Hide online in WhatsApp while Chatting

Do you want to appear offline on WhatsApp? If your friends spy on your online activity, you can play a trick with them. My story is little different from this as whenever someone has messaged me and I did not reply back, they ask for the reason to not checking the message. ☛ Also, I … Read more

Create fake last seen on WhatsApp [Working]

It’s really an awkward situation when someone inspects your last seen status on WhatsApp? The situation can also be ignored if you take steps on it before. WhatsApp has its own last seen tracker that catches you while you’ve been online. WhatsApp provides the option to show or hide your last seen status but this … Read more

What happens when you unblock someone on WhatsApp?

Are you blocked on WhatsApp? If someone has blocked me on WhatsApp, can he see my status? You first question when it comes to WhatsApp might be, Can I see online status if blocked on WhatsApp? The answer is NO. Then, how could someone view such status? Well, there are ways to do that. Besides the last seen status, … Read more

Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages without Backup

Yes, you can recover and read a deleted WhatsApp chat, I remembered when one my WhatsApp groups got loaded up with huge files I just deleted and later understood that some important files were there that also removed from my device storage as well.   I got stuck and definitely, I thought that time of … Read more

See Blocked or Hidden WhatsApp Status [Working]

WhatsApp no doubt is the most popular chatting app than the Facebook messenger and this is also was proved. But, like other social media sites, WhatsApp also offers its users to share status. Mark from the WhatsApp team answered me with a few details, let’s talk about this. As you see, he confirmed that if the … Read more

Join WhatsApp Group Again – without Admin permission

Did you leave a WhatsApp group and want to rejoin without admin permission? Wondering how to add someone to WhatsApp group without being an admin? WhatsApp allows users to join any WhatsApp group on your wish by clicking the invite link. But, once you left the group, how to join back into that group again … Read more