hide facebook driends list

How to Hide Facebook Friends List from Everyone?

If you are feeling uncomfortable to show your friend list to anyone, then this easiest process will surely help you to hide your all friends in your facebook account. Facebook recently developed a lot of privacy settings which can quickly help you to protect your every privacy in your Facebook […]

download facebook video

How to Download Facebook Videos Without Software?

Are you ready to download lots of Facebook videos? Yes, you are hearing right one. Because we are going to tell you, how to download videos from Facebook. It is one of the most popular social network now-in-days. Almost 65% of people around the world are using Facebook. It is […]

fb clear cache

How to Clear Facebook Cache Files ?

Facebook is one of the craziest social sites than others. Almost 60% people around the world are using facebook and them very much like it and why not. It is very easy to use and can do anything just like sharing, messaging, calling etc. That is why these users are […]

delete facebook account permanently

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently ?

Are you deciding to delete Facebook account permanently ? If your answer is yes, then let me tell you one thing that you are not alone. Some few years increasing the number of users who want to delete their Facebook account permanently. Facebook is a very popular social media. Almost […]

How to Stop Autoplay Video in Facebook

How to Stop Facebook Video Autoplay?

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world and you should know the importance of Facebook. Almost 75% people of the world are using this Facebook Social network because Facebook is very easy to operate and it can connect with some other one easily by voice […]

Youtube video download

With & Without Any Software Download YouTube Videos

Are you wondering about the simplest way to download your favourite videos from YouTube? There are millions of people like you have the same question. Youtube has offline video saving mode to take video offline which does not let you save that video in your phone memory and for PC there is […]

skype ads block

How to Block Skype Ads?

Advertisements are more annoying than a salesman and these ads make frustrate users when they are using an application or a website.  Just like Skype application. Skype is a very famous application where you can easily send lots of messages and calls to your friends and we can use it […]

skype block

How to Make a Person Blocked on Skype?

Do you have any worse feelings on Skype? We think you definitely have been facing this problem that’s why you are reading this content. Because sometimes we don’t want to talk with some persons but they are continuously sending us message and calls in Skype. Don’t worry it’s not happening […]

how to Block whatsapp contacts

How to Block WhatsApp Contacts?

Are you feeling irritated for someone in WhatsApp? Do you want to block him at any cost but you don’t know how to block WhatsApp contacts? Then don’t worry we are here for you to show you how to block someone in WhatsApp? Tips are showing below- Steps to Block […]