How To Delete Your Grubhub Account

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To delete an account in Grubhub then either you can delete your information or just permanently remove the account data from Grubhub.

This does not work through settings rather you have to submit a request in order to delete the account, and the Grubhub team might help you.

You will have an option to submit a request in order to delete your account or remove data from Grubhub and that can be done by filling out the form or emailing the Grubhub team from your registered email address.

To delete a Grubhub account, you just have to login into your Grubhub account first and then just submit a request to delete the account data or whole from Grubhub, just filling in the details in the request form section.

You can place a request for deletion of your account to Grubhub’s contact number or email address whichever is suitable if you can’t log into your account.

However, if you don’t want to close the account, then you can just cancel the Grubhub+ membership in a few steps.

In this article, you’ve all of the methods and steps that you can use in order to get your Grubhub account deleted and this might take a few hours or days depending on the information you provided and the process to complete.

How To Delete Your Grubhub Account – Submit Request:

Grubhub is an online food delivery platform that allows diners to connect with local restaurants. The online platform greatly helps in searching and ordering food from comfort. 

Then, how does the platform work? You just have to enter the address, then the platform flashes a list of restaurants near you. Here is how the deal works… 

Just select “add a promo code” and type the code from your mail, then select the “apply” option.

🔯 Delete Your Personal Information

Want to delete your Grubhub account or want to delete your personal information? If so, then follow this step-to-step guide and learn how to delete your personal information easily. 

1. At first just log in:

◘ Firstly, you need to login into your Grubhub account. 

login into grabhub

◘ Then head towards Grubhub to manage your data area. 

◘ After going to Grubhub to manage your data area, a page will pop up. 

2. Verification of Email:

◘ After clicking on “Submit a request” a verification page will pop up which asks for mail verification. 

◘ So, type your mail address and tap on “Verify mail”.

verify email grubhub

3. Request submission:

When email verification is done, a page pops up asking to delete your personal information. 

Select the “Submit Request” option if you wish to delete the personal information.

submit request delete grubhub

Then, tap on the “Delete” option, and all your details will vanish.

delete account option grubhub

After doing this, a page will flash which shows confirmation. 

But, it is to be noted that after request submission, it would take almost 45 days to permanently delete your account.

🔯 What You May Lose After Deletion:

It is easy to delete your personal information with Grubhub through request submission, and it would be a permanent deletion process. 

But, what data is there that you can lose after the permanent deletion of your account?…

The outcomes that happen include:

◘ Your account details. 

◘ Your history of orders. 

◘ Even, if you lose your list of future scheduled orders. 

◘ Loss of reordering now option according to your order history. 

◘ Loss of all rewards and loyalty points. 

◘ Loss of every Grubhub credit from your account. 

◘ Loss of every account that uses the same login information. 

And that’s all.

How to Permanently Delete a Grubhub Account:

There is no direct option for users to delete their account, if you wish to delete your Grubhub account permanently there are various ways to do so. You have the option to delete your account either by contacting customer support or deactivating your Grubhub account or by deleting the account through the mail. 

Here are the ways in detail through which you can delete your Grubhub account permanently:

1. Contacting the Support

No other way is there to delete the account without connecting with the support system of Grubhub. You just need to contact the customer care of Grubhub and ask for a favor of deleting your account. The medium could be anything either by phone or email.

You can even delete someone else’s account and for that, you need to know that person’s email id and account holder’s name. You can even delete your account by contacting their Twitter handle.

For that, some steps should be kept in mind:

◘ Do login into your Twitter account.

◘ Head towards their Twitter handles

◘ Tap on “Tweet to Grubhub” available on the left panel.

tweet to grabhub

◘ Then, type your mail address and your username, and most importantly give the reason for deleting your account.

◘ When done with this, click on the send button.

2. Deactivating Grubhub Account

If you do not need your Grubhub account and want to delete it permanently then you need to delete it by submitting a cancel request, or you can deactivate the account. Account deactivation seems to be the best option as due to this process all account information gets deleted automatically.

