How To Delete Facebook Page Posts All At Once

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To delete all the Facebook page posts at once, you can take the help of the extension or tools that can actually delete all of your Facebook posts at once.

To delete the posts on your page at once, you have to open the posts from the ‘Publishing Tools’ on your page and then look for all of your posted staff.

Select them all on the right-hand top side just choose the action as ‘Delete’,  this will delete all of your posts that were previously posted on your Facebook page.

In order to delete the post that you have posted on your timeline, then you cannot delete them all at once without using an Extention.

Rather see all of the posts referring to the date and definitely you can delete them by choosing one by one.

You can also use the Facebook Page Post Manager tools in order to mass delete those posts from a business page.

You can find this post from the activity log on your profile section and find particular post just put the date if you have remembered and this will make things easy to find a post.

How To Delete Facebook Page Posts All At Once:

If you want to delete your Facebook post in bulk then Facebook doesn’t provide such an option for an older post that you want to delete from your Facebook. You can follow the simple steps and there is a tool that can help you delete in bulk from Facebook that I also explained in this article. So let’s dive in.

1. From the Website

There are certain rules which will help you to delete Facebook posts on your PC.

First, you will have to open Facebook and go to the profile section. Once you’re logged in, good to go.

◘ To delete your posts, make sure to visit the Activity log. 

◘ For that, you have to tap on the upside-down triangle which is presented in the top right corner.

◘ Now tap on the Activity log.
delete facebook posts pc

◘ Now tap on your posts and select filter options.

◘ Make sure to click on the Trash icon to delete the post.
delete facebook posts

◘ Now click on ‘Move to Recycle bin’. You can repeat the process to delete your posts.

2. Using Chrome Extension: Social Book Post Manager

You can use the ‘Social book post manager’ extension tool to delete your Facebook posts. 

chrome extension

◘ First, install Social book post manager on your chrome browser.

◘ Visit the Activity log to filter activity. Select the posts which you want to delete.

◘ Now make sure to click on the extensions button to open the interface.

◘ You can also choose ‘year’ or ‘month’ to delete in bulk. No click on the delete post button to delete the posts in bulk. The extension version will scan.

◘ Your post is according to the filters and will delete instantly. After the delete process, the extension will show reports. 

How To Delete All Old Facebook Posts on Mobile:

As you can’t use any tools on your mobile for bulk deletion of your post, if you’re on your mobile then to delete posts of your Facebook account just either use Facebook or you can do it in your browser.

1. Delete All Old Facebook Posts from App

Though it is not challenging to delete all Facebook posts with the help of the Facebook app. Follow the steps:

◘ To process the process of deleting posts, you will have to open your Facebook app and then log in to your account. (if you are already in, ignore)

◘ Now go to your profile and make sure to hit the three-dot menu.

◘ There you will find the Activity log option.

◘ Now go to manage activity and click on the popup which says your posts.

◘ Now make sure to select the list of posts that you want to delete. 

◘ Tap on ‘Move to Recycle bin’ to delete accordingly.

That’s all.

2. Delete All Old Facebook Posts on Chrome [Mobile]

This is really similar to what you follow to do in the Facebook app. If you don’t do it on the app, you can delete the old Facebook posts from your browsers i.e. Google chrome.

To delete the old Facebook posts on your browsers,

◘ Open Facebook and enter your login credentials to log in.

◘ Next, go to your own profile section and tap on the three-dots icon.

◘ Find the Activity log option and tap on it.

◘ Let’s go to Manage activity and look for the window ‘your posts’.

◘ Finally, select the posts that you want to delete. 

◘ Tap on ‘Move to Recycle bin’ to delete all of them at once.

That’s all you have to do to delete.

How To Delete All Facebook Page Posts in Single Click:

Deleting Facebook posts is really simple whether you’re on a PC or the app. You can choose a tool for the bulk selection of your page posts if you want to delete all of them at once. Although, it is not needed always, just follow these steps to delete all of your Facebook page posts:

🔯 On PC:

You can directly remove or delete the posts that you shared on the page. If you are willing to delete all Facebook page posts then you need to follow these steps below:

◘ First of all, make sure to visit your correct Facebook page.

◘ Click on the top right of Facebook and tap pages.

◘ Visit the Activity log