Change IP Address to Another Country [MAC & Windows 10]

Sometimes the internet users may need to change the IP address due to many reasons. The best and easy way to do this by using a VPN.

Nowadays, most of the VPN servers are premium and demanding costly packages for most of the countries. So, if you rarely use the VPN services then there are some VPN providers who provide limited but free services.

Whatever device you are using (Android, MAC or Windows), you can download & use these VPNs to hide your IP address for free, changing it to other countries.

If a website is blocked in your country, there are many methods available to unblock restricted websites. Changing an IP address gives you the advantages to protect your privacy. If you are browsing the internet then you are definitely leaving your footprint on those servers.

Thus, they can track you by your records and these records and footprints actually come from nothing but an IP address. Also, hackers can attack any computers with IP addresses if not protected.

That is why the Ip address actually needs to be very secure.

Yes, Definitely.

You might ask if there is any way to bypass this private IP!

Taking all methods in one article, either on mobile or PC, you can easily change your IP address if you follow any of these methods. To make it simple and easy to remember, we called the methods ‘ZTSSP’. ZTSSP contains a list of VPNs to change the IP addresses on any device.

*Note: ZTSSP is not a software but it has a complete list of all VPNs which can be used either in PC(Windows, MAC) or Mobile(Android, iPhone) to hide IP address.

ZTSSP list contains ZenMate VPN, Touch VPN, Snap VPN and Spotflux VPN.

There are millions of internet users around the world and they are able to connect to the internet at any time anywhere. We know it very well that every internet user has a unique IP address, this is the major issue since you have a unique identity in this global connected network.

That is why to bypass an identity, it becomes mandatory to change your IP address to visit some particular websites.

What is an IP address?

Before discussing the methods to change your IP address, you should know what an IP address is.

The full form of IP Address is the Internet Protocol Address. IP Address is basically a 32-bit numerical system that has been assigned to every device to communicate around the world.

Basically, an IP Address is written in this format:

It is also known as IPv4 or you can say Internet Protocol Version 4 which is being used nowadays but a new version IPv6 is launched recently to help internet users.

It is a 128 bits number system. An IP Address basically serves two types of functions. One is network identification and another is location addressing.

Is it legal to change the IP address?

A: Yes, it is legal if you change the IP address. It is always recommended to change your IP address very often to protect your privacy.

Now, we already know some basics about IP Address but the question is why you need to hide your IP Address.

There are some basic reasons for changing IP Address–

1. If you wish to create more than one account on a site, then it impossible for some sites without changing your IP Address.

2. Suppose you have got a website that is banned based on IP Address. Then if you want to access that site, without changing your IP you cannot access it.

3. If you want to be free from cyber attacks you have to change your IP Address.

These above-given lines are not the only reasons, there are many various other reasons to do that. So after knowing almost everything about IP address you should understand one thing that never changes your IP address permanently.


If you wish to change your IP address then read the remaining part of this article with attention because now we are going to discuss how you can easily change IP Address. So, for your better experience, we will share different methods to change the IP address.

Change Your IP Address Using VPN in Windows 10

Any internet users can change their IP addresses by using a VPN or Proxy server. It is one of the simplest methods I have ever seen. VPN is a virtual private network that creates a secure tunnel between your computer and the website. Whenever you connect with a VPN, your communication will start travelling through a secured tunnel. By using a VPN, your IP address which is your online identity will be anonymized.

Alternative: Urban VPN – High-Speed Free VPN

Method 1: Change IP by Using Zenmate VPN

You can use both of your Chrome browser and Mozilla Firefox internet browser to do this. Just install the Zenmate VPN extension then you will able to change your IP address. To know the method particularly just follow the steps one by one which is shown below–

i) Change the IP address in Chrome Browser with ZenMate VPN


At first, open your Chrome browser >>Settings >> Click on extensions.

(Search ZenMate VPN & install the ZenMate VPN extension to your Google Chrome browser)

change ip zenmate chrome


After installing the ZenMate extension for your browser you can see the icon of the ZenMate extension appearing in the top right corner of your Google Chrome browser.

change ip chrome browser


Click on the icon. Then select any country to change your IP address.

Note: Remember one thing when your VPN is ON, your IP will be changed. Otherwise, it would not work.

ii) Change the IP address in Mozilla Firefox Browser

You can also use this ZenMate VPN extension to your Mozilla Firefox internet browser. Now we will show you how you can do it easily. So follow the below-mentioned steps to complete the process–


At first, open your Mozilla Firefox browser. Go to browser’s open menu option >> Click on Add-ons option >> Click on an extension. (Search ZenMate VPN on Mozilla and install ZenMate VPN extension). It will ask for a restart. Then just click on the restart option.

mozilla zenmate change ip


After this here will appear a new tab, where you have to Sign Up with your email id and start your FREE Trials. Fill up the required information and Sign Up.

mozilla ip setup change ip


After this, whenever you want to change your device’s IP address just click on the ZenMate extension icon and select any country. Then refresh the window to get your IP address changed.

Method 2: Change IP  Address Using Touch VPN

Another great and Sing Up free option is the Touch VPN extension as a proxy server to change your IP address. It is one of the best and absolutely cost-free extensions for chrome browser.


At first, open your Chrome Browser and then go to settings then click on extensions. After that, you will get more extension at the bottom of the page and click on it. Now search Touch VPN. Then install a Touch VPN extension to your Google Chrome browser.

touch vpn change ip


After installing the Touch VPN extension for your browser you can see the icon of the Touch VPN extension. It will appear in the top right-hand corner of your chrome browser.


Now, whenever you want to change your IP address simply click on the Touch VPN icon. After this, there will appear a new popup and Then click on connect option. After this, you will be automatically connected to the proxy server.


Then click select automatically, after clicking, a list will appear where you will find names of different countries. Just select anyone you wish and click on the connect option. After that, your IP address will automatically convert to another one and you will able to do whatever you want to do after changing your IP address.

Change Your IP Address Using Avast SecureLine in MacOS

Avast SecureLine application is very secure Virtual Private Network which is developed by Avast Software. This application is available for Smartphones and MAC. Now we will discuss the different ways by which you can also change your IP address.

Avast SecureLine software is a secure proxy server and you can easily use it for your PC. So, to use this VPN proxy server, follow the steps which are stated below-


At first, download Avast SecureLine software and then install it perfectly.

Avast SecureLine vpn to change ip


After installing the application, RUN it. Then click on the arrow button which is present beside the Connect option.

Avast SecureLine vpn setup


Then select any country whatever you want and click on the connect button. Now it is done.

How to Change IP Address on Android Phone with Snap VPN?

If you are searching to change the IP address on your phone then Snap VPN is the best apps for your Android Smartphone. So to change your IP address on mobile device and Tablets, just follow our given steps below-


At first open the Android play store and search Snap VPN. After that install the app.

Change IP Address Android Snap VPN


Once you have completed installing this app, open it. Then just select any country server, it will take a few seconds to complete the process.

setup Snap VPN

After a few seconds, you will see your proxy server changed to your selected country. Now you will be able to see the different IP addresses for your mobile device.

Steps to Change Your IP Address on MAC

For MAC users there are many VPNs on the list. But, the free one you can get from the MAC App Store. The VPN is FreeVPN Plus.

At first, download FreeVPN Plus. You will be able to get it from the MAC store.

Just download it in your MacBook.

Once you complete, you can choose any country from that VPN to access the internet.

vpn for Mac

So this is how you can change the IP addresses for any devices. But, you should know that by using a VPN you are in an encrypted connection that is non-trackable.

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