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How To Create Telegram Account Without Phone Number

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Virtual number providers also help us buy numbers from across the world and use them, linking those to Telegram and making it convenient for maintaining privacy for the user.

To create a Telegram account without a phone number, you can use Telegram without using the original phone number by getting and choosing numbers from secondary numbers from apps like TextNow.

Telegram cannot be used without any phone number, so having a number is necessary, be it from wherever; you cannot operate Telegram without the verification code, although old accounts can be recovered keeping precautions.

How To Create Telegram Account Without Phone Number:

There you can follow a few alternatives to create a Telegram account when you don’t have a phone number. Let’s dive in:

You can use a few apps or virtual number tools in order to get a number and register Telegram with it.

1. TextNow Number to Sign Up

You can just try the following steps below:

🔴 Steps To Use To Verify Telegram:

Step 1: First, Get the TextNow app on your phone.

TextNow App

You can download the App from Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iPhone.

Step 2: Setup the app & note down the number

Note down the Number

The app will ask to select a Free Number during the process. To enter it later in the Telegram app, you need to note this number.

Step 3: Download the Telegram App

First, open the Telegram App on the device.

Step 4: Verify Telegram Using TextNow Number

Using TextNow Number

Now open the App and will see a verification code from Telegram. Open the Telegram app and enter the Verification Code.

Step 5: Finish The Telegram Setup

Finish The Telegram Setup

After the number is verified by Telegram, finish the setup Telegram profile by adding your name and a profile picture.

2. Using 2Number App

2Number provides Free calls to the U.S. and Canada.

🔴 Steps To Use To Verify Telegram:

Step 1: Open the play store and log into your mail first, then 2Number: install the App.

Step 2: Next, go to 2Number, and here must select the Telegram service.


Step 3: Click OK and get the phone number, then open the installed Telegram application and enter the phone number, got from 2Number.


Step 4: Click on ‘Continue’ and check whether the app works on this number.

3. Using a Google Voice Number

Google Voice Read voicemail transcripts in your inbox and search them like emails.

🔴 Steps To Use To Verify Telegram:

Step 1: Having a Google account is an absolute necessity, so first, need to create one in case you don’t have one.

Google Voice

Step 2: Now we go to Google voice and register or select a number.

Step 3: Now go to Telegram and wait for the confirmation to be delivered.

Step 4: Once you have the code, put it to Telegram and activate it.

Step 5: Now, once start using it, your account gets confirmed, and you are good to go.

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