Screen Mirroring – Cast Windows 10 to Samsung Smart TV

Casting your Windows 10 laptop screen to Samsung TV is something that you want to cast the Netflix or YouTube directly to smart TV from your PC if your PC or laptop has wireless access i.e. WiFi or Bluetooth.

I just searched to the Samsung site for screen mirroring options that are available with the smart TV and found there are multiple ways you can mirror your laptop screen with the TV:

  1. Wireless Screen Mirroring: You can directly mirror the laptop screen to Samsung Smart TV by connecting to that device and opening the screen mirroring option from Smart TV at the same time.
  2. HDMI: HDMI is the perfect wired setup that you can use to mirror your laptop or PC if the wireless setup is not functional.
  3. SmartThings App: SmartThings app can mirror the screen if the two devices are on the same wireless network.
  4. Smart View App: Samsung Smart View app can show the gallery images or videos if the devices are on the same wireless network.
  5. AirPlay: AirPlay is the best option for Apple devices to mirror the MacBook screen to Samsung TV.

Your Smart TV may use the tool Miracast to cast the laptop screen with the Smart TV but you should verify if the device is really compatible with that feature. In this article, I will share the exact steps for screen mirroring your laptop to the Samsung Smart TV.

Screen Mirroring Laptop to Samsung Smart TV Wirelessly

If you want to cast the laptop screen to smart TV wirelessly follow the steps:

1. First of all, switch on your TV and remote to select tools and click on the ‘Network’ option.

screen mirror on samsung

2. After that, go to ‘Screen Mirroring’ and then ‘Device Manager’ & click on it.

3. Your PC will appear on your device. Let’s set up the connection on your laptop before proceeding.

4. Now go to your laptop and open the settings window. From there go to ‘Bluetooth & other devices’.

windows settings and bluetooth wireless

5. Just click on the ‘+ Add Bluetooth or other device’ and next click on ‘Wireless display or dock’.

add device

6. Now your laptop search for the Smart TV in a few seconds and once found just connect to that device.

connect to tv

7. Upon it’s done your laptop screen is ready to be viewed on Samsung Smart TV.

screen mirror complete

8. Finally, go to the Settings>>Display and from the ‘Multiple displays’ option choose the ‘Show only on 1’ from the drop-down menu & save.

Show only on 1

That’s all the process to screen mirror your laptop on the smart TV.

Why Miracast is used for?

  • Miracast is the most common app on a smart TV to share the content one screen to another screen without using any wired set up.
  • Mainly used to share the screen for presentations and many other things and casting the mobile or laptop screen to larger monitor like smart TV display.

How to know if your Windows 10 Laptop supports Miracast?

You want to find out if your Windows PC compatible to cast screen to Android TV then you have to follow some methods to find it out:

1. Using Windows + P Button:

If you press the Windows + P button on your Windows 10 PC then on right side of your screen a window will pop up with that asks to extend screen. This is what you want to cast screen to another monitor and if you get this option that means that your Miracast is present on your laptop.

miracast project_

2. From Display option:

That you can do by going into the Display option from your Settings and find out on the ‘Multiple display’ option you will get an option ‘Connect to a wireless device’. If you get this option that means your device is compatible with the Miracast.

What to do if Windows 10 won’t connect to Samsung TV:

If your laptop could not connect to the smart TV then there might be several causes that preventing the screen-casting option. Either it can be that the device is incompatible with that feature or you did not set up the function properly.

In my case, I found that if you don’t turn on the Bluetooth and WiFi at the same time and connect to the correct network, your setup will not be completed and the screencasting will not work properly.

To prevent this you have to follow some simple measures that can fix the Screen mirroring problem on your laptop to a smart TV.

There are possible ways that will ensure to fix the issue if Windows 10 could not connect.

  • Firstly, make sure you configured well your Windows 10 device to the Samsung TV properly.
  • Make sure your Bluetooth or WiFi is turned ON to connect to the Smart TV.
  • You need to have the latest network card drivers up to date on your Windows PC/Laptop.
  • Let’s check either the network is sharing its features or not.
  • Reset the stream permission on the Windows 10 if nothing works.

The Bottom Lines:

If you want to cast your laptop screen to Smart TV then definitely the HDMI is the basic setup but this process is wired setup, but if you want to cast the screen wirelessly then you can follow the described guide above to connect using the wireless setup. Although, the apps like Google Home or Smart View app can definitely help you in casting your mobile or laptop screen to  Samsung Smart TV.

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