Stop or Block Messages on WhatsApp without Them Knowing

If you want to stop receiving messages on WhatsApp without knowing them just go to the WhatsApp chat section and archive that contact. But, to block someone you have many ways to do that.

You have some other steps to block WhatsApp calls for all unknown users.

First, let’s understand how to detect such contacts without having a conversation with them. Just use Spam Call Blocker App on your mobile.

Either Hiya App or the Me app from Play Store can help you understand the unknown caller details.

Me- called Id track app

So many reasons a person needs to block a WhatsApp contact.

Normally people ask for two types of issues related to blocking on WhatsApp.

Those are, How to block someone disturbing by messages & How to block a person on WhatsApp without knowing him.

If you need to block multiple contacts then just get contacts on WhatsApp by saving them into the phone then performing the activity. These methods to block WhatsApp contacts work best on Android as well as iPhone and Desktop also.

Fortunately, both of those questions have the perfect outcome just by doing a few simple steps which are given in this article.

What Happens if you block someone on WhatsApp?

These are the Things to Consider if You Want to Block Someone on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Chat and Calls will not work anymore:

The chat and internet calls over WhatsApp will be disabled between you and the blocked one. New messages sent by the person (who is blocked), will not be delivered to you. If that person continues to send messages will see only one tick, means not delivered to you.

The old Chat Remains the Same as it was:

If you block someone then the chat (if exists) will remain the same to both (you and the blocked person). But, you can delete that chat manually anytime. Note that, there is no effect on doing this.

Last Seen and Online Status will not be Visible:

Once you block a person the online status and activity will be hidden from that person instantly. Still, there are settings available to hide your WhatsApp profile picture from everyone.

Note: If you have been blocked by your friend in WhatsApp by a mistake, you will see a blank image for that contact or your sent messages will display one tick [not delivered].

In such cases just reach the person and request him to unblock.

infographics _block whatsapp contacts without knowing

If you need to block a number just open your WhatsApp and start the step-by-step process:

Steps to Block Someone on WhatsApp from Chat [To Avoid]

Follow the steps one by one perfectly to easily do this:

Step 1: At first, open your WhatsApp account and click the CHATS tab.

Step 2: Now, there all chats will be displayed. Just to block a particular person, click on the profile picture.

block someone whatsapp 1

Step 3: It will pop up a window. Just click on the ‘(i)’ icon(options) there.

block someone whatsapp 2

Step 4: Now, it will display the profile information of that person. On the bottom, you will find a Block option. Just tap on ‘Block’.

3 block someone whatsapp

Step 5: Here will come a confirmation message from WhatsApp. Then click on the OK button to confirm the block.

After you are done, the blocked contacts will no longer be able to call you or send you any messages.

But, this method has a limitation. You can only block your WhatsApp contacts in this process.

Do you think it is possible to block a person on WhatsApp without knowing him?

Yes. It is possible.

Just add someone on WhatsApp into your contacts then follow the steps ahead.

How to Block on WhatsApp without Knowing Them?

It is more than easy to complete these steps for a new number. The person will not be able to find you on WhatsApp even you are present on his contact list. Once you have added the number to your contact list just start the steps which are given below:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and go to Settings. Then click on Account.

Step 2: It will open Account settings. Just select Privacy and scroll to the bottom.

privacy settings

Step 3: There you will see the Blocked contacts option. Now click on it.

Step 4: A window will open which will allow you to select the contact you want to block in advance.

block contacts WhatsApp

Step 5: Just select the recently added contact which you want to block now. Upon selection, it will be blocked in seconds.

select people to block

But for an unknown number, the steps are different.

How to Block a Person on WhatsApp if Not in Your Contacts?

WhatsApp normally displays the BLOCK and ADD options on the chat when the person sends messages to you. Here is also another method you can follow to unblock the person who is not in your contact.

Step 1: At first, open the chat. This normally sends the seen signal to the sender.

Step 2: Now click on the three-dots icon on the above right side.

block unsaved whatsapp number

Step 3: It will display a list. Now click on ‘More’.

block people on whatsapp_more

Step 4: Here it will show the ‘Block’ option. Now just click on Block. The number will be blocked instantly on your WhatsApp.

tap on block

This is the way to block a mobile number on your WhatsApp if not present in your phone contacts.

Now, if you need to block someone again in the future then you can easily do this using the same methods. Just follow those steps and you can easily block anyone in WhatsApp.

The Bottom Lines:

This article explained the steps to block unknown person either it’s a saved contact or not, you can easily block that number and in order to do that just follow the steps above.

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