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What Does Amazon Order Pending Mean & How Long

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» You can check if your Amazon order is pending, indicating that the server is processing it and verifying payment status before confirmation.
» If faced with a pending order, reconsider your purchase, as pending status allows cancellation before confirmation. If delays occur, contact Amazon Help or wait for the specified delivery date; alternatively, cancel the pending order and place a new one with a different seller to resolve the issue.

What Does Amazon Order Pending Mean:

If you’re seeing the status of your Amazon order as Pending you should know that it means that the server is working on placing your order successfully. Your order is still not placed.

During the pending period, Amazon mainly checks if the payment has been successfully made by you or not.  Within thirty minutes, your order will most probably get placed in case of successful payment. 

How Long Does Amazon Pending Verification Take?

If an order on Amazon is stuck on pending, you need to wait for 30 minutes and see if its status gets changed to Ordered or not. Most of the time within 30 minutes the server changes the status, especially in cases of slower updates of payment.

However, if it’s related to credit or debit card authorization or in cases of delays it can take three weeks or till the delivery time for the status of the order to get changed. 

How To fix if an Amazon order is pending:

Try the following fixes below:

1. Contact Amazon Help

If an order is stuck pending for several days, you need to contact Amazon Help from the official website of Amazon and ask them about the shipping and delivery status and the reason for your order showing as pending. 

The steps below will show you how to contact Amazon Help from the website:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the website of Amazon by going to www.amazon.com in a web browser. 

Step 2: Next, you need to log in to your Amazon account by clicking on the Your Account button and then clicking on the Sign in button. 

clicking on the Sign in button.

Step 3: Scroll down and click on Help. 

click on Help

Step 4: On the next page, you’ll find the Browse Help Topics header under which you’ll find the Need More Help option

Click on Need More Help

Step 5: You need to click on it and then click ok Contact Us from the right side of the page. 

click ok Contact Us

Step 6: Start by selecting the option An order I placed. 

selecting the option An order I placed

Step 7: Then, you need to choose More order issues. 

Step 8: Then choose Placing an order

choose Placing an order. 

Step 9: It will leave you three ways through which you can contact them. Choose e-mail, phone, or chat. 

Choose e-mail

Step 10: Then you need to describe your whole issue and ask for the status of the delivery date and the reason for the status being shown as pending your order. 

2. Wait Till its Delivery Time

You don’t have to assume that your order won’t get placed as it is being placed on hold or being shown as Pending. But you need to wait till the delivery time or the date of delivery and see if the order status changes or not.

You need to check whether you received your item on the said delivery date or if the status remains the same. If it remains the same you need to know that you should contact Amazon Help to know about its exact delivery date or whether it will arrive to you or not. 

There is a good chance that by the delivery date, the order status will be confirmed on your Amazon account and you’ll be updated about it. If it doesn’t happen you always have the option to cancel it. 

3. Cancel & Place New Order From Another Seller

When you find that an order on Amazon is not getting placed even after waiting for several weeks, it’s better to get rid of the order by canceling it. Canceling orders on Amazon doesn’t cost you anything.

Giving you a chance to Cancel

You need to cancel the order that was showing as pending and then place another order for the same item. However, when you’re ordering it for the second time, you should choose a different seller to avoid a similar kind of problem.

Cancel & Place New Order From Another Seller

If you’ve paid for your first order, it will be refunded to you within 7 to 10 business days. However, if you don’t get a refund within 10 days of cancellation, contact Amazon support.

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