Smartphone Definition and History

In 1878 Alexander Graham Bell who has invented the Telephone. During 1980 Motorola was the first company who launched a cell phone for common people but it was heavy weighted and very difficult to carry everywhere. In 1993, the first Smartphone was launched for public by IBM and BellSouth. Those […]

smartphone battery

18 Tips to Increase Mobile Battery Life by 300%

Is your smartphone is getting drained after using some apps? If that, then you are now going to experience some few tricks which you can use to increase your mobile battery life initially. This content will surely help you to get an extra battery life when you are watching movies or […]

how to fast smartphone

How to Quickly Speed Up Android Phone Performance?

A cell phone is one of the extremely stable devices in our advanced era. But after using for a long time smartphone start to become very slower that feel really disturbing. If you want to speed up Android phone performance then this article going to be very beneficial for you. The […]

smartphone ganging problem

Some Advice to Stop Android Phone from Freezing

If your phone is getting slower day by day, then there are many causes for this. Freezing issues are common, but when happened too much then you should find some easy fix solution to this. In this content, we are about to describe how you can stop Android Phone from […]

HTC Secret Codes! Try These out with Your Phone

Nowadays smartphone is a very familiar word for everyone. A smartphone is just like a mini computer, and it has the capability to do most of the work in short time. So maximum numbers of people are dependable on a smartphone, but most of the people are don’t know the […]