Can I Edit A YouTube Video Of Someone Else?

Your Quick Answer:

If you want to share a part of a YouTube video, you need to cut a clip of the video to share it. 

Open and play the video on YouTube. Click on the scissor icon and then drag the part that you want to cut. 

Add a title to the clip and then click on the SHARE CLIP button and choose a platform or method to share it. 

If you’re using a part of someone else’s video, it’s not enough to give credit to YouTube because the owner can still sue you for Copyright violation. 

You’ll need to send a mail to the owner of the video asking for his permission to use his or her video in your work. 

The Fair Use Policy of YouTube can prevent you from getting copyright strikes. 

Use short clips of others’ work. It should be less than fifteen seconds but don’t use the main part of other people’s videos. 

Combine and edit the clip with your work to transform and modify it. You also need to use the clip for different contexts. 

You can edit a published video on YouTube by using the Editor feature of YouTube Studio. 

Can I Edit a YouTube Video of Someone Else:

If you’re willing to edit a YouTube video of someone else, you’ll need to cut a part of it to use and share that part only. YouTube allows you to cut their clips for sharing purposes. But you should know that it only allows you to cut a part of the clip which can have a maximum duration of 60 seconds.

There’s no way you can cut a part of a video on YouTube with more than 60 seconds. You should also know that, to cut and share a part of any YouTube clip, you’ll need to use your laptop or desktop to do that. This option isn’t available on mobile phones. 

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow: 

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open YouTube on PC. 

Step 2: Next, browse and play the video that you want to cut and share. 

Step 3: Then, below the playing screen, you’ll find the clip button sighted as a scissor. Click on it. 

Step 4: It will display the Create clip box. On the box, you’ll need to drag and select the area you want to cut and share.

Click on Create clip

Step 5: Then add a title to it on the blank that says Add a description (required).

Click on Add description

Step 6: Click on the SHARE CLIP button and then it will show you the sharing options. 

Click on Share clip

Step 7: You’ll be able to find the different apps and email options. Choose the one through which you want to share the clip.

Does Giving Credit to YouTube Videos Fulfill the Requirements of Copyright Rules? 

No, even if you’re giving credit to YouTube videos in your work, it does not fulfill the requirements of Copyright rules because you’re still using the work or video of someone else which is against the Copyright Rules. 

Even if you use a part of someone else’s work on your video, you’ll need to first ask for the permission of the owner, or else the owner can claim your video stating that it violates the Copyright rules. In that case, your video will be taken down by YouTube and you’ll be issued compensation.

It can even ban your channel if the issue happens more than twice. Therefore, you should know that even if you give credit to a YouTube video in your work, you still don’t have permission to use the video from the owner which is why your video will be claimed and taken down. 

What is the best way for Fair Use of video:

If you want to use a part of someone else’s YouTube video, you need to ask permission from the owner first. Only if you’re granted permission, you’ll be able to use the part of the video without violating the Copyright rules of YouTube.

To ask for the owner’s permission, you’ll need to send an email to the owner of the channel in which you need to state the matter clearly and ask for permission to use a part of his video. Only if you get a positive reply from the owner, then you can use the video.

But if the owner doesn’t permit you, you can’t use the video as it will violate the Copyright Rules. If you don’t have the owner’s mail ID, you will be able to get it from the About section of his YouTube channel. 

🔯 Fair Use Policy:

YouTube takes down videos when they violate the Copyright rules and might even ban your channel after strike three which is why you need to know the Fair Use Policy of YouTube to protect your content from being taken down or slammed by YouTube due to copyright issues. You should remember that even if you’re using someone else’s clip on your video you need to transform it as much as possible so that it looks different. 

The shorter clip you can take, the better it is. You should be careful to use just a tiny part of someone else’s work on your video. Take 15 seconds of the video or even less if possible but make sure that you’re not using the main part of the video or else your work will violate the Copyright rules and the video will be taken down. 

You need to combine your own video with the clip you’re taking from someone else’s video so that the content or the video can be different. You should never post a clip of another user’s work without combining it with your video. 

It’s better to use the clip in a different context or subject. If the owner has used the video in a certain context, try to avoid copying its use in the same context but rather use it differently or for the opposite context under a different niche video. 

Whenever you’re using someone else’s video, make sure to edit the clip to change its background, sound, and even angle. In that way, you’re modifying and transforming the original clip into a new video which will help you not get a Copyright strike. 

How to edit published videos on YouTube:

If you’ve already published a YouTube video but want to edit it, you don’t have to re-upload it after deleting but you can just edit the uploaded video on YouTube itself.

As re-uploading a video makes you lose the previous views, it’s better to edit the published video itself. 

Here’s how you’ll need to do it:

Step 1: Open YouTube Studio and click on Content

You’ll need to open YouTube from on your PC and then you’ll need to click on your profile picture icon that’s at the top right corner of the page. Once you click on the profile picture icon, you’ll be displayed a list of options from which you need to click on YouTube Studio. 

click on YouTube Studio

It will open the YouTube Studio and you’ll be able to see your channel dashboard. In the left sidebar, you’ll be able to get a set of options from which you need to click on Content. After clicking on Content, you’ll be able to get access and see all the videos that you’ve uploaded on your channel.

click on Content

Step 2: Choose the video you want to edit and click on the pen icon> Editor

After you’re displayed with the videos on your YouTube channel, you’ll need to choose the video that you want to edit. As you point your mouse at the videos, you’ll be able to see a few icons appearing on the screen next to the video.

You’ll need to click on the Pen icon next to the video that you want to edit. It will bring you to the Video Details page where you’ll be able to see all the details related to your video. On the left sidebar, you’ll be able to see a list of options from which you need to click on Editor which is the third option on the list. 

Click on pen icon

Step 3: Edit and save the edited video

Once you click on Editor, you’ll be taken to the editing page of YouTube Studio where you’ll be able to get the tools and options to edit your video. You’ll get the UNDO and REDO options at the top of the editing page and the other editing tools below the video. 

You can trim, split, change the sound or blur the video where it’s needed. After you’re done editing the video, you’ll need to preview the edited video and then click on the blue SAVE button that’s at the top right corner of the screen. It will bring up a white box that will inform you that it will take some hours for the changes to be applied to the published video. You’ll need to click on SAVE. The editing changes will be processed and will get applied to the video within a few hours after which you’ll be able to see the edited video on YouTube.

Click on SAVE

The Bottom lines:

Uploaded videos on YouTube can be edited on YouTube itself by using its Editor. You don’t need to delete and reupload the video, rather you can just edit and save the video on YouTube itself.  Here you’ll also be able to know the Fair Use Policy of YouTube to avoid copyright strikes.

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