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If you lack a lot more feature on your WhatsApp then these mod apps can add a handful of premium features to it. The mods in another way considered as dangerous for its unencrypted features, that means whatever you message someone can be read by the third-party.

Remember: Whichever mods you are using you are out of control of WhatsApp itself. Your data is handled with third-party that against the WhatsApp privacy policy. Sometimes, you may be banned permanently from the WhatsApp.

But, as the advantages, you get features like seeing the hidden status and unblocking yourself that you get restricted on the original WhatsApp.

Let’s enlist the best mods of WhatsApp that works well.

1. GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is the most popular mod in replace of your WhatsApp that adds a lot more feature like hiding online status, messaging someone who blocked you and getting a lot more privacy features inside of this app. This app is updated regularly and anti-ban. If you are not happy with full app lock you can lock some particular chats.

gb whatsapp apk download

Extra Features:

  • If you want WhatsApp in other languages like Facebook then GBWhatsApp has multiple languages support.
  • Beside hide the online status you can hide double tick and read symbol (blue tick) with GBWhatsApp.
  • You have a lot more themes for your WhatsApp chats.
  • If you want to update a lot of WhatsApp statuses at once then GBWhatsApp can help you on that case.

Case Study: I have tried this app personally for its useful features like unblocking myself, creating fake last seen, etc.

Download GBWhatsApp ⬇️

2. WhatsApp Plus

If you want the mod with the Anti-ban feature then WhatsApp Plus should be your choice and this comes with many more features that worth you install the app.

whatsapp plus

Extra Features:

  • Adding more than 256 members in a Group on your WhatsApp really possible using the WhatsApp Plus and you can get unblocked even if someone blocked you to see stuff like status and profile picture.
  • You can enable or disable ‘Blue Ticks’ upon reading the messages. That definitely takes care of your privacy.
  • If you’re on WhatsApp Plus, you can transfer files up to 30MB to your friends.
  • The best feature you can schedule your WhatsApp messages to send on a particular time.

Other features like inbuilt app lock and retrieve the deleted messages and sending multiple HD images can be done with WhatsApp Plus.

Download WhatsApp Plus ⬇️

3. FMWhatsApp

FMWhatsApp manages your multiple WhatsApps in one account. If you have any files more than 1GB then FMWhatsApp is capable of transferring these files. FMWhatsApp can provide you with good security, while the messages keep unencrypted. You have a lot more customization options with FMWhatsApp, you can use FB emojis there.

Extra Features:

  • If you want to upload more than 30 seconds video then FMWhatsApp is the best option for you. You can upload videos up to 5 minutes.
  • Like other mods, FMWhatsApp also provides you with the chat lock feature handy.
  • You can hide some chats in a go from your WhatsApp.
  • Other features like hiding last seen, hiding blue tick and the single tick is also available with FMWhatsApp.

Download FMWhatsApp ⬇️

4. YOWhatsApp

YOWA or YOWhatsApp is best for your iPhone and if you want the premium features for your iPhone then YOWhatsApp is the best suitable app. The app lock also come by default with YOWA that is rarely possible with other mod on your iPhone. You can get this as well on Android devices.

Extra Features:

  • If you are wondering for cloner then this YOWhatsApp works as dual WhatsApp where you can manage multiple WhatsApp accounts.
  • If you want to hide the last seen for some selected contacts then YOWA can do it easily and this feature is really amazing. Besides this, you can show another Online status for a longer period.
  • Additionally, you can access up to 100+ languages on your YOWA on your iPhone or Android device. This also comes with inbuilt DND feature.

5. YCWhatsApp

YCWhatsApp is recommended if you want a lot more fonts for texts and emojis then YCWhatsApp is the best mod for your use. It is heard that the app is cloned like Instagram with emojis and graphic features.

Extra Features:

  • If you want to download someone WhatsApp status then YCWhatsApp is the best option, just get this mod installed and you can download WhatsApp statuses.
  • Other features like customization, uploading long videos, share stories comes with YCWhatsApp.

Download YCWhatsApp ⬇️

The Bottom Lines:

If you are missing any feature then the mods can fill that gap. The mod has some privacy concerns that strikes on WhatsApp privacy law, but to get the additional feature you can get it on your mobile device.

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