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Instagram: Fix Confirm Your Account To Request A Review

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To fix the issue by confirming your account to request a review, you’ll need to fill up the ‘My Instagram account has been deactivated’ form and then submit it to Instagram. 

You’ll be able to receive the reply via mail and the review of the account will take place, after which you’ll get your account back.

Instagram, to review an account, generally takes up to less than twenty-four hours, but in some cases, the time span can lead to up to 3 weeks to recover the account.

If any suspicious and inauthentic activities are found in any Instagram account, the user needs to confirm the information to get the account back. 

You can try the Appeal Tool by Techniquehow, where enter a username and check why might your account need review.

Confirm Your Account to Request a Review

Instagram; Confirm It’s You Before Requesting A Review:

Mainly when you receive an error message for account confirmation, it’s due to recent suspicious activity in your account. As Instagram has policies that are clear and fair, it wants the content that you share on the platform to be authentic and one hundred percent real.

Therefore, to avoid bots in the account and to maintain the trust and integrity of the platform, Instagram needs you to confirm your information. 

By making the users confirm their information, the Instagram community can find out the accounts that are not made for genuine cause and are attempting to mislead followers too.

But most probably when there’s a sign of potential inauthenticity in the account, it asks the user to confirm its info. 

How to Fix Confirm Your Account to Request a Review Issue:

In order to fix the issue, follow the methods below:

1. Fill Deactivation Appeal Form

If you’ve recently got a Confirm Your Account warning, you need to fill up the form to go ahead with the case. The My Instagram account has been deactivated form needs to be filled up inside the app and then submit.

As you fill-up the form and submit it, you’re submitting for a review or checkup to confirm that it’s you and nobody else. Also, it seems that this issue occurs more in certain geolocation than in other locations.

Here are the detailed steps that you need to follow to perform the fill-up of the form: 

🔴 Steps To Follow:

You need to first back up the iCloud of your device from Settings. This is for safety purpose so that no data get lost. 

Step 1: Next, you need to go to the General section inside the Settings app.

General section

Step 2: Then click on Erase all Contents and Settings.

click on Erase all Contents and Settings

Step 3: Open the Instagram application, and try to log in. 

Step 4: As the app fails to log into your account, you’ll be shown a message with the option Learn More. Click on it.

option Learn More

Step 5: Then click on Please let us know. 

 click on Please let us know

Step 6: It will instantly open up a form on the screen. That’s the ‘My Instagram account has been deactivated’ for. 

instantly open up a form

Step 7: You’ll need to enter your full name, username, mail ID, and phone number.

your full name

Step 8: After you submit the form, it will show a confirmation message saying Your report has been submitted. Thanks for contacting Instagram.

Your report has been submitted

Step 9: Next, you need to restart your device. 

After submitting the form, wait patiently for Instagram’s response to it. You’ll, most probably, get it within 24 hours, however, chances are there that it might take up to 3 days. You’ll need to check for the response in your mail frequently. 

Instagram will most probably ask you to send them pictures of yourself holding a handwritten code. The reviewing of the account may take up to a few days and if the reviewing goes successfully, you’ll be able to get your account back. It will also be informed via mail. 

2. Uninstall and reinstall Instagram

Uninstalling and reinstalling Instagram can also help you solve the issue of Confirming your account to request a review. It’s basically an error message that shows up when they detect suspicious or unusual activities. Therefore, if your account doesn’t open, you need to uninstall it first and then again go to the Google Play Store to install it. 

Uninstall and reinstall Instagram

Sometimes, due to app glitches, many issues show up and they can be solved by uninstalling the app. Therefore, head on to the menu of the device, and from there click and hold the application.

You’ll see some options, among which choose Uninstall. Then, you need to go to the Google Play Store, if you use an Android to download and install the application again. But if you use iOS, head on to the App Store to install the Instagram application. After installation, try logging into your application to see if it works. 

3. Clear Cache

You need to solve the issue by clearing the cache data of the Instagram application. The app functions better after you delete the existing cache data in the app. Deleting the data doesn’t mean clearing your account, rather doing it would free up some memory too. 

On Android, you can clear the cache data but on iOS it has to be the offload of data that will help in solving the issue. 

🔴 Steps To Follow [Android]: 

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your device.

Step 2: Next, you’ll need to scroll down and click on Application and Permission.

click on Application

Step 3: Then you’ll have to click on Manage apps.

 click on App Manager

Step 4: You’ll need to scroll down the app list to find the Instagram application. Click on it.

Instagram application

Step 5: Next, click on Internal Storage and then click on Clear Cache in red to delete the cache data of Instagram. 

click on Clear cache

🔴 Steps To Follow [iPhone]:

Step 1: You’ll need to begin by heading to the Settings of the iPhone.

