How To Find Someone On Telegram With Username

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To add someone by username in Telegram, open the Telegram app on your phone and go to the ‘Search’ bar. On the search tab, type the ‘Username’ of the person you want to add.

Check the result and tap on the name of the person and a chat screen will appear on the screen. Send them a message, and the account will be added to your Telegram inbox.

There is one more way to add by username, that is, by putting the username of the person add the end of the link –

Enter the full username of the person in place of the username in the link and search the link on the Telegram search bar.

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How to Add Someone by Username in Telegram:

Telegram as a messaging application is gaining tremendous popularity due to two main reasons:

1️⃣ First, it is a ‘cloud-based’ app, that syncs chats and other media files across any device, anytime, anywhere.

2️⃣ And second, because of its security feature. Telegram lets you share files and chat with other users while keeping your phone number private. That is, you can contact any user if you have their ‘username’ and vice versa.

So, let us learn to add someone by username in Telegram. The following are the steps:

Step 1: Open Telegram & Go to Search Bar

To begin with, open the Telegram app on your phone, and look toward the top of the screen.

Over there, on the right-hand side, that is, at the extreme top-right corner of the screen, you will see the “Search” icon which looks like a magnifying glass.

Click on the “Search” icon and the ‘search bar’ will get open.

Search Bar on Teleigram

Step 2: Type Username & Find people

Tap on the search bar and type the “Username” of the person you want to chat with on Telegram. You need to type a minimum of 3 to 4 letters of the person’s username.

When you will type the username, you will get the result from the global search, there, below the search bar. Check the search result and find the person you are looking for.

Find people

Step 3: Tap on Name and Start Chat

From the search result list, tap on the name of the person and you can start chatting.

You can send a text message by typing the message on the message bar, exchange multimedia files from your device by clicking on the ‘paper clip’ on the message bar icon, and also a voice note, by holding the ‘speaker’ icon placed at the end of the message bar.

This method will only work if the person you are searching for has a ‘username’. If he or she has not generated a username for their Telegram account, then you won’t be able to find him.

To be publicly available on Telegram, it is necessary to have a ‘username’.

Start Chat

How To Find Someone On Telegram With Username:

Here is another way to add someone by username in Telegram:

Step1: Get a Username

For this method, you need to have the full username of the person. The username contains the alphabet, numbers, and underscore.

Get the accurate username of the person you want to add and put it at the end of the link.

Step 2: Put Username after & open

After setting the username, put it after the link

Go to the ‘Goggle’ browser and type this link on the search bar. Google will ask you whether you want to open the telegram account of the person on the web or the app.

Both options will appear at the bottom of the screen. Select one according to your preference. And the person’s account will get open on the screen.

Make sure that you have to type the username at the end of the link, that is after – ‘me/__’.

Put Username

Step 3: It would Open Chat

Once you will open the account of the person you are searching for, the ‘Chat’ screen will automatically come on the screen.

Now, you can chat with that person, share pictures, doc. Files, and everything you want to exchange.

Here, in this method, the only thing you have to have is the correct username of the person you want to add to chat with. Rest everything will fall in line.

Start Chat

How to Create a Telegram Username:

Having a username on Telegram is very important as it makes your account publicly accessible to people who want to contact you.

Following is the simplest way to create a ‘Telegram Username’:

Step 1: Open Telegram & Tap Three-lines icon

First of all, open the ‘Telegram’ app on your device. After opening the app, on the first screen itself you will see the ‘Three Lines’ icon, in the upper-left corner of the first appeared screen.

Tap on the ‘Three lines’ icon and a list of options will come on the screen from the left side. Using these options you can make changes to your account.

Three-lines icon on telegram

Step 2: Tap on ‘Settings’ > Username

From the appeared list of options, you have to go to “Settings”. Tap on ‘Settings” and you will be directed to your ‘Profile page’.Over there, under the ‘Account’ section, click on “Username”.

Settings on telegram

Right now, it would have been displayed as ‘None’. That means, your account does not have any username. And if there appears any username, that means, your account has a username, which you can change if you want to.

Username on telegram

Step 3: Enter Username & tap on the tick to set

Now, enter a “Username” in the given space. You have to use alphabets, numbers, and underscores, to create a username. Also, whatever username you choose, make sure it is unique.

Because if it matches with any of the other users on Telegram, it won’t get saved.

tap on the tick to set

If it matches with anyone, you will get a notification saying Sorry, this username is already taken. After entering the username, hit the ‘Tick’ mark on the top-right corner of the screen to set it.

That’s all, username is created for your account.

The Bottom Lines:

Adding someone by their username is not complicated. You just need to know the correct spelling of the username of the person.

In the article, there are two methods mentioned to chat with someone on Telegram. Both methods are easy to go. Follow the steps and you will get a favorable result.

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