Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages without Backup

Yes, you can recover and read a deleted WhatsApp chat, I remembered when one my WhatsApp groups got loaded up with huge files I just deleted and later understood that some important files were there that also removed from my device storage as well.   I got stuck and definitely, I thought that time of … Read more

Make SD Card as Default Storage for All WhatsApp Data

Due to my presence in too many WhatsApp groups, some files are coming into my WhatsApp Messenger inbox every minute and if I watch it from there it is downloaded on my phone storage that sometimes creates the slow speed issue on the Android device.   To get recovered from this issue I just thought … Read more

GET Notified when Someone Comes Online On WhatsApp

The thing is common that whenever the person you want to chat with, is showing the last seen for her when you’re online. Likewise, this now becomes easier to get notification whenever someone comes online. Yes, WhatsApp does not provide such trait to its users, but here find out the ways to get the realtime alert … Read more