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How To Change Birthday On TikTok

By Pranab Sen

✎ Key Points:

» You can change your birthday on TikTok by navigating to the “Profile” section, tapping on the three lines icon, selecting “Manage account,” and updating your date of birth.
» But if unsuccessful, reach out to TikTok Customer Care for assistance. It’s crucial not to provide false information, as misrepresenting your age is against TikTok’s policies and can lead to account suspension.
» If you need to check or update your birthday, access the “Date of birth” option in the “Manage Account” section within the TikTok app.

How To Change Birthday On TikTok:

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open Tiktok > Profile 

The first step you have to follow to change your date of birth on TikTok is to open the app from your phone’s home screen. Once the app opens, you will see a menu bar with five icons at the bottom of the screen.


You have to tap on the right-most icon of the menu bar, which is the Profile icon. In this Profile section, you will see the basic information related to your account, like the number of followers, the following list, and your posts. 

Step 2: Tap on the Three lines icon> Manage account 

Now that you are in the Profile section, you will see an option at the top right corner of the screen whose icon resembles three lines.

You will have to tap on this icon. Tapping on the three-line icon will lead you to the “Settings and privacy” section.

Tap on the Three lines icon on tiktok

In this section, there will be many options related to securing and managing your account. You must tap on the option under the subheading “ACCOUNT”, which reads “Manage account”.

Manage account on tiktok

Tapping on this option will lead you to the section of your account where you can manage account-related information, as the name suggests.

Step 3: Go to “Date of birth”

Now that you are in the “Manage account” section, you will see an option that says “Date of birth”.

Assuming that you have mentioned your date of birth in this section earlier, you will notice that your date of birth is mentioned right beside the “Date of birth” option. You have to tap on this “Date of birth” option to access the option to change your birthday.

Go to Date of birth

When you tap on this option, a notification might appear that you cannot change your date of birth.

You have to wait a week or two from the time that you first added your birthday to the time when you want to change it. 

Step 4: Change your birthday

When you click on the “Date of birth” option, you will see that the date of birth that you mentioned previously will appear over there.

There will be a section where you can scroll the numbers to add your birth day, month, and year at the lower part.

Change your birthday

Scroll to the correct numbers. After you are done scrolling, the birthdate altogether will be visible in the section above. Your earlier-mentioned birthdate will change to the one you just added. But it won’t be saved just yet.

Step 5: Tap on Confirm

After you have scrolled to add you’re correct birthdate, you will see an option below that says “Confirm”. You have to tap on this.

Tapping on the “Confirm” option confirms this new date of birth as your actual birthdate, and you won’t be able to change it for a very long time. 

Tap on Confirm
Tapping on the Confirm option

This method only works when you are using the latest version of the TikTok app, so make sure you check your app store and Play Store to see if there are any new updates if this does not work.

Step 6: Contact TikTok Customer Care

It might happen that this method did not work for you. This may be because of bugs in the app or any other reason.

In that case, you won’t be able to change your date of birth using this option. You would have to contact TikTok customer care and ask them to fix the problem for you.

Contact TikTok Customer Care

You can easily email them your problem with your document showing your correct age as proof, or you can fill up their feedback form from Google or via the app.

Once you have explained your problem clearly, your problem will eventually be solved, and your birthday will change.

Is it illegal to lie about your age on TikTok?

It is very much illegal to lie about your age not only on TikTok but on any social media or content-creating app. This is because people of various age groups come together in one place. This means that it is up to TikTok to maintain an atmosphere that caters to your interests and makes sure you are safe from videos that you are not old enough to understand. 

On a more serious note, TikTok will ask you to verify your age with an age proof which you will have to submit when asked.

Unless you submit your proof and prove that your age is the same as mentioned in the documents, your account will stop working. Therefore, it is better not to lie about your age.

How to Check Your Birthday on TikTok:

To check your birthday on TikTok, you have to open the TikTok app and then go to the “Profile” icon. You will find this icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. Once you are here, you will notice a three-line icon at the top right corner of the screen, tap on it.

You will be in the “Settings and Privacy” Section. Here you have to tap on the option “Manage account”. Then, tap on the “Date of birth” option. If you have mentioned your birth date and verified it earlier, your date of birth will be mentioned here.

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