Best Bandwidth Manager Tools for Android [THIS YEAR]

Controlling the data usage of your device is possible by its own settings. But, from the settings, you would not get any options to limit WiFi speed per user, connected to the same network. Still, you can do it from your router that allows limiting WiFi speed. Bandwidth Throttling from your Android device is now made … Read more

8 Best Clone Apps for Android – Without Ads

If you want to play dual games or use your Messenger for the purpose of double accounts then there are some cloning apps available to do that if your device does not allow that inbuilt. You will need some permissions to allow you to use the cloning apps on your Android device. The apps I … Read more

Connect WiFi without Password in Android Mobile

Whenever someone is discussing hacking the first thing strike in our mind is WiFi hacking for its high speed and unlimited usage, it’s just not about money always, it’s a new experience for any teenager. If this is not a mobile hotspot network, you can get high-speed internet. I mean maximum people wish to show … Read more

FIND WiFi Password using IP address in Mobile

Did you forget the Wi-Fi password to connect a new device to the internet? If you are connected to the wireless network then the Wi-Fi secret key is already saved on your system. Yes, you can view saved Wi-Fi password easily on Android without root as well as on iPhone.   All the methods to … Read more