change wifi ip address

How to Change Your WiFi IP Address?

If you are really searching the ways that how you can change your WiFi IP address? We should let you know certainly, since now in days practically every router clients requesting this to show. We know it exceptionally well that there are a huge number of web clients who are interfacing […]

connect mobile internet

How to Connect Mobile Internet to Laptop?

Do you want to connect mobile internet to laptop? We know you want because almost everyone has an android smartphone with the internet connection and they also try to use mobile internet in computer or laptop. Nowadays almost every android mobile has facility to share its internet data that is […]

connect phone wifi

How to Connect phone wifi to Laptop?

Do you want to connect phone wifi to laptop? Now in this article, we tell you everything how you can connect your phone wifi network to your PC. We know it very well that a short skin of Smartphone is not good for watching online videos or web browsing. Don’t […]

find wifi password

How to Find wifi password on PC?

Do you really want to find wifi password? That’s mean you are connected to a wireless network. Don’t feel shy that you have forgotten your own Wi-Fi password because it is a common problem for a maximum number of wireless network users. First of all, it happened whenever you had […]

hide wireless router ssid

How to hide wireless network or SSID?

Do you want to hide your wifi name(SSID) from your neighbours? I think you want because these high-speed broadband connections don’t just grow on trees. It is very costly. So we try to extend its reach by adding a wireless router or a wireless access point. That is why we are […]

setup tenda router

How to Configure Tenda Router and Set Password?

Do you believe that it is extremely hard to set up a Tenda router? If you are thinking like that then this substance will help you, since we are going let you know the procedure of Tenda router configuration (Model: N300 & N301). Most extreme quantities of web clients surmise […]

limit wi fi speed

How to Quickly Limit Wifi Speed for Others? | All-in-One

You can easily limit wifi speed for others if you are influenced by the slower speed of your wifi. Here, we are about to tell how you can control bandwidth for other clients in any wireless routers like Digisol, TP-Link, iBall, D-Link, Tenda, etc. Then, what is the cause behind this?… […]