Windows – Easiest Techniques to Change Full Computer Name

Are you really excited to change Full Computer Name? If you bought a new computer with a random name given to it that you need to change to your desired name, then this content will surely fulfil your need. If you think that formatting the existing Windows OS is the only way to modify the name, then it is wrong. There are many other ways you can do it.

Almost everyone tries to give a smart or beautiful name to their computer because this name is the identity of the owner of the equipment. If you bought a computer with the pre-installed operating system then here you will see the default name, but it is annoying to carry a different name on your computer.

In this content, we have shown the easiest three methods that you can use to change your computer username step-by-step in Windows 7, Windows 8 and also Windows 10.

Why is it necessary to rename your PC?

Before starting the process of changing computer name, you should know why it is necessary. Everyone knows the value of the name in our daily life, in that same way computer name also important for their identity. Computer’s name or host name is just a name to identify the device throughout the network. If your computer has a name that already used in different computers on the same network (when PC bought with pre-installed Windows) then just imagine if you are trying to connect a Bluetooth device to your computer or sharing files with that computer then it is disturbing to identify your computer on that network.

Now, let’s understand what the procedure is-

Method 1: Simple Steps to Rename PC in Windows 7


At first click on the windows start bottom then right click on my computer option. Here you will see properties option just click on it.

Change Computer Name click properties


After that here will come a new window and there you can see change settings option. Just click on it.

Change Computer Name settings


After clicking on the change settings option here will come another new window and you will see Computer Name option has been selected already. Now click on change button.

Change your PC Name



Then input computer name whatever you want to set into the computer name box and then press OK bottom.

Change Computer Name


After pressing the OK bottom, it will ask you to restart your computer because changes will take effect only after you restart this machine. So save all your important documents and then reboot the computer.

Change Computer Name: OK

Method 2: To Change PC Name Easily

This method below works in Windows 8 easily also as well as in Windows 10.


At first search for control panel then click on control panel option.


Then here you will see view by option. Set it to small icons mode.


After that here you will see User Accounts option (). Just click on it.


Now here you can see different options. In these different options, you will see change your account name option. Now click on it.


Now input your new account name and then click on change name option.

Change Computer Name another way: Method 2

Also, check this important steps below to do in a different way-

Method 3: Change Computer Name in Windows 7


At first click on the windows start button then right click on my computer option. Here you will see Manage option just click on it.

Change Full Computer Name


After that, at the left side of the new window, you will find Local users and Groups option. Then click on the local users and groups option.

 Change Computer Name method 3: management


Then double click on Users option.

Remane your PC


After clicking on the Users option, you will find your name here. Just right click on your name and here you will see rename option. Just click on it.

Rename your Computer


Now input the new users or account name and then click outside of the page.

So this is how you can easily change computer name in windows PC. It is very simple to do this and there are no disadvantages to change the full name of the computer, it is risk-free.

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