How To Check When A Discord Account Was Made

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To check when the Discord account was created, open your Discord account and head to the “Settings” option, on the bottom left.

On the list, select “Steamer Mode” and disable it. After that, on the list, come down to “Appearance” and over there select “Developer Mode” and enable it.

Next, redirect yourself to the main screen and to whosoever’s account creation date you want to check, go to that person’s account and right-click on it, then choose to Copy ID.

Thereafter, open the web browser on your device and open the website: On the website, paste the copied ID on the username field & verify the captcha, and hit on the Check button.

In a few seconds, the creation date, time, and also the genuine or false, all information will appear on the screen.

How To Check When A Discord Account Was Made:

You can communicate through voice calls, video calls, text messaging, and multimedia on Discord.

It is more or less similar to the other popular social media chatting platforms, majorly, Instagram and WhatsApp.

You might be surprised to know, that, there is one thing you can do with a Discord account.

There are a few steps to check the creation date of anyone’s Discord account and also, whether the account is genuine or false.

Step 1: First, Go to Streamer Mode

Firstly, you need to make certain changes to your Discord Account, that is, open your Discord account on your device and go to the “Settings” by tapping on the gear icon.


The option is in the bottom left corner of the ‘general’ page, click and then scroll down the menu list.

 ‘general’ page

On the menu list, come down to “Steamer Mode” and toggle OFF the option “Enable Streamer Mode”, and disable it.

Steamer mode

Step 2: Developer’s mode

Once done with disabling the ‘Steamer Mode’, come back to the settings menu list and go to the “Appearance” tab.

Appearance” tab.

There you will see many options related to changing the appearance to light & dark of your Discord account, skip all that part and scroll till the end.

At the bottom, you will find the option “Developer Mode”. Turn ON the Developer Mode and thereafter hit “Esc”, on the right part of the screen.

“Developer mode”. Turn ON

Step 3: Next, open on Chrome

After disabling ‘Steamer Mode’ and enabling the ‘Developer Mode’, come back to the main ‘General’ page.

On the ‘General page’, you will find your account in the right section of the screen and on the left, of the people you are connected with on Discord, i.e., your friends.

people you are connected

To whosoever’s account creation date you want to check, just go there and make right-click on their name, and from the menu, list chooses the last option ‘Copy ID”’.

 menu list choose the last option

Now, come to a web browser, preferably, Google Chrome, and open Open the website, you will find it in a button as “Lookup” in blue after putting the Discord ID.

Step 4: Put Discord User ID & LOOKUP

Next, paste the copied ID into the given space to enter the ID. Paste the copied ID and hit “Lookup”.


Step 6: Verify the Captcha

As soon as you hit the ‘Lookup’, a Captcha will appear on the screen. Whatever the captcha is, type it down correctly and click on > “Verify”. This is just a verification process.

 it down correctly

Step 7: This will show the Account Creation Date and Time

After all the processes, at this step, you will finally get to see the date of creation of the Discord account and also, the time.

 all the process

Along with the date and time, it will also show, whether the account is genuine or bot/false.

The same is the process for checking the creation date for one’s own account and someone else’s Discord account.

That’s it!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are Some Discord Account Age Checker Bots?

There are many age checker bots for discord accounts, some famous ones, i.e.,, etc.

  • – It is a web-based tool, which provides a feature to easily check the creation date and time of any discord account. It also states that, whether the account is real or false.

You only have to put the ID of the account and that’s it, it will give you all the info.

  • – is another Discord account age checker tool, use to check when was the account created using the Discord ID. This is a very simple tool that lets you know the info by just typing the Discord id into the box and clicking the Check the date! button

Do not get confused with the word ‘age’, it is nothing related to a person’s age. Here, the age means the age of the account, that is when it was created and how long it has been there.

2. How to Check Your Discord Account Age?

To check your Discord account age, you have two options, either go to ‘First Activity’ or to ‘bots’.

You find an option to see your first activity in the ‘Settings’ menu list of your Discord account.

However, if you want to check with bots, then, open any bot’s website from Google, preferably, ‘discord. id’ and put your discord ID and check. You will get your ID, by right-click on your discord account name. Copy it from there and paste it here.

3. How Many Characters are in the Discord User ID?

Generally, the discord User ID is 15 digits long. However, if you want an exact count and have to copy and paste and count. You will get the Discord user ID, by a right-click on your or anybody’s discord account name. Copy it from there and paste it to notepad and trace.

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