6 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps for iOS

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If you are trying to spy on someone’s chat and heading up a long way to do this then you must use any of these spy apps that are to spy on someone on WhatsApp to track or monitor all of their activity.

Most commonly parents might use these apps to monitor their children and not only them, but all other people should also use spy apps if need to monitor someone on WhatsApp.

If you need one that could show someone’s online status, last seen, or if he has blocked you or deleted his profile. All of those things are possible to track with these apps.

Now, if you want to know if someone is using these apps to spy on you then you can check out if he is reading your WhatsApp Messages.

Spying on WhatsApp is made easy with a few WhatsApp spy apps that actually gives all alerts i.e online notification, let you view the status, and much more.

Best WhatsApp Spy Apps for iOS

Follow the best WhatsApp spy apps for iOS:

1. Chat Message Tracker

Chat Message Tracker is the best Android tool that you can use for someone to track their messages on the same device. Like if you have access to a device of someone whose mobile you want to spy then this app can be helpful in doing this.

All you have to do is to install the Chat Message Tracker app on the device and you can read all of the WhatsApp messages and other social media Messages. Even without having the access to the person you can read all of their WhatsApp messages.

Chat Message Tracker app

✎ Steps to Follow:

  1. First of all, install the Chat Message Tracker app on your Android device and allow permissions to read WhatsApp.
  2. Now when someone sends you a message on WhatsApp or any other social media app this app can show those messages on its own dashboard.

✪ Features:

This app can show all of the WhatsApp messages without even accessing WhatsApp, this app actually shows all incoming WhatsApp messages inside it.

🔄 Compatibility:

Android 4.3 or above.

💰 Pricing:

It’s FREE for all Android Users.

Available on Play Store: Yes | Download Link

2. Cocospy

Cocospy is designed to read WhatsApp messages and see the WhatsApp pictures and this can be used without any root or jailbreak to your mobile device. All you can do is download the Cocospy tool on your device and allow permission to read the WhatsApp messages directly on the Cocospy app and this will do its job perfectly.

With Cocospy you can set up multiple WhatsApp and once you set up the WhatsApp, can read all of their messages directly from your desktop. You can set up this tool on both Android and iOS both devices and all you have to do is sign up to start using their service.

Cocospy whatsapp spy by techniquehow.com

✎ Steps to Follow:

  1. First of all, sign up with your email id and select a plan to start.
  2. Launch the Cocospy on Windows PC and start monitoring the WhatsApp messages remotely.

✪ Features:

  • Cocospy does not need to Jailbreak or Root your mobile device.
  • Cocospy comes with similar features like iPhone parental monitoring, WhatsApp spy, and much more features that you can use to track down any WhatsApp user and their messages.
  • Along with WhatsApp monitoring, you can see browser history, read text messages, and see call logs of other people.

🔄 Compatibility:

Can Read WhatsApp remotely. Runs on Windows 7 and higher.

💰 Pricing:

1-Month License $49.99. Subscribe for a longer period (12 months plan) to get the best price deal.

3. Flexispy

Using Flexispy you can read WhatsApp messages, monitor the old WhatsApp, their messages and the last seen record, and much more. You need to jailbreak or root your mobile device in order to read the WhatsApp messages.

Flexispy is really useful if you can root your device and this tool can actually read all of the WhatsApp messages remotely from your original desktop. All you have to do to get the tool on your device and register to the service to start monitoring the WhatsApp of someone else.

flexispy app spy tool

✎ Steps to Follow:

  1. First of all, sign up on Flexispy and select any plan to spy.
  2. Open the Flexispy and connect with WhatsApp to start monitoring someone’s WhatsApp remotely.

✪ Features:

  • Flexispy needs to Jailbreak or Root your phone to enable monitoring.
  • Flexispy offers parental monitoring, WhatsApp spy and location tracking features on both iOS or Android.

🔄 Compatibility:

For Android users: Android 4.0 – 8.1 | For iOS users: iOS 6 – iOS 11

💰 Pricing:

1 month for $68 for all-around monitoring. You can get 24 hours of free trial that you can get within 7 days after signing up.


XNSPY is another great tool that can actually monitor your WhatsApp and the tool can be used for both Android and iOS devices. All you have to root or Jailbreak your iPhone device in order to track the WhatsApp of someone else and read their messages.

The experience with the app XNSPY is really awesome when it comes to the other features live tracking down the app logs, the online activity tracker, and much more that are provided in the same plan that you purchase from XNSPY. You can remotely control WhatsApp from its original installed version on your own device.

✎ Steps to Follow:

  1. First of all, sign up on XNSPY and get the Premium Edition to plan to start the service.
  2. Open the XNSPY and let’s monitor the WhatsApp of someone else remotely.

✪ Features:

  • XNSPY needs to Jailbreak for your iPhone to monitor WhatsApp but that does not require for Android devices.
  • XNSPY offers WhatsApp spy, message reading, and location tracking features on both iOS or Android phones.

🔄 Compatibility:

For Android users: Android 4.0 – 8.1 | For iOS users: iOS 6 – iOS 9

💰 Pricing:

1 month of Premium Edition costs only $12.49 for monitoring. This makes a good reason to give a try on XNSPY for its great price deal.

5. mSpy

If you are looking to spy on someone else whether it is WhatsApp or any other social media app then mSpy is the best tool for this job. The most important thing is its lowest cost of spying on something on the go.

If you ask about monitoring the WhatsApp messages then mSpy to be a great fit for your work. Along with WhatsApp spy, you can do many other things with ‘mSpy’ like checking all browsing history, seeing the calls log, and most importantly parents are using this tool to spy over their children.

✪ Features:

  • mSpy can read the old WhatsApp messages and monitor the real-time message that comes in.
  • mSpy can read other messages as well, see call logs, and is having more than 25+ features.

6. Spyzie

Spyzie is a great tool ever available on the market to spy the WhatsApp messages and read all of the messages remotely from the desktop. All you have to do is root your Android or iOS device in order to track and see the WhatsApp messages and connect the same with the Spyzie tool.

The most common thing about Spyzie is its compatibility with all other devices that you can run to track WhatsApp on any other social media apps to see the online status or the messages that someone sends to the person and if you are the parents you can easily use this Spyzie tool to have control over your children.

✪ Features:

  • Spyzie does its work great on tracking WhatsApp user location, not only WhatsApp users but you can use Soyzie to track someone’s location.
  • For parents looking to spy on the WhatsApp of their children, Spyzie can be a good fit and show all of the messages for rooted devices.

The Bottom Lines:

Hope the list is being useful for your work to spy the WhatsApp and read others’ messages. If you normally need a free tool just to read the message while you have the access to the device then get the play store app: Chat Message Tracker or you can go for premium tracking apps i.e. mSpy, XNSPY, or Spyzie to give a try.

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