How To Create Line Account Without Phone Number

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You can create your LINE account with your Facebook account, and you need the LINE application, so download it on your phone first.

Click on the ‘Sign Up’ and the ‘Login with Facebook’ options. Fill in the User Name section, register with your name, and your data will be synced. 

On PC, you can download the BlueStacks app, launch it, and search for the LINE app in the simulator.

Launch the app, select the country, enter the phone number, verify it, and enter your email, password, and name to complete the registration process.

You can also create a LINE account with Apple ID and email and also recover your account by linking it with Facebook. 

How To Create LINE Account without Phone Number:

You have the following methods:

1. Create LINE With Facebook

Steps to follow:

Step 1: Download the LINE application

To connect the LINE application with Facebook, you need first to install the application, and you can download and use this app on both Android and iOS devices. To do that, follow this: 

◘ Open your App Store/Play Store and search for the ‘LINE’ app.

◘ After finding the app, tap on the ‘GET’ option and click on the ‘INSTALL’ button (for iPhone) or tap the ‘Install’ button (for Android).

Install LINE app

Step 2: Launch the application and give it all the permissions

When the installation will complete, click on the ‘Open’ button to launch the application. After launching the application, give all the permissions that they need to run this app on your device smoothly. 

Step 3: Sign up for a new account

You can see two options at the bottom of your screen: ‘Log In’ and ‘Sign up. If you have an existing account, then click on the ‘Login’ option and log in to your account. But if you are new to using this app, click on the ‘Sign up option and follow the next process. 

Sign up for a new account

Step 4: Log in to your Facebook account

As you are going to link your LINE account with Facebook, it would be better for you if you install the Facebook app priorly and log in to your account.

Log in with the account you want to link with the LINE application because, as you already logged in, it will not ask you to log in again when linking accounts. It will use the logged-in account. 

Log in to your Facebook account

Step 5: Tap log in with the Facebook option

Now go back, open the LINE application again, and tap on the ‘Sign Up option. You will be redirected to a new page where they will ask for your phone number, but at the bottom of the page, you can see the ‘Login with the Facebook’ option, click on it.

Step 6: Fill in the User Name section and register with your account

Now you will be redirected to the ‘Login with Facebook page’; enter Facebook login credentials, and you will be logged into the LINE account through your Facebook account.

Step 7: All of your data will be synced with your new LINE account

After that, you will be entered into the app screen, where all of your data will start syncing. It takes a few seconds, depending on what data your account has. As your LINE account is connected to Facebook now, you can log in with Facebook anytime, anywhere. 

All of your data will be synced with your new LINE account

Note: All the steps written over here are used to create a LINE account with Facebook, but you may not avail of this feature in every region. Some places do not have this direct LINE account creation feature with Facebook.

In those places, people can create an account with their phone number, and after that, they can link their account with Facebook or Apple ID and login in the future using Facebook and Apple ID. But they have to create their account with their phone number.

2. Using BlueStacks on PC

There is another way for those who don’t want to use their phone number to create a LINE account. You can sign up for a LINE account using your PC; follow the steps below to create your LINE account using only your PC and a program called Bluestacks.

Step 1: Download & launch BlueStacks

Before creating an account, you must have the BlueStacks app. So first open your browser, paste this link and from the BlueStacks website, download the .exe file and extract it.


Step 2: Install the launch of the LINE application

Once you have downloaded the BlueStacks app, launch it, search for the LINE application on the simulator, install the LINE app from there and launch it. 

LINE application

Step 3: Select the country and number and enter the code

After launching the LINE application, they will ask you for your country name and phone number. Enter your country name and phone number in the given box, and they will send you an activation code that you need further.

You will receive the activation code depending on our country’s network speed; after receiving the code, click the ‘Next’ button and if you don’t receive the code, click the ‘Resend the Verification Code’ button. 

Step 4: Enter your email ID and password and register with your name

Now at this stage, once the code is verified, you have to enter your email ID and password, put these details in the given box, and click the Register button; after that, set your name and finish the registration process.

Click on register

3. LINE Account Maker: Virtual Number App

Using any virtual number app you can create any LINE account. Some of these apps are Dingtone, Numero eSIM, etc.

⭐️ Features of Dingtone:

◘ Easy to make a local or virtual number with availability in 100+ countries.

◘ It allows you to send unlimited text messages and online faxes and you can call someone using your WiFi.

🔴 Steps To Use Dingtone to Create Line Account:

Step 1: If you already have an account then click on the ‘Login’ option otherwise click on the ‘Get Started’ option and create an account.

Click on Dingtone

Step 2: After creating your account click on the ‘Connect’ option from the bottom bar.

Click on Login

Step 3: Click on the ‘+’ icon to create your first virtual number, and select the country whose number type you want to use.

Step 4: Take their subscription to get access to the virtual number.

Step 5: After getting your number, use this number to create your LINE account.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How To Create a LINE account with Apple ID?

To create a LINE account with Apple ID, you have to link your Apple ID with your account; for that, open the LINE application and create an account with your phone number. When it is done, go to the Settings page, select account, and select the Apple option, and you can link your Apple ID with this LINE app. Further, you can log in directly to the LINE app with your Apple ID. 

2. How to Recover a LINE account without a Phone number?

You can recover your LINE account if your account is linked with Facebook or Apple ID. To do that, first, you have to link your LINE account with Facebook or Apple ID. Go to your account’s Settings page, click on the Account section, and link your account with Facebook and Apple. 

3. How To Create a LINE account with email?

You can not create a standard LINE account with your email ID; a LINE account can be created only using your phone number, nothing else. But you can create a LINE official account with your email ID; for that, download the LINE official account application from your Play Store or App Store and sign up for an account using your email ID. 

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