Even the charges and rewards scheduled for the future also vanish from your account. Rather than going with submitting a cancel request, account deactivation prevents misuse of accounts and also lowers digital footprint.

3. Delete Grubhub Account via Mail

Another way to delete your Grubhub account permanently is by sending an email, but this process can take a few days to come into action. To go with this process, abide by the following steps, as it will make you understand how to do it.

1. Logging in

login into grabhub

◘ Firstly, do login into your mail account that connects with your Grubhub account. But, you can even send mail from an unknown account, and make sure to type in your maid address that connects with your Grubhub account in the body section. 

◘ After the email composition, send it to [email protected], the official mail address of Grubhub.

2. Mail writing

◘ Make sure to maintain the subject of the mail as ‘deletion of Grubhub account.’ This would make the process easy.

◘ Don’t forget to type in the reason for deleting your Grubhub account in the email’s body section.

You can follow up the below format to write the account deletion mail:


Next thing is, just send it and the Grubhub team would contact you and may ask you for a few documents for verification proof and after that, it’s done.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can Grubhub Deactivate Your Account?

Grubhub’s restaurants and diners maintain their industry standards. If they find the driver’s quality of service falls below the industry standard of comparable services in their region, they may deactivate the driver’s access to the Driver App.

In addition, the reasons Grunhub deactivated your driver account access to the driver app can be failing to complete your accepted orders and unreasonably canceling orders. Also, some serious complaint(s) about your delivery service such as unprofessional, unsafe, incomplete, etc.

Suppose Grubhub determines in its good faith, and reasonable discretion that in violation of their standards, Grubhub reserves the right to deactivate any driver account to maintain Grubhub’s reputation.

2. How to Contact Grubhub and Find Grubhub Support Email?

Grubhub does not yet provide its customers with a direct email for customer support. However, you can contact the Grubhub customer service department via their 24/7 toll-free number and live chat.

Grubhub Email (For Accounts): [email protected]

Grubhub Email (For Restaurants): [email protected]

Grubhub representatives are available 24/7 on their customer service helpline, which is 1-877-585-7878, and this is a toll-free number, so you don’t need to worry about call charges.

Furthermore, the next best option is via Live Chat on their website or app. Follow the following steps to use Grubhub’s live chat:

Step 1: Search and visit the “FAQ” page of the Grubhub website.

Step 2: Next, click on “Visit our help center.”

Step 3: Click the “Chat with us” button and fill in your name and email to open the chatbox.

Step 4: Finally, Click on “Start Chat” to connect with a GrubHub representative.

3. How to Deactivate the Grubhub Driver Account?

If you want to deactivate your own driver account from the Grubhub platform, you need to contact the support team. It is easy to do the process; follow the following steps:

Step 1: Firstly, open the search engine and search for the “Grubhub driver support page”.

Step 2: Secondly, visit the Grubhub driver support page.

Step 3: Further, click on “Submit a request”.

Step 4: Then, select the “Delivery Partners Request Form”.

Step 5: Furthermore, fill out all the details in the request form. In addition, request to deactivate your driver’s account in the subject and additional details column.

Step 6: Finally, tap on “Submit”.

Step 7: You can also compose an email to [email protected] to request the deletion of your driver’s account, attaching all necessary details.

Stay in touch with the support team members to track your request.

Contacting support in regard to that person:

Without directly contacting the support team, anyone can not delete a Grubhub driver’s account. But the Grubhub account will get deactivated automatically after not being in use for continuous four months.

4. How to Contact the Grubhub Restaurants Support?

It is very easy to contact the Grubhub Restaurants support team for any query and support you need. However, you can also search for your query on their FAQ page.

But if your query is not answered from the FAQ or you want to contact the support people only, you can contact Grubhub Restaurants support through their 24/7 toll-free number or by email.

Grubhub Email For Restaurants: [email protected]

You can contact the support via Grubhub’s toll-free number, 877-585-7878. This is the best option for you because the current real-time wait on hold and tools will skip you through those phone lines to get to a Grubhub representative.

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