel > CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL

Firstly, on your desktop, open your YouTube channel. Make sure you have logged in to your YouTube channel, as many people do not log in to the YouTube channel on desktops. Also, check your internet connection. 

Now, after logging in to your YouTube channel, go to your channel’s “Homepage” and there on the upper right part you will find an option in blue, speaking > “CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL” next to, “Manage Videos”. 

Click on “CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL” and the tab of “Channel Customization” will get open. 

Open your channel

Step 2: Go to ‘Layout’ > Featured sections

On the “Channel Customization” tab, you will find the options such as layout, Branding & Basic Info, just below where the “Channel Customization” is written. 

From there, select > “Layout” and go to the second option, which is “Featured Sections”. 

Under the ‘featured section,’ you can create up to 10 different types of sections that will be displayed on your channel’s homepage. Here, you will also see the previously created sections and an option to “ + ADD SECTION ”. 

Go to Layout Featured sections

Step 3: Click ‘+ ADD SECTION’ & Choose ‘Featured channels’

Now, to add a ‘featured channel’, click on > “ + ADD SECTION ” and from the pop-up menu list, select > “Featured Channels”. 

Thereafter, on the screen, a new tab to create a ‘featured channel’ section will appear. Over there, you have to first go to the ‘search box to search the channels and add them to this featured section. 

Click + ADD SECTION' & Choose Featured channels

Step 4: Search & Choose Channels  

Come down to the ‘search box, where there is the “search icon” and written > “Any Channel on YouTube”. Click on it.

Next, you have to search the YouTube channels you want to add under this section.

For that, type the name of the YouTube and you will get the result just below it. 

Tick mark on the name of the channel and it will be added to the section. To add the next channel, clear the search box and type the second name, and so on.  

On the right side, under the “Channels in the section”, you can check which channels you have selected for this section. 

Also, after selection, if you want to adjust the order, simply drag and place them as you wish. 

Step 5: Give the Title name and Click ‘DONE’ to Save

After selecting the channels, the next thing you have to do is to ‘select the Title’ for the section. You will find the “Section Title” box, on the top left side of the tab.

Type in a name in the “Section Title” box. 

Give the title name related to the type of channels you have selected.

Here, the point to note is, that you can select whatever name you want for the section and can use emojis. 

Once the title is done, come all the way down to the bottom right corner of the page and hit the > “DONE” button to save and a new featured section is created. 

Give the Title name and Click 'DONE' to Save

Step 6: Drag to Top and Click on PUBLISH

Now, you will find all the created sections in the list, and the newly created ones at the very end of the list. 

To place it at the top, simply move the section to the top. For that, grab the two horizontal lines and drag them to the position you want to place them. 

Once done, come to the top right corner of the page, and hit the “PUBLISH” button. 

And it’s done. 

To check how it appears, return to your channel’s homepage and refresh the tab. You will see the newly created channel at the top. 

Drag to Top and Click on Publish

🔯 Can I Add Featured Channels on iPhone?

Yes, you can add the “Featured Channels” section on your iPhone, but not through the YouTube app.

You have to use “Safari Browser” that too in the “Desktop Mode”.

So, to add ‘Featured Channels’ on iPhone, follow the steps:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: On your iPhone, open “Safari Browser” and open your YouTube channel. 

Step 2: Now, iOS 13 users, click on the “aA” icon, on the left corner of the address bar and select the “Request Desktop Website” option, whereas, iOS 12 and early versions users, tap on the “Refresh” icon, on the right corner of the address bar and choose “Request Desktop Site”. 

Request Desktop Website

Step 3: Once done, go to ‘Your Channel’ and select > “Customize Channel”. 

Your Channel
Customize Channel

Step 4: Next, click on > “Layout” and go to the “Featured Section” part. Over there, click on “+ Add Section” and from the list, choose > “Featured Channels”.

Featured Channels

Step 5: Now, select the title and type in the “Section Title” box and after that come down to the “Search Box”.

Step 6: Click on the “search icon” and type the name of the channel you want to add. From the result, ‘tick mark’ the channel and in the same way search the rest of the channels.

Step 7: Thereafter, on the right side, under the “Channels in the section”, you can check which channels you have selected for this section. Check and hit the > “DONE” button in the bottom right corner.

DONE” button

Step 8: Hit the ‘PUBLISH‘ button on the top.


Step 9: Now, to place the newly created featured channel at the top of the homepage, grab the horizontal lines and drag it to the top. 

Once done, refresh your homepage and see how it appears.

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