Comments On This Post Have Been Limited On Instagram – FIXED

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Why you see “Comments on this post have been limited” is because the person whose post you want to comment on does not follow you.

If the person’s “Privacy” settings are set in a way where everyone can’t comment on their posts, you will see the text mentioned above.

In case you have posted too many comments from one single account, there’s a good chance you will see this text because Instagram constantly wants to protect its users from bots, etc.

You may also see the text if they have blocked your Instagram account.

You can personally text them via the DM section on Instagram and request them to follow you if it’s vital that you can add comments on their videos or photos.

You could also wait for them to change their privacy settings so that you can comment. They can do this by going to the “Profile” icon, tapping on the three lines icon, and then on “Settings”.

They can then go to “Privacy”, and “Comments”, and then tap on “Everyone” under “Allow Comments From”.

Why does it show Comments on this post have been limited on Instagram:

Here are the reasons below:

1. He’s not following you back

You are seeing the particular text when you are going to comment on someone’s post because the account holder does not follow your account back on Instagram. This may be because the account holder is a celebrity or simply does not want to follow you.

Once they follow you, you will see that the text “Comments on the posts have been limited” will be removed, and you will be able to comment on their posts. Therefore for you to be able to comment on their post, they will have to follow you.

2. Person’s Privacy settings

Another significant reason you cannot comment on someone’s post is their privacy settings. Some people tend to keep things a little personal, which is why they allow only their followers or close people to comment on their posts.

This could also be because they do not want to receive any inappropriate or untoward comments. So if you are unable to get rid of the text, this may be the reason.

3. Posted too many comments

If you have posted too many comments in a very short period, there is a good chance that you will see the text “Comments on the posts have been limited”.

The reason for this is that you are seen as a bot, and the Instagram algorithm is made so that it temporarily blocks your account from commenting for a while if you have passed a certain threshold of the number of comments.

This is just a measure by Instagram to ensure there is no unnecessary traffic on the app at any given time, allowing the app to run smoothly.

4. You’ve been Blocked

You will see the text “Comments on the posts have been limited” in the comment area of a post if the account holder has previously blocked you for a particular reason.

If this is the case, you can do nothing about it as there is no way you can get yourself unblocked by the person unless you have a mutual follower or a different account you can use to comment.

However, this is usually the least likely option, so it’s not likely that you have been blocked.

How to fix Comments on this post have been limited on Instagram:

Follow the methods below:

1. Ask Him on DM to Follow Back

◘ If you are getting the text “Comments on this post have been limited” in the comment section when you want to leave a comment on a post, there is a solution.

◘ This person has to follow you for you to be able to comment. So you have to request them to follow your account.

◘ You can do this by personally testing them on Instagram using the DMs section. Follow the methods mentioned below to be able to text them.

◘ If you have spoken to this person before, you need to open the Instagram app from the home screen of your phone and then tap on the messaging icon on the top right corner of the screen.

◘ Then you have to search for the person’s username among the list of people you speak to and text them requesting to follow you back. 

◘ If you have not spoken to this account holder before, go to the Search icon and search for this person’s name or username. Open their profile. If you already follow them, you will see an option “Message” which will allow you to text the person and request them to follow you back.

2. Let him change the privacy settings that allow you to comment:

Another way in which you can comment is if they change their privacy settings. You can personally let them know or wait until they do it themselves.

Once the person makes the following changes in their Settings, you can comment on their posts.

Step 1: Go to Profile icon > Three lines icon> “Settings”

The first step one has to follow is to open the app from the home screen and go to the ” Profile” icon and then tap on the three lines icon.


This will show a list of options at the bottom of my screen. The first option here will be “Settings”. You have to tap on it.

Step 2: Go to “Privacy” > “Comments” section >”Everyone”

Once you are in the “Settings” tab, you must tap on the option “Privacy” option to open a new tab. Here you will see options related to privacy settings and tap on the option “Comments”.

Comments section on instagram

Now tap on the option “Allow Comments From” and then on “Everyone” in the next tab. If they do this, you can comment on their post.

Allow Comments From on instagram

The Bottom Lines:

Now you know why you might be seeing “Comments on this post have been limited”. You also know how to fix it if you end up seeing it by either texting them personally via direct messages and asking them to follow you back or waiting for them to change their comment-related privacy settings that stop you from commenting.

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