connect mobile internet

How to Connect Mobile Internet to Laptop?

Do you want to connect mobile internet to laptop? We know you want because almost everyone has an android smartphone with the internet connection and they also try to use mobile internet in computer or laptop. Nowadays almost every android mobile has facility to share its internet data that is […]

connect phone wifi

How to Connect phone wifi to Laptop?

Do you want to connect phone wifi to laptop? Now in this article, we tell you everything how you can connect your phone wifi network to your PC. We know it very well that a short skin of Smartphone is not good for watching online videos or web browsing. Don’t […]

ram socket

How to Upgrade Your Computer RAM? Easy methods

Do you think your computer started very slow? If your answer is Yes then it is the right time to discuss it because a computer can not run slowly without any reason. It may be happening for your old or low memory RAM (Random Access Memory). Maybe your RAM can’t […]

How to expend RAM memory

Use Harddrive as RAM | All Windows Versions

RAM or Random Access Memory is essential for your Computer and Laptop. It is very unbearable when slowing down your computer but if you think that it is only happening with you then you are completely wrong. So here we here to give you some tips to enlarge your computer […]

How to expend RAM memory

How to Use Pendrive as RAM?

We know it very well that RAM is one type of memory which help to works very fast but if you go to work with a hard software application then you can realise that your computer or laptop RAM memory too low to run that application. So, if you don’t […]

laptop battery

How to Restore Damaged Laptop Battery? – Faster Solution

It is very irritating when your laptop battery is draining so fast but if you are thinking that your battery is dead, then don’t be upset. Before purchasing a new one you must try these methods to restore damaged laptop battery, most of the cases are solved just by doing these steps. […]