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To bypass the Discord Phone number verification process you’ll need to use a virtual number verification application.

You need to download the Numero app from the Google Play Store and install it on your device.

You have to open the application and you’ll need to register the app. You’ll need to enter your phone number and then click on Confirm and Continue. 

After you get into the application, you will be able to see the option Phone Numbers. Click on it and you’ll need to click on Mobile Numbers.

Then from the list of countries, choose a country.  You don’t need to select the country you’re living in, but you can choose any country to get a number associated with its country code.

You need to buy the number. Then head on to the Discord application and then on the phone number verification page, enter the virtual number, and then verify it with the code sent by Discord to the virtual number app. 

Can You Verify Discord without a Phone Number?

Discord has this policy where it logs users out of their accounts and asks them to verify their phone number to log in back to their accounts. Unfortunately, you have no other way but to confirm your discord account with a phone number to get into your account.

However, as Discord allows you to use any phone number, you can use your second number and not the first number to verify your account. You can also provide the number of any of your family members or friends if you don’t want to use your own number.

Discord asks for a phone number to verify your account only to ensure that your account is not fake and you’re a genuine user. This process thus helps in keeping the integrity of the platform uncompromised. 

🔯 Bypass Phone Verification:

How To Bypass Discord Phone Verification:

If you don’t want to use your actual or regular phone number, you can still bypass the Discord Phone number verification process with a virtual phone number.

A virtual phone number is not a physical phone number and you can get one from any of the virtual phone number apps. There are tons of virtual phone number apps on the Google Play Store or on the web that can help you get a virtual number for free.

There are even some premium apps for getting virtual phone numbers too which can be used to buy virtual numbers for a few bucks. Therefore, after you get one virtual number for yourself, you need to enter the number on Discord for verification and the code will be sent to your virtual number. You need to verify your Discord account with the code and then you’re good to go. 

⭐️ Features:

Features of Numero Virtual Number app: 

◘ Helps you to get an international phone number. The number can be used globally.

◘ You can use the phone number from this application to create your social media accounts. 

◘ You can get a free USA number just by collecting coins on the app. The application allows you to use the number for verification.

◘ You can get free roaming with this application. You don’t need to pay extra charges for making calls when you’re roaming.

◘ The application is available both for free or you can buy the premium version to get the extra features.

◘ You can use the call forwarding feature too. It keeps your privacy safe and prevents you from missing calls.

◘ It’s an affordable tool for business too. You can hide your virtual phone number when calling someone using it. It helps you to be connected all the time.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Here are the steps you need to follow to use the Numero application: 

Step 1: Install the application on your device from the play store.

 install the application

Step 2: Next, you need to open it. 

Step 3: Register your account by entering your phone number and then clicking on Confirm and Continue.

Register your account
clicking on Confirm and Continue
Confirm and Continue

Step 4: After you get into the application, click on Phone Numbers.

click on Phone Numbers

 Step 5: Then click on Mobile Numbers. You’ll need to select a country. 

click on Mobile Numbers

Step 6: Choose a number and then buy it. 

 number and then buy it

Step 7: Your subscription to this number will stay for a month and then you’ll need to renew it. 

Step 8: On the Discord Phone number verification page, enter this virtual number and then verify it with the code that it will be sent to the virtual number app from Discord. 

Why Does Discord Place Phone Verification for Account:

Discord asks you to verify your phone number to log in back to your account due to a few reasons: 

1. Prevent Robots Access

Discord has recently started a phone number to prevent any bot access to your account. It is using phone numbers as an anti-abuse tool that helps in keeping your account the same and verified.

Often scammers use bots to control discord accounts but it can be prevented by verifying the accounts by phone number. If your account looks suspicious to Discord, you’ll be immediately logged out of your account and won’t be able to get in if you don’t pass the phone number verification process.

Therefore, you need to enter your correct phone number and then verify it with the code sent by Discord to log in to your account. 

2. Verify it’s You

You might find Discord logs you out of your account for the verification process, which can be annoying but at the same time helps in verifying yourself.

Discord, to make sure that the account is used by you, logs you out of your account when it notices something unusual about your account. It might feel like your account has been hacked by a scammer, which is why it logs you out of your account just to verify that it’s you who’s handling your account and no one else.

As the phone number belongs to the owner of the account, Discord uses this process to verify if the account has been hacked or if it’s really you. This often saves many accounts from being taken on by scammers. 

3. Reduce Fake Accounts

Scammers are using fake accounts all over the internet to get people to fall into the trap of their scamming plan. However, to keep the Discord platform unaffected and away from scammers, Discord uses this very efficient technique of phone number verification that allows genuine users to verify their accounts.

The scammers using a fake account can no longer use their fake accounts to scam people as after the account gets logged out, it needs to be verified using genuine phone numbers.

This has helped in reducing the number of fake accounts on Discord which makes it safer for all users to use Discord without staying terrified of scammers or fake accounts. 

The Bottom Lines:

There are many ways to bypass the Discord Phone number verification process. This is to make sure that your account is safe from scammers, that you’re not using a bot, and to confirm your own identity.

Although it’s mandatory thing, that you’ll need to go through the phone number verification process to log in to your account, you can use a virtual number instead of your real phone number.

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