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How To Fix Instagram Profile Picture Glitch

By Pranab Sen

✎ Key Takes:

» The issue of Sorry, we couldn’t update your profile picture was mainly caused when there’s a glitch in the application or something wrong with the server.
» To fix the error if you can’t change the profile picture on Instagram, you can either change the internet connection or the image file format and then try uploading the images.

If this still fails which may be due to an app or server issue, you can update your app or wait a few minutes to try again.

It is always recommended that the picture that you’re willing to update as your profile photo should be in JPEG format. You can convert the picture, then set it as your DP, and always use your own images.

How To Fix Instagram Profile Picture Glitch:

There are many fixes that you can try in order to fix the profile picture error:

1. Try Another Browser

This is a pretty simple and easy way to fix the issue where you’re getting displayed with the error message Sorry, we couldn’t update your profile picture when you’re trying to update your Instagram account’s profile picture.

The steps have the details you need to follow and perform the login and uploading of a new profile picture using your PC:

Step 1: On your PC, open Google Chrome or any other browser.

Step 2: Next, go to https://Instagram.com on your browser.

Instagram on the browser

Step 3: As the browser displays you on Instagram’s home page, you need to click on Login to enter into the login page of Instagram.

Step 4: Next, you need to enter your username and password to login into your account.

Instagram's home page

Step 5: After you’re logged into your account, you need to get into your profile page, and then click on the Edit Profile icon.

Edit Profile

Step 6: On the Edit Profile page, you’ll be able to see the option Change profile photo. You’ve to select that option to proceed.

Change Profile Picture

Step 7: Next, you’ve to select an image for your profile picture and click on it.

 click on Done to upload

Step 8: Then click on Done to upload it as your profile picture.

Once the DP is changed from the web, it will automatically get changed on the app of your mobile too.

2. Log out and log in Again

This will help in fixing the issue of not being able to update the profile picture. After re-logging in, try to update your profile picture to check if the issue is fixed.

The steps below will provide the details on how you can perform this method:

Step 1: Open the Instagram application.

Step 2: Next, you’ve to click on your profile picture icon at the bottom right corner of the screen to get into the profile page.

profile page

Step 3: Next, on your profile page, click on the three horizontal lines option.

three horizontal lines

Step 4: From the list of options, click on Settings.

Instagram setting

Step 5: On the following page, scroll down to find the option Log out.

 find the option Log out

Step 6: Next, on the Login page, enter all your details and click on Login. After you’re logged in, update your profile picture.

3. Switch to Different Internet Connection

You can switch your WiFi network to fix this issue of not being able to upload the profile picture on Instagram.

An unstable internet connection is a common cause that results in the issue. This is an error caused by the updating of the profile picture that can be fixed by switching to a stable WiFi connection.

If you’re using your data connection and it’s slow then you need to switch to a better WiFi network to get access to stable internet.

4. Change DP to a Different Format

You can change the format of the picture that you are trying to update as your profile picture to set it as your DP.

Often when the format of the picture is wrong, Instagram won’t accept it as a profile picture and you’ll be displayed with the error message Sorry, we couldn’t update your profile picture.

Although Instagram accepts photos of all formats, it’s always better to keep the format of the picture as JPEG to upload it without any issues.

Why Does Instagram Profile Picture Error Happen:

The profile picture update error that shows the error message Sorry, we couldn’t update your Profile picture is generally caused because of a glitch in the application. Most of the time the users facing the issue don’t have anything to do with it as it’s a server error from Instagram’s end which is why Instagram isn’t able to update or upload your new profile picture.

1. Instagram Server Error

This isn’t an uncommon or rare issue and it’s faced by many users at one time or another. Instagram fails to update a user’s profile picture when there’s a problem with the server of the application.

Almost every time you face this issue of being unable to update your profile picture on Instagram, you should know that it’s probably an app glitch or there is a server error.

2. No Internet Connection

Instagram requires an internet connection to update your profile picture. If you’re facing the issue of not being able to update your profile picture on Instagram and it is displayed with the message Sorry, we couldn’t update your profile picture, it’s because your device isn’t connected to any data or wifi network.

If your mobile doesn’t have a data connection or isn’t connected to a working WiFi network, you will not be able to upload your profile picture on Instagram and the app will display an error message.

Every time you upload a new profile picture, you’ve to make sure that your device is connected to a stable and working WiFi or that it has the data connection turned on to support the activity of updating the profile picture on Instagram.

Why can’t I change my profile picture on Instagram:

You have the following reasons:

1. Profile Picture Size Issue

On Instagram, the profile picture size should be 110×100 px or less. So, if you want to set a profile picture with large dimensions and sizes, then Instagram will not allow you to do so. Follow the Instagram guidelines regarding profile picture size and follow their instructions. 

2. Tried Changing DP Too Many Times

If you try to change your DP too many times, you may face issues like you can’t change your DP or it takes a lot of time to change.

Tried Changing DP Too Many Times

3. Temporary Glitch

If you can’t change your Instagram DP, then it could happen to server issues. Instagram users often face this server error; in this case, you can check the official Instagram account on Twitter to check for any updates regarding their app’s bugs or server issues.

When the Instagram team solves this issue, you can again change your DP.

4. Instagram Session Logged Out

You can not see or change the profile picture if your Instagram session is logged out. Logging out from the current session means the user wishes to log off the current session on that device. To change your profile picture again, log in to your account again.

Instagram Session Logged Out
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