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How To Tell If Someone Bought Likes & Followers On Instagram

By Pranab Sen

✎ Key Takes:

» You can identify if someone bought Instagram followers and likes by observing certain signs: fake profile pictures, usernames with excessive special characters, generic comments unrelated to the content, inflated follower counts with few real followers, and irregular gaps in likes between posts.

How To Tell If Someone Bought Likes & Followers On Instagram:

Instagram has billions of users around the globe. It is not easy to grab the fake user and the genuine user.

However, certain criteria can check and prove whether the person has genuinely gained this many followers and likes or has bought it.

1. Look at the Followers & Likes on your Account

First of all, let us start with finding such people from your account. For that, go to your profile page and open the ‘Followers’ list. Scroll the Followers list, slowly and nicely. Observe the username, display pictures, etc of the people in your follower list.

Look at the Followers on instagram

It has been found in Several Research, that, normally people keep their profile picture on their account, have a similar number of followers and followings, and not too many posts, except for the fact that they are a popular influencer or celebrity. The user who does not fulfill these criteria has something fishy.

2. Find out some indications

After checking your follower list, open the profile of the user, who you have found suspicious.

🔴 Profile Photo:

Note the profile picture. The person with a fake account does not keep their photos as a profile picture.

They usually add pictures of celebrities, animated pictures, or edited, morphed pictures of a girl, to make other users believe that the account is not fake.

Getting attracted by the profile picture, other users accept the ‘Follow request’ of such users and start following them.

Profile Photo on instagram app

🔴 Posts on Account:

You won’t find many posts on a fake account. There will be a maximum of 2 to 3 posts, that too, the random pictures.

They never post their pictures on Instagram, or something related to them. You will always find senseless types of posts on fake accounts.

Posts on Account

🔴 Random Username:

The username of a fake account does not look real. You will never find a ‘real’ name in their username. Instead, an unusual, random name will be there. However, nowadays, fake followers and likers have also become very smart.

Random Username

They try their best to make up the account as if it is genuine, and for this, keep a username that feels real. Like, For such a real name with a username, and in addition to it, they add special characters as well.

3. Decide if these are the Fake Accounts

Now, consider the above-mentioned factors, and decide whether the account is fake or genuine. Whenever you come across any such accounts, where you are not 100% sure about their genuineness, check the mentioned factors and decide if the account is fake or genuine.

How To Tell If Followers Are Fake on Instagram:

People on social media buy followers and likes to boost their credibility, attract users by displaying followers in thousands, and also to prove their genuineness. It is true, that, people get attracted to and believe in Instagram accounts which as followers & likes in thousands. This gives fake people a chance to fool innocent users.

Now, let us learn to predict if someone bought the Instagram follower or not:

1. Look at all post’s likes

The first and foremost check you should do is go to his/her profile page and start checking the posts. Under the posts, you will find the number of likes and comments.

The number of likes should match the number of followers in the account. If there is a big difference between the number of likes and followers count, this means he has bought the likes and the account is fake.

Look at all post’s likes

Also, note down the likes count of 4 to 5 posts, that have been posted one after the other. If there is inconsistency in the likes count, that is, a like-gap in between, this clearly means, the likes are not real. Along with that, go to the ‘comments’ section and read the comments. Either you won’t get many comments, and if you do, all will be generic.

2. Look at the fake account’s followers as well

Secondly, on the suspicious profile, compare the followers and followings accounts. The follower’s count will definitely be more than the following count because he/she has bought the followers. Also, if you go through the following list, you will find too many genuine users.

Next, tap on the ‘Followers’ and scroll the list. Randomly open the profile of any user from the fake account’s followers lists and check his followers and the following account as well. If you find he is following too many people and also has a good number of followers, then one hundred and one percent, the account is fake. Because, it is a very simple logic that, a fake account would surely have fake followers.

3. Read the comments fake accounts post

The comments under the posts of a fake account will be so generic and never matches the content. This is a clear-cut indication that the account is fake. Read the comments and you will find all positive, and loveable, and not even a single will be out of the box, negative comments.

This clearly indicates that the account is fake and has bought followers and commenters, who are making nice and generic comments.

4. Use third-party Tools: trendHERO, Fakecheck.co

To put validation on your findings, you can use a third-party tool. On the internet, there are tons of third-party tools available, that can help you detect whether the account is fake or not.


The most popular tools for this matter are -: trendHERO & Fakecheck.co. These tools will give you an indication of fake accounts and followers, by showing changes in statics of account growth. When you add the details of any account in the tools, it will plot a graph and show you the statics.

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