Delete All Instagram Posts At Once – Mass Delete

If you are going with the process to delete all of the images one by one, definitely, this is more time-consuming in case of lots of images.

Instagram does not allow multiple deletions of posts, images, or even videos. That is why find some apps on the play store to make the mass deletion happen.

There are a few apps that can remove all your Instagram posts in a single click.

To delete all Instagram Posts or images, you have to log in on Instagram and change a temporary password on your account (for safety) & then from the app select the images & tap on ‘Delete all’.

This took only 30 seconds to delete multiple posts including the videos or photos in this process.

Unfortunately, these applications are removed from the Google play store and are no longer working. Rather here is the best suggestion for you.

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Firstly, if you want to delete some of your images do it one by one (steps are given below).

The second thing, if you want to keep the same username but remove all images and followers from the account then just first change the username of the old account and create a new account with the old username, put that old username as this will be accepted.

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But, you will lose all of your followers and the following list, to regain this just try these methods.

You as an Instagram fan noticed that Instagram allows you to delete photos but that needs a long time on your computer or desktop.

You can also recover deleted Instagram posts if you just accidentally did this.

Instagram has the feature to either delete a post or hide all posts from everyone. If you are having many more old & important photos or videos, you can also archive them for the best.

Archiving the photos is always a good idea to hide photos as deleting the photos might delete your posts or stories.

If you need a clear explanation in two lines, look for those below:

i) Achieve the photos when those get older actually hide those but deleting the photos you will lose permanently.

ii) You can hide and show the photos anytime you wish by archiving those but if you delete you can’t.

How to Mass Archive on Instagram?

As of now, Instagram has unlimited space for archiving photos. If you have more than one post to archive, just repeat the same process again.

You can archive the posts on Instagram until you have no images left in your account. Always remember that archiving photos on Instagram does not mean deletion.

1. Delete all Your Instagram posts from PC

Instagram is available on both Android and iOS mobile. You enjoy all of the features on apps if you have.

Remember that using the PC version you have to delete the images one by one. You cannot delete in mass while you’re on the desktop.

Although, you can take the help of Bluestacks that can install Instagram into it, and do the deletion.

Also, for the desktop, you have an extension available in the chrome web store that can help you delete photos at once on Instagram.

It is possible to delete all Instagram photos or videos with just a click. But, for this, you have to take the help of third-party party tools that are available in this context.

These apps help to clear up even your total account posts including photos and videos.

2. Delete a Single Picture from a Carousel Post on Instagram


Now before providing you with this information, a quick overview is provided to delete a single photo on Instagram in case you need it. To delete a single picture from a carousel post on Instagram or from multiple ones, just follow these steps:

Step 1: Firstly, open the Instagram application on your smartphone.

Step 2: Hit on the profile icon which is present in the bottom bar. After you have completed this step, tap/touch onto the photo that you plan to delete. On a carousel post, you may have up to 10 photos or videos. Just select one for deletion.

delete instagram photos 1

Step 3: After selecting the photo tap on the vertical-dots icon that is present at the top right side, as soon as you hit the icon, a small box will appear giving you the option to delete.

delete instagram photos 2

Step 4: As soon as you hit the delete option, a small dialog box will appear which will have the option of the archive and delete.

delete instagram photos 3
delete instagram photos 4

If you hit on the archive, nobody else could see the photo other than you and if you hit on ‘Delete’, the picture will be deleted instantly.

3. Delete ALL Posts from Instagram – using Apps

Deleting multiple photos is not a tough thing to do. If you have the correct direction of use you can do it very easily.

As you know by default Instagram does not allow users to delete total account images. So, you have the solution in this article which might give you the ways to delete multiple photos at once from your Instagram account.

These apps are free to use and you can get those easily from the internet just by searching the name in Google:

  • Instant cleaner
  • Cleaner for Instagram
  • Mass delete for Instagram

Note: These applications are no longer working and removed from the play store.

Instant cleaner – Delete Multiple Photos

The instant cleaner is one of the best applications for the mass deletion of Instagram photos. Using this tool, the user can delete multiple photos with a single tap.

instant cleaner

With the help of this tool, the user can perform the following functions: Delete photos in bulk, Unliking several photos and videos, Block multiple followers, Unfollow users in bulk.

To mass delete Instagram photos using the app,

  1. First, open the Google play store and install this application, if you have trouble downloading the application from the Google play store then you can use the APK file (link added).
  2. Now after you have finished downloading and installing the application the user is advised to log in with their Instagram credentials. Once you have logged in, go to the post option which will be present at the bottom bar.
  3. Once you hit the post option, the application will automatically provide you with all the photos and videos that you have posted on Instagram. Now select the number of photos that you want to delete.
  4. After you have finished selecting the number of photos that you want to delete tap on the delete option which will delete the photos in Bulk or Mass and the videos that you have selected in the first place.

That’s all easy.

The Bottom Lines:

This article explained that the best and safest way to delete all of your Instagram posts & keep all of the followers is by taking time to delete all of the posts one by one. However, if you need to mass delete all the images from Instagram just use the third-party tools that are mentioned above.

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