How to Recover Unsent Messages on Instagram?

Although Instagram doesn’t allow users to read unsent messages so if the message disappears, you can use certain tricks and tools to recover it indirectly. If you’re logged into your Instagram account from a device that isn’t connected to an internet connection since the message was deleted, the unsent messages can still be there as … Read more

How To Fix No Results Found on Instagram Music?

If you are an Instagram user, then you must have faced problems like “No Results Found” many times while adding music to reels or stories. There could be many reasons for this issue, such as unavailability of specific songs, app updates, slow internet connection, or if you have a business account. To fix the issue … Read more

How to Unlink Two Instagram Accounts?

Users with several accounts may find it necessary to unlink the second account from the Instagram app which can be done by logging out of your current account to Remove the other accounts from the list. Also, you can also split your Instagram account into two different to gain more targeted followers. To do that … Read more

How to Check Who Reported You on Instagram?

If you want to find out who reported you on Instagram then you have to know a few settings and checkout for notifications that can help you find out who reported you on Instagram. To find out who reported you on Instagram, you can directly approach Instagram if you have done something wrong, they’ll help … Read more

What are Instagram Suggestions for You Based on?

Instagram uses different algorithms to decide whom to suggest to be friends. The suggestions on Instagram are shown to increase the followers and followings of accounts. The recommendations are often shown based on recent activities on Instagram. The pictures of users you’ve liked and commented on, etc are displayed as suggestions. You can also upload … Read more