How To Cancel Google Play Subscription

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You can cancel your Google Play Store subscription using your mobile phone by going to the Play Store app and tapping on the profile picture icon at the top right corner of the screen. 

Then you have to tap on the “Payments & subscriptions” option, under which you’ll tap on “Subscriptions”. Next, go to the app you want to cancel the subscription for and tap on “Cancel subscription”.

In the next tab, mention why you’re canceling and tap on “Continue”. Finally, confirm the cancellation by tapping on “Cancel subscription”. 

To cancel your subscription from your computer, you must go to and tap on the “My subscriptions” option at the left end of the screen. 

Next, you have to tap on “Manage” once you find the app whose subscription you would like to cancel.

Then click on “Cancel subscription” and choose a reason for canceling your subscription. Finally, tap “Continue” and “Cancel subscription”.

There are some steps you can follow to cancel iPhone app subscriptions.

How to Cancel Google Play subscription:

Follow the below steps on your mobile:

Step 1: Open Profile

The first step you must follow to cancel a subscription from the Google Play Store is to go to the home screen of your mobile device and search for the Google Play app icon. Once you’ve found it, open it by clicking on it.

Click on profile icon in google play

The tab in front of you will show a list of apps with a search bar at the top. Beside the search bar, you will find a miniature of your Google account’s profile picture; this is an icon. Again, you have to click on this. 

Step 2: Tap on Subscriptions

Now that you are in the Play Store app and under the profile picture icon, you will see a list of options that will appear as a floating notification. These options are all related to changes you can make in your Play Store and find the apps you have added to your wishlist.

Tap on 'Payments & subscriptions'

You will notice, among other options, an option called “Payments & subscriptions”. You have to tap on this. Under this, you will find options related to your budget and payment methods. You’ll find one of the four options available here called “Subscriptions”. You have to tap on it. 

Click on Subscriptions

Step 3: Choose the App to Cancel your Subscription

Now that you have tapped on “Subscriptions”, under this tab, you will find a list of options that will include all the apps that you purchased a subscription to that are still active in the past. Look through the list and select the app whose subscription you require to cancel currently.

Choose App

Then, clicking on the said app will lead you to the “Manage subscription” tap, where you will find a few options that will help you manage or make minor changes to the subscription of the particular app you had earlier purchased. 

Step 4: Tap on ‘Cancel Subscription’ & Confirm

After you have reached the “Manage subscription” tap, you will notice options related to updating payment methods, etc. At the bottom of the screen, there will be two options.

Click on Cancel Subscription on phone

The one on the right will say “Cancel subscription” tap on this option. A new tab will open asking you why you are canceling your subscription, and there will be a list of reasons as options below.

Select the reoson and click on continue button

Tap on the relevant option and tap on “Continue”. You will get a notification asking you to confirm your cancellation. Next, tap on the “Cancel subscription” option. This will terminate your subscription from the day your existing subscription ends. 


💡 Note: If you can’t find Active Subscriptions from your mobile, you can perform the steps from the chrome browser by going to: from your PC (or mobile browser too).

How to Cancel Google Play Store subscription on PC:

Follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Open Profile icon

If you do not want to cancel your subscription using a mobile phone, you can use your computer to cancel it; all you have to do is go to your browser and type in You will reach the Google Play Store.

To carry out the next step, first, you have to make sure that you are signed in to the Google account using which you purchased the subscription you want to cancel. Next tap on the profile icon.

Click on profile icon

Step 2: Click on Payments and subscriptions

Now that you have ensured that you are signed in and have reached the Google Play Store, you have to move your attention to the left corner of the screen. Here, you will find a set of options, one below another, related to your account, payment methods, etc.

Click on payments and subscriptions

One of these many options will be called “Payments and subscriptions”, You have to tap on it. This action will lead you to a tab with the same name. Under the ‘Subscriptions’ tab, you will see a list of apps for which you currently have a subscription. 

Step 3: Select the app & click Manage

The list of options you will see in the “Subscriptions” tab are all apps with active subscriptions, and in this section, you have to search for the app you wish to cancel your subscription.

Click on Subcription

Once you find the said app, you will notice an option beside the app icon to the right that says “Manage”. You have to click on it. 

This action will lead you to the section of the Google Play Store that deals with options related to managing your subscription, payment method, etc. 

Step 4. Click on the ‘Cancel subscription’ & Continue 

Once you click on “Manage”, a floating notification will appear on the screen, and at the bottom, you will find the option “Cancel subscription”.

Tap on it, and another pop-up notification will appear asking you the reason why you’re deciding to cancel your subscription.

Click on Cancel Subcription on pc

Choose a related reason from the options mentioned and tap on the option at the bottom that says “Continue”.

Select a reoson and click to continue

Then tap “Cancel subscription” in the next tab to confirm your cancellation.


You will receive a notification saying your subscription has been canceled, this means that you will no longer be charged for future subscriptions, but the current subscription will last until the next billing date.

The Bottom Lines:

Now you know how to cancel your Google Play Store subscription not only using your mobile device but also your PC. The process for both is rather simple and quick; choose either of the two methods to cancel your subscription based on the devices you own.

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