turn of notification

How to Block Notifications from Android Apps?

Is there anyone who don’t want to block notifications from Android apps? I think we will never find anyone who is happy with those annoying notifications. Don’t get me, wrong guys, because I love this notification too.  This is one of the great features of an android operating system. But […]

connect mobile internet

How to Connect Mobile Internet to Laptop?

Do you want to connect mobile internet to laptop? We know you want because almost everyone has an android smartphone with the internet connection and they also try to use mobile internet in computer or laptop. Nowadays almost every android mobile has facility to share its internet data that is […]

connect phone wifi

How to Connect phone wifi to Laptop?

Do you want to connect phone wifi to laptop? Now in this article, we tell you everything how you can connect your phone wifi network to your PC. We know it very well that a short skin of Smartphone is not good for watching online videos or web browsing. Don’t […]

fb clear cache

How to Clear Facebook Cache Files ?

Facebook is one of the craziest social sites than others. Almost 60% people around the world are using facebook and them very much like it and why not. It is very easy to use and can do anything just like sharing, messaging, calling etc. That is why these users are […]

phone dropped in water

How to Fix Water Damaged Phone Quickly?

The mobile phone can entertain you anytime anywhere but just imagine if your lovely mobile fall into the water then how you will save your mobile! Almost 70% people facing this problem with their mobile or Smartphone when they were in the washroom but don’t worry. Previously we have discussed how you […]

Advantages to Create App for Business

10 Advantages to Create App for Business

Are you a business man? And you are trying to establish or enlarge your personality? So if you are a business man then you should know the rules of the business. First of all, if you want to achieve success in your business then you have to make good quality […]

smartphone apps

Advantages of Mobile Application

More and more number of users is using Smartphone now. In our short survey we found that almost 70% people across the world are using Smartphone. Some few years ago we did not have such kind of mobile technology which is too fast as our requirements but now we in […]

smartphone battery

18 Tips to Increase Mobile Battery Life by 300%

Is your smartphone is getting drained after using some apps? If that, then you are now going to experience some few tricks which you can use to increase your mobile battery life initially. This content will surely help you to get an extra battery life when you are watching movies or […]