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Just created a company page or a fan page on Facebook? But, if somebody is posting superfluous stuff (i.e. silly comments and posts) on your page, at that point you should need to block that person from your page. Facebook now provides many privacy settings which can be used to ban and unban any person who even didn’t like your page.

Means, even you can ban a person who does not know about your page or not liked your page.

Facebook provides a ‘Block’ option for person to person. But, on the Facebook page, it is called ‘Ban’. You can also remove the like from your page of a person if you want.

That’s amazing… Right?

Banning the person would restrict him from seeing your page stuff on Facebook.

If you invited someone to like your page but they did something wrong which harms your page then you can ban that friend even if he did not like your page.

Let’s understand, on which conditions, this process will be beneficial.

Why Should You BAN/Block a Person from Facebook Page?

1. If a person posting unusual stuff on your Facebook page then it is better to ban him from your page. You can do this using two methods by directly blocking the person from the page or just by deleting the post, then Ban the person (option will be shown up).

2. Another reason is, if someone is passing nasty comments on your posts then the thing to do is to ban that individual from the page. Once you delete the comment, the ban option will be shown to you. You can ban him from there or you can do it also manually.

3. If you need to keep your page suggestion hidden from someone or need someone to not act on your page stuff then you can block that person from your page even if he/she does not know about your page. This will be a great approach to make your page stuff confidential from a person.

4. The best & common thing which is asked ‘can I block someone who didn’t like my page?’. The answer is YES. You can ban such friend who did not like your page even after inviting.


What are the Restrictions for a Blocked Person from your Facebook Page?

Although, banning or blocking a person from your page does not hide the page but limits one’s activity on that page. The individual will only be able to share your posts but cannot give reactions and comments on your posts.

Also, once you block a person who liked the page then the like will be disabled and removed. That is why post updates will not be shown to that person on Facebook.

The person only can go to page URL on Facebook and view updated stuff and share the stuff. There is no extra action he could take on this situation.

The person who is blocked from a Facebook page cannot contact the team members of that page by messages.

Now, if you need to block a person from your page you can do this in following ways which are described below–

How to ban someone from Facebook Page?

To block/ban a person who is in the liked list of your page is easier than anything else.
The process is the same for Windows or macOS PC and your iPhone or Android.

Step 1
At first, go to the page link from your admin account and click on ‘Settings’.

Step 2
Now from left side list select ‘People and other Pages’. Now if you need to block a person who liked the page then you have to select ‘People who like this Page’ from the drop-down menu.

ban who Liked the page

Step 3
Now, search the person by typing the name and select the person by giving tick on the name. Then, Click on ‘⚙’ gear icon and hit ‘Ban from Page’ option. Just confirm and the person will be banned from your page permanently.

Ban Someone who didn’t like your Facebook Page

Step 1
Firstly, go to ‘Settings’ tab option on your page.

Step 2
Then, click on ‘People and other Pages’. Now select ‘Banned people and Pages’ from the drop-down list.

who didn't like your Page

Step 3
Now click on ‘+ Ban a Person’ option on the page.

ban person who didn't like your Page

Step 4
Here, type the name of a person whom you want to block. Then select the person from the list and click ‘Save’.


This was the simple procedure to block a person who is not is the liked list on your page.

Ban someone from Facebook page who hasn’t liked Page

If someone is adding bad comments to your post then you can remove that easily as well as you can ban that person also in two easy steps.

Ban Someone on a Facebook page from comments

The System applies to the non-friends.

Step 1
At first, go the comments section and find & click three dots icon beside the comment.

remove comments

Step 2
You will get ‘Hide Comment’ option. Just click on it. Now you will see ‘Ban _person name_’ option. Just click here and confirm.

block the commenter

The person will be banned from the page permanently.

The Same also can be done from the Like section.

How to Remove Someone from the Banned List of Page?

oops…! Mistakenly blocked the wrong person? Don’t worry. You can unban the person easily.

1. Just go to ‘Settings’ on the page and click ‘People and Other Pages’.
2. Now select ‘Banned people and Pages’ from the drop-down menu.

unban person from facebook page

3. Then, give tick on person name and click ⚙ the gear icon.
4. Now, click on ‘Unban from Page’ to unlock the restriction for the person.

These were the simple steps to complete a BAN and UNBAN procedure. Just follow the guide to do this easily.

The Bottom Lines:

So, if you want to block someone from the Facebook page just you can do it from the settings that I have shown above. However, in case you need the people to ban who has not liked your page, find them from likes or comments.

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