Configure Tenda Router [Username-IP-Password]

tenda configuration

Tenda is a very common and popular wireless network router. If you have bought a Tenda router to establish a wireless network then it is a wonderful choice. But, to get it done you need to configure the Tenda router perfectly.

For a good range and strong connection, Tenda is always recommended as one of the best networking routers after Digisol.

Tenda routers are available in 150Mbps and 300Mbps forms and can handle lower or greater internet bandwidth as per the capacity. Previously, the popular model was Tenda W311R which is an old version and rare now.

Recently, Tenda released new N series routers (i.e. Tenda N3, N4, N300 & N301) which became more popular due to its better hardware formula.

While the Tenda N3 comes with 150Mbps capacity, the Tenda N4 is the latest and having 300Mbps capacity but costs a little more than N3.

The configuration formula for all models of Tenda is almost the same.

But, there are three types of setup for internet connection in routers. Those are DHCP, PPPoE, and Static IP setup. To make this article a complete guide, I have shared the compact details step-by-step for setting up a Tenda router without cd.

Configure WAN & LAN Port of Tenda Router

Read these steps seriously to set up your Tenda router perfectly within your home, apartment or office. It is a very important part of configuring the router because without a perfect physical setup it is not possible to run a router well.

At first, unpack the router box and connect the power adapter to the router.

Then connect the Ethernet cable (from ISP) to the WAN port on the device.

configure LAN & WAN on Tenda

Note: You can connect another Ethernet cable to LAN port on the device to your PC or Laptop. It is not essential for your laptop if your laptop has Wi-Fi features otherwise it is required.

DHCP Setup for Tenda Router

DHCP is a common and easiest setup in any router.

For Tenda routers, just go to wireless settings and select DHCP and set a password for your router and save it. That’s all done for DHCP on Tenda.

DHCP is totally managed by the ISP and works best for a group of connections in the same network.

Tenda Router Setup with Static IP (without CD)

Now get your IP details from the ISP and start the configuration. Just follow the process below–

At first, open your web browser and input in the address bar then press ‘Enter’ to reach the router login page.

tenda static setup

Then type “admin” in the password box and press the OK button. [ “admin” is the default password of Tenda router]

Then click on ‘Internet Connection Setup’. After that click the arrow of the Internet connection type and select ‘Static IP’.

tenda router static setup

Then input IP Address, Subnet mask, Default gateway, Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server one by one and press OK button.

After pressing the OK button, you will see your internet connection status as connected.

The above process was the quickest way if you need to set up static IP on the Tenda router. 

Configure Tenda Router using PPPoE Mode

PPPoE mode is the easiest mode for any router setup. For Tenda, follow the steps below-

First of all, to go from your browser. Then login with the Default password. Type “admin” in the password box and press the OK button. [“admin” is the default password of the Tenda router].

After that, on the Internet Connection Setup screen select the PPPoE option. There fill the PPPoE username and password given by your ISP. Then enter the desired Security Key then click OK.

PPPoE setup for Tenda

Now, just restart the router once and then start to use your internet. These were the simple steps to set up the Tenda router using PPPoE mode.

This is the best part.

If you already have a direct internet connection to your PC or Laptop via LAN, then, fortunately, you can find your provided ISP details on your Internet IPv4 settings. Follow these steps and get your details–

Find the ISP-Provided IP Addresses on PC

Just follow the direction which is given below–

At first, go to the control panel and click on Network and the Internet.

Then click on the ‘Network and Sharing Center’. After that, click on change adapter settings.

There you will find Local Area Connection. Then just right-click on Local Area Connection and click on properties. Here you will see Internet Protocol Version 4. Then double click on it and it will open a window.

There you will see IP Address, Subnet mask, Default gateway, Preferred DNS server, and Alternate DNS server. Just note down those one-by-one carefully.

find static ips on PC

Click OK and close.

How to Change Wi-Fi SSID and Password on Tenda Router?

To know how to change name and password in Tenda router just follow these steps one by one which is showing below–

At first, open your web browser and go to

Then type “admin” in the password box and press the OK button. [ “admin” is the default password of Tenda router]

Then click on the ‘Advanced’ option.

Now click on ‘Wireless’ which you will find the top of the router page then go to the ‘Wireless basic settings’ option.

Here you will see Primary SSID. Then write the SSID name of your router whatever you want. After that press the OK button. [SSID is the name of the router network].

change tenda router SSID or name

Then go to the ‘Wireless Security’ option which you will see on the left side of the page and you will see the security key box. Then type your password which you want to save. After that press the OK button to save the settings.

After saving the settings your router will be disconnected and will take a restart. Just connect once again and Enjoy!

So, these were the simple methods to configure a Tenda router. If you want to modify more settings there you will find all options in your router settings (e.g. blocking a user, bandwidth control, hide SSID, etc).

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