How to Crop TikTok Video Without Watermark

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To crop the TikTok video without a watermark on your iPhone, you open your gallery and take out the video you want to edit. Then tap the edit option at the top right of the page.

Now, for cropping the video, drag the corners of the video with your fingers to your desired size and save it by pressing ‘Done’.

Now go open TikTok and press upload, and now you can add last-minute effects and upload it.

You can use the Shotcut tool to crop the video on a PC. First, you add the video to the screen and then filter crop it by dragging the side handles. Finally, save it, and it is ready for use.

You can also use a resizer to upload the video to the website, crop it by the video scale, and use it after saving it.

How to Crop TikTok Video without Watermark on iPhone:

To edit and crop the size of a video on TikTok on iPhone, you need to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open Video and Tap ‘Edit’

First, you open your phone, click on the gallery, and take out the video you want to edit. Like many other androids, iPhone has a video editor in its gallery that can do most of the work. So, you click the video once, and the options show up below, which have many icons, and on the top right side corner, you will have the “Edit” option. Tap that.

Open Video and Tap 'Edit'

Step 2: Select Crop tool

Once you find the edit option, click on that, and the video can now be edited on this page. Next, you can see the tools shown below. From there, you choose the crop option from the panel below. It comes as the third option besides the cancel and the other two options. So that is the tool you can use.

Select crop tool

Step 3: Crop & Save

Now once you have found the crop tool, tap on it. Now you can edit. You have to use your fingers and adjust the screen to crop the video however you want it to be. It might not be perfect, so you would have to do a couple of retakes to get the perfect cropped video. Then after you are satisfied with your work, you press done at the bottom of the page and save it.

Crop & Save

Step 4: Open TikTok and Tap on ‘Upload’

The original earlier video automatically gets replaced with your edited cropped video in your camera roll. Now you exit your camera roll and open up your TikTok app, and the home page appears. Now you slide to the camera option, and below the page, you find the “upload” option and click on that option.


Step 5: Select Video Next and Post

Once you press the upload option, the camera roll comes to view, and you choose the cropped video you just edited and press “next” then, you need to confirm whether that is the video you want to upload. Then, they will give you some last-minute editing options like you could trim the video or rotate it if you would like. Once you are satisfied, you press next again. Now you get to add effects, songs, texts, filters, enhance your video, and press next again to add captions. Many other options are available then. Finally, you can save a copy and go ahead and post that video on your account.

Video Next and Post

How to Crop the Size of a Video on TikTok on PC:

You have a few ways in order to crop any video for TikTok:

1. Using Shotcut Tool

The steps for the Shotcut tool are mentioned below:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: You open the Shotcut tool and add your video by clicking the playlist button and adding the video to your screen. It now appears on the screen and below as the V1 track.

Shotcut tool

Step 2: Now go to the top panel and look for the filter option. Click on it. The option slides open a panel with many other options. Now in the filter search bar, type “crop”. Now select how you want to crop (circle, rectangle, free). Now drag the corner handles of the video and crop the video however you want. 

Step 3: Now once satisfied. Save your video or export it, and it is ready for usage.

2. TikTok Video Resizer

Using the TikTok resizer, you can easily crop, trim, and edit your video in various ways as you desire. The following steps are to be followed:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Opening your device, you open your web browser and type “TikTok video Resizer”. The website opens, and below the process there, you will see options that say, “Upload video”. You click on that to get started. You can upload up to as long as a one-hour video.

Step 2: Now on the next page, another option shows up where you can browse and upload the video from where you have saved it on your device. Now once you click on that and you are taken to another page. The video loads into that page. The video might take a few moments to load into the page.

Step 3: The longer the video, the longer it takes to load. Now on the page, when the video is done loading in the side panel, you get to choose which app you are editing your video for, then you can click on that slide down until you find TikTok in the options and choose that option.

You can see a video scale below the panel, thereby dragging the bar. You can zoom in and out of your video and reach the exact size of the video you are aiming for.

Step 4: Once done, you can press download, which is next to the video scale option. The video then gets saved, and you can choose where to save it. Once it is downloaded, you can use it for your TikTok use and upload it there.

The Bottom Lines:

As you have seen that you have to manually take the video on your device in order to edit the video and make it watermark-free and then upload it by resizing the video. You can choose any tools and steps from above that suit your action for this.

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