Step 2: Scroll down and click on General. 

click on General

Step 3: Then you’ll have to click on iPhone Storage. It will take a while before the device can show the whole list of apps.

click on iPhone Storage

Step 4: Next, you’ll be able to see the list of apps that are available on your iPhone at that moment.

Step 5: Scroll down to find the Instagram application.

find the Instagram application

Step 6: You’ll see the Offload App option. Click on it and then again confirm it.

see the Offload App option

Step 7: This will clear the cache data of Instagram on the iPhone.

🔯 Thanks for providing your info – How Long Does It Take:

After you’ve successfully provided your ID information, you’ll see the Thanks for Providing Your Info message. This ensures that your information has been successfully uploaded and that the reviewing process has begun.

It takes less than 24 hours to complete the review process and to get your account back in many cases. However, in many cases, it can take up to 1 week for the reviewing process to be completed. Even in cases of extreme delays, the reviewing process takes one month to complete. 

Here you don’t have any role but to sit back and check whether you receive any response or not. The review forms are handled by the officials of Instagram manually to determine whether an account can be reactivated or not.

You can wait for three days and then send a mail to Instagram regarding your issue to get help from them. 

Why Does Instagram Ask To Request a Review:

These are might be the following reasons:

1. Violated Community Guidelines

If Instagram has asked you to review your account, it might be because you’ve violated community guidelines by posting inappropriate content on your Instagram account. If you’ve violated the community guidelines of Instagram through any posts, they will be taken down by Instagram itself.

Violated Community Guidelines

The inappropriate posts get reported by others on Instagram which is why Instagram sends you a review request. You need to recall if you’ve recently posted anything that can hurt anyone’s sentiment or can violate Instagram’s guidelines to find out the reasons Instagram is asking to review your account.

Before you post anything on Instagram the next time, make sure you check it carefully to see if it’s appropriate to be posted on the Instagram platform or not.

2. Your Account Has Been Hacked

Your Instagram account is requested to be reviewed when your account is hacked. As Instagram has noticed usual activities on your account it has sent you the message Confirm your account to request a review just to make sure that you’re the actual owner or not.

If your Instagram is hacked, then you’ll be able to find activities on your account that aren’t performed by you. You’ll find many changes on your account that aren’t made by you.
To help you get your account back safely and prevent the hacker from using it, Instagram has put the Confirm your account to request a review on your account. Only after you review your account, can it be used again.

3. Account Disabled

Instagram may ask you to review your account in case it has disabled your account. You may wonder about the reasons for Instagram disabling your account all of a sudden.
If you’ve followed or unfollowed accounts aggressively on the Instagram app from your Instagram account it can cause your account to get disabled.

Account Disabled

Even if you’ve sent spamming messages to strangers and they’ve reported your account, it can get your account disabled too. Moreover, if you’ve posted improper comments on any Instagram post, it can get your account reported by the public which can further lead to Instagram disabling your account.

If you’ve recently posted anything violating the copyright rules, it can cause disabling of your account too and you need to review your account to get it back.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long does it take for Instagram to review your account?

It takes less than twenty-four hours in some cases to review the account. However, in very few cases, it can take up to 3 weeks, a few days, or even a month to get your account back after reviewing. Some users have said that it took months for them to review their accounts on Instagram. However, mainly in most cases, you’ll find that it takes 24 hours to review your account. 

This process is not just about the online method.  Each of the forms is reviewed by real officers. The data is processed by them before they can reach the conclusion if the account would be deleted or reactivated. Each day, thousands of review reports get submitted therefore, it’s impossible to review all the accounts in a single day.

2. Will Instagram give you a disabled account back?

If you’ve deleted your Instagram account by mistake, you’re not going to get that back because you’ve deleted it permanently.

However, if the account is disabled by Instagram you need to recover the account back from Instagram. Although Instagram is quite known for disabling accounts by mistake, you need to fill up the My Instagram account was deactivated form and submit it.

Instagram will get back to you shortly after you submit the form and will review your account. If the review is successful, only then you can get your account back.  Most probably, if the account has been disabled by Instagram for violating the guidelines and policies of Instagram, it will take at least three days to get your account reviewed.

3. How long does it take for Instagram to confirm your identity? 

After you’ve completed the review process by uploading the video selfie and ID information,  you’ll need to wait for a minimum of two business days. The whole process of the review takes up to two days to get completed but in cases of delays, it can take much longer. 

Till your identity is confirmed, you will not be able to have access to your Instagram account which means that you’ll not be able to log in to your account.

Only after your ID gets successfully verified and it gets confirmed that you’re the owner of the account, you’ll be given access to the Instagram account. You’ll receive a confirmation email with a password resetting link once your identity is confirmed.

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