WHY: Video paused. Continue watching? – YouTube [FIXED]

If your YouTube video stopped playing and if it’s showing that ‘Video paused. Continue watching?’ then this is due to the recent YouTube recent feature. When this feature is launched to reduce data loss or restrict unnecessary data usage, also prevents a few bit server load on the YouTube server as well. For a direct … Read more

Can I Find Unlisted YouTube Videos? [Without Link]

Do you want to restrict a particular video from appearing on YouTube search results? Unlisted mode of a video while uploading on YouTube do the job for you. Unlisted videos are those that do not appear on YouTube as well as not available on the uploader’s channel. Basically, there is a method to view or … Read more

Watch YouTube Video not available in your Country

“The Video is not available in your country”! Are you unable to view some videos on YouTube? Getting an error message like that, ‘The uploader has not made this video available in your country’. Most of us must have experienced at least once like this if living in these countries like China, North Korea, Germany, … Read more