How To See Exact Number Of Downloads In Play Store

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As you can see the Google play store shows you the downloads for an app in short when it exceeds 1000 downloads and getting an exact number of downloads is not possible from there.

It shows 1k+ which means the total installs are over 1000 but does not tell the active installation count in that way.

If you have an app you can track that data also. If you want to track the installs and get the statistics, you can do in the Google play console.

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If you have listed many apps and some of those had gone into over 10000 downloads, the exact number will not be viewable on the Google play store app homepage.

However, if your app has very less installs you could see the download number directly from the Google play store page.

If you want to find the exact downloads or statistics for your app then just login to the Google Play Console account and find the app data there.

You have some fixes that you can try if the play store download is stuck.

How To See Exact Number Of Downloads In Play Store:

If you want to get the exact download statistics then rather you browse the Play store app page, let’s go to your Google Play Console where all of your apps installs data will be displayed.

1. Play Store Homepage & Google Play Console

If you want to get the data from the play store will get only the estimated counts in a figure like ‘K’ for thousands and ‘M’ for over a million downloads. But those figure is not the exact data that the apps get installed as you know. So, this can be found in the Google Play Console for your apps.

You will get it really helpful while using these data metrics, along with that you will find many metrics that you can use to display the data accordingly. There is much more option to do in that statistics report.

app installs statistics

2. PlayStore Data Vs Play Console Data

This is the whole concept as described on Play store Vs Play Console wherein on one side you see the app data while someone installs an app but the figure is not exact on the Play store and on other hand, the Google Play Console shows you the exact data of downloads of an app if you have it listed on your console.

Count Google Play Console Total Downloads:

If you want to count the total installs till now from the latest report from the Play console then you can easily do this by downloading the report data.

You can do this in two simple steps:

1. Download Data

First, make the report ready with all sets of parameters, set the time to ‘Lifetime’, and just wait for a few seconds to get the graphical report displayed to you.

lifetime installs

Now once the report shows up just check on the above button and click to download the data on your device.

download report

2. Count in Excel:

Now once the download is complete just open the file with Excel to just calculate the total download count to the date. Once open just check the column above the numbers placed and the start & end of the row for those numbers from the left side.

Once you place the sum function there, the data will be calculated. Here is the additional help for this step:

sum total

🔴 Steps: 

1. Just Tap on Column Name (Here B) and put the Function and inside bracket put row start to end to count. 

2. Click on the list highlighted to see the total install count for your app.

The Bottom Lines:

If you are finding the download count from the homepage, you are actually missing the exact number of installs that happened but from the Play Console, you can get the exact data of total downloads for an app.

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