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How To CallTruth Cancel Membership

✎ Key Takes:

» You can cancel your CallTruth subscription by calling their customer care number at +1 (800) 208-3162 and providing your registered email ID, billing details, and a valid reason for cancellation.
» You can use an email alternative by sending a message with the subject “Requesting a cancellation of CallTruth subscription” to [email protected], including your registered email, reason for cancellation, and billing details.

How to cancel CallTruth subscription:

You have literally two ways to cancel a CallTruth subscription:

1. Cancel CallTruth Subscription

If you’ve taken a CallTruth subscription and want to cancel it now, you can do it. However, you need to know that to cancel a CallTruth subscription, you’re not supposed to use the CallTruth website but it can be done simply by calling the CallTruth customer care service. 

Normally, subscriptions to premium service plans can be canceled from the official website but in the case of Call Truth, it’s very different because the official website doesn’t help users to do that. 

You’ll need to call customer service and request them to cancel your subscription. The customer care and support service will ask for the email address linked to your CallTruth profile, your billing details, and the reason for cancellation.

Only if you can provide the registered email address and have a valid reason, you’ll be able to cancel your CallTruth subscription. 

When you’re on the call with the customer care of CallTruth, you need to be very clear about what you say and be polite with the tone you’re using. 

If you choose to do the cancellation over call, you’ll need to know the correct customer care number to dial and call them up.

Here’s the customer care number of CallTruth: +1 (800) 208-3162

As the service of CallTruth is restricted to the USA, you need to make the call from the USA to proceed with the cancellation.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Dial +1 (800) 208-3162 on your phone’s dial pad.

Tap on call icon

Step 2: Call the customer care of CallTruth. 

Step 3: Tell them that you want to cancel your CallTruth subscription. 

Step 4: Answer their questions correctly by stating your name, email address, billing details, and the reason for canceling the CallTruth subscription. 

Step 5: Your CallTruth subscription will be canceled and they’ll send you a cancellation mail after it gets officially canceled. 

2. Subscription Using Email

Another way of canceling the CallTruth subscription is by mailing the customer care of CallTruth. As the CallTruth premium members cannot cancel their subscription from the official website, it has to be done by requesting the customer care team through mail. 

When you’re canceling your CallTruth subscription, you need to send the email from the same mail ID that’s linked to your CallTruth profile. While getting the CallTruth subscription, every user has to provide an email address as a contact detail for verification. During the cancellation, you’ll need to state the same mail ID, or else you won’t be able to cancel your subscription. 

You’ll need to enter the subject of the mail as Requesting to cancel my CallTruth subscription and then construct the rest of the mail where you’ll need to first state your need of canceling your CallTruth premium subscription.

Then, you need to provide your mail ID, and billing details which should include the monthly plan you’re subscribed to, the amount you’re charged, etc. 

Next, state your reason for cancellation. You need to make sure that the reason you’re providing is valid and makes sense to customer support or else they won’t consider the cancellation.

It’s better if you can provide a reason related to the quality or the cost so that it’s considered valid. 

Make sure the language you’re using in the mail is understandable and clear. Lastly, request them to cancel your subscription as soon as possible and then send the email to the customer care mail ID. 

The customer care mail ID is [email protected] 

🔴 Steps To cancel CallTruth subscription using Mail:

Step 1: Open Gmail. 

Click o Gmail

Step 2: Click on the compose icon. 

Click on compose icon

Step 3: Enter a subject: Requesting a cancellation of Calltruth subscription. 

Step 4: Construct an email stating your need to cancel your Calltruth subscription. Provide your registered email ID, billing details, and reason for cancellation.

Step 5: Send it to [email protected].

Click on Send button

Step 6: They’ll get back to you via mail and after the subscription gets canceled you’ll get a cancellation email too. 

🔯 What Does CallTruth Do:

You can mainly use CallTruth for phone lookup, people lookup, and image search services. However, it’s not available to be used by people outside the USA as its service is strictly restricted within the USA. 

The CallTruth can help you identify the owner of any unknown phone number as well as find out the number type. Scammers and frauds use fake and duplicate phone numbers to fool and scam innocent people but with CallTruth you’ll be able to get an alert every time there’s an incoming phone call from an unknown number marked as spam.

CallTruth can be used for free, however, there’s a premium plan available for users. The premium plan offers more services like tracking the location of the user, getting full details about the owner of any phone number, etc. 

What Would You Need to Cancel Your Call Truth Subscription?

If you’re thinking about canceling your Call Truth you should be well aware of what you need during the time of cancellation to avoid any hassle. 

The first and foremost thing that you should have to cancel your Call Truth subscription is your registered email ID. While registering the subscription, the users are asked to provide any email address that they’ve access to. Therefore, while cancellation, you’ll be required to verify your cancellation using the same linked Gmail ID. 

Secondly, you’ll need your billing details while canceling the Call Truth subscription. Therefore, you should know your monthly plan, the charging details along with other information related to your Call Truth subscription. 

Next, you need to have a proper reason for canceling the subscription. If you’re canceling the subscription over the phone or the email, you’ll need to state the reason for your cancellation. It can be related to the amount charged, the quality of the service, etc. Keep the reason prepared beforehand so that when they ask you for the reason for cancellation, you can immediately state it. 

Lastly, as you can only cancel the CallTruth subscription over the phone or by sending an email requesting cancellation, you’ll need to know the CallTruth care phone contact and email address because without the correct phone number or email address, there’s no other way to cancel the Calltruth subscription. 

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