Best Apps to Create Fake Invoice or Bills – Android or iOS

You’ll be able to create an invoice and receipts through the mobile apps, for both android or iOS. Creating a fake invoice when you lose the original one can be done easily using these mobile apps.

The apps that are mentioned are also able to make fake bills and create invoices similar to the original one. The best is, you can use those for actual purposes as well or make a copy of the original bill if you have lost or not made one at that time.

There are many apps for your mobile device and you can choose one from the list. You can install apps like Quick receipt, Invoice Ninja, etc to generate fake receipts. These applications have several features that can help the user maintain the records of almost 100 clients at once.

These apps are also available on both platforms like Android & iOS. You can install the invoice apps on your device and start creating fake bills or invoices.

Here, in this article, you’ll get all the features of the best apps that you can use to maintain invoices and receipts. If you’re facing trouble picking the best bill apps, this is for you to check out.

Best Apps to Create Fake Bills from Mobile

There are a few apps that can be used to create fake bills or receipts from your mobile.

1. Quick Receipt:

The Quick Receipt app is an application with advanced features which help the user create and send fake invoices. It has a very simple interface and is designed so that it can be used easily without any complexities.

Quick Receipt App

Download: Android | iOS


The following points are the list of features of Quick Receipt:

  • It has beautiful templates to make them attractive and more professional.
  • You can even edit your saved invoice as required. You’ll also be able to add footers to your invoice using the app.
  • It even has an auto-complete feature that can help to fill the invoice faster.
  • You have the option to add a discount to the receipt if you have a discount.
  • You can even import the contacts to the phone field to make it easier to send invoices.
  • You can add remarks or comments in your invoice as needed.

Steps to Create Invoice:

To create a fake invoice using this app,

  • Install the Quick Receipt app on your phone.
  • Then fill up your details. Next, fill up client details.
  • Then Click on Edit Business Info.
  • Then add the details about your products under the Subheading Product’s item info by clicking on Add product items.
  • Then after you’re done filling the invoice, click on Generate Receipt.
  • You’ll be able to Share by clicking on Share or you can also download and save it as pdf.

2. PDF Receipt Generator:

The PDF Receipt Generator is one of the best apps for your Android device and you can have a lot more features like putting the signature and the logo of the business.

PDF Receipt Generator app

Download: Android


The following list has all the features:

  • Allows its user to transfer the whole data from the app to another device.
  • It supports the logo and signature.
  • The application can manage the customers as well as the items and keep records as well.
  • You’ll be able to convert the receipt to a pdf file.
  • Supports the sending of receipts through email.
  • You can change the format of the date shown in the invoice.
  • You can even copy data from previous receipts.
  • Advanced style of format of the invoice.

Steps to Create Fake Invoice:

  • Install the PDF Receipt Generator on your android device.
  • On the Receipt page, click on the + sign.
  • Now fill up all the details using relevant information and then click on Save.
  • You’ll be able to see all your details on the statistics page.
  • Convert it to a PDF and share it by email to the client.

3. Receiptish:

This application is an excellent one that allows the android user to create fake receipts using so many advanced and smart features. You can make your invoice in no time and send it to your clients using this application.

Receiptish app

Download: Android


Features of this application are listed down below in points:

  • You can customize your invoice with a different template.
  • Customize your receipt number. Add remarks or tagline to your invoice.
  • You can even add tax and discounts if required using this application.
  • The app can calculate the discount amount or tax amount by itself after you input the rate.
  • You’ll be able to share invoices using the app. You can select a currency symbol.

Steps to Create Bills:

In order to create receipts using this app,

  • Install the Receiptish app on your android device.
  • Select your category from the Menu Categories.
  • Then on the next page, fill the form with the required information.
  • Add tax or discount on the next page if required.
  • Then click on Generate to create an invoice.
  • At the top right click on the three vertically placed dots sign Settings.
  • If you want to save it then click on Settings from the drop-down option and click on Save.
  • You can even share the receipt by clicking on Share from the drop-down choices.

4. Invoice Ninja:

Invoice Ninja to create fake receipts on android and iOS both types of devices. It has some progressive features which make it easier to create receipts super fast using the app.

Invoice Ninja app

Download: Android | iOS


The features of Invoice Ninja,

  • Professional dashboard to track accounts.
  • You can add quotes to the invoice.
  • Keep track of the payments, clients as well as products or services.
  • Save your incomplete invoices.
  • You can log in using your Google account.
  • Send invoices from within the apps.

Steps to Create Fake Invoice:

To create an invoice:

  • Install the Invoice Ninja on your mobile device.
  • Click on the three lines option at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Then, click on the option Clients and fill up the form with all the necessary details and click on Save.
  • Now, the client’s profile is created, you can add the invoices with the payment rates.
  • You can edit them and even send them by using the application.

5. Wave Invoicing:

This application ‘Wave Invoicing’ is a useful one to create fake invoices and send them to clients. This app has several amazing features to provide the user with an easy and effective method to create a receipt in no time and send it.

Wave Invoicing app

Download: Android | iOS


It has some progressive and advanced features which are listed below:

  • Create beautiful and customized invoices using pretty layouts.
  • After payment is received you can receive notifications.
  • Track and check the status of the invoices.
  • Send the reminder about the payments due.
  • It can even record payment received.

Steps to Create an Invoice:

To create an invoice,

  • First of all, install the Wave Invoicing app on your phone.
  • Click On the + icon to create a new invoice
  • Add all the details in the sub-categories columns.
  • Then send the invoice to the client by clicking on Send Invoice.
  • You can view the invoice after creating it at the Invoices page by clicking on Preview.

6. Invoice Simple

Invoice Simple is another application that lets you create fake receipts or invoices. Same as here, you can use it on both Android or iOS.

invoice simple app

Download: Android | iOS


The features are below:

  • Create estimates and invoices. Customize them to look professional.
  • You can Include the payment terms. You can even generate receipts with a pre-built template.
  • You’ll be able to convert your invoice to pdf which is also an inbuilt feature.
  • You can accept payments made using debit cards, credit cards, checks, etc.
  • You can track your income. You’ll get the notification when your invoice gets read.
  • You can set up clients from your mobile contact list.

Steps to Create Invoices:

The following steps to create an invoice:

  • Open the Invoice Simple on your phone.
  • Then click on the +sign to generate a new invoice.
  • Add all the details including the items, tax rate, etc.
  • When you’re done adding the details, click on SAVE at the top right corner of the screen.

The Bottom Lines:

These mentioned apps have some advanced features to create fake invoices and receipts and are quite easily accessible and the records can be maintained without any issues. You’ll get all the details about the features and the steps above, which you can use to generate receipts and invoices for your clients choosing the best one for you.

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