How to Fix Comment Failed to Post on YouTube?

Your Quick Answer: If the Comments failed to post on YouTube videos, this error normally arises because of Google’s anti-spam measures, ad-blocking extensions, and VPN restrictions among other things. Make sure you aren’t spamming messages to avoid the failure to post comment errors on YouTube. Keeping your browsers free of any extensions considerably reduces the … Read more

See how many Videos a YouTube Channel Has

Your Quick Answer: To see how many videos a YouTube channel has,  you’ll need to open YouTube from a web browser by heading to Then you’ll need to get into the channel’s page. To get into the channel’s page, you can either click on any of its videos from the Home page of your … Read more

How to Premiere a Video on YouTube?

Your Quick Answer: To premiere a video on YouTube, you’ll need to open YouTube on the browser from your laptop. Then click on the Create option that’s at the top panel of the screen. You’ll find two different options from which you’ll need to choose the Upload videos option.  Next, you’ll need to choose and … Read more

How to See Your YouTube Comment History?

Your Quick Answer: To see your YouTube comment history, on your PC/Laptop, open ‘’ and ‘sign in’ to your YouTube account. Next, on YouTube, select > History, from the list given on the left part of the screen and then, click on “Watch History”. Below ‘Watch History’, tap on > “Comments” and the next moment … Read more