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How to Format Computer without CD? – Easy Steps

If you notice that your computer files are continuously getting attacked by virus and your PC getting slow day by day, then the perfect approach is to format your computer. Formatting computer means deleting all the data from your computer system or hard drive and then installing new fresh OS […]

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How Can I Install Windows 7 Ultimate on My Laptop?

When you have a PC or Laptop then the formatting is a common factor. Windows 7 Ultimate is very popular OS to install in your Laptop. But remember one thing, if you want to format your PC then you are going to lose all data in your hard-drive (C-Drive). So, […]

How to Safely Format Windows XP with CD?

If you notice that your computer’s files continuously attacked by virus and your computer getting slow day by day then it is the perfect time to format your computer.  But, you may think if it is safe to Format Windows XP with CD then we want to tell you that it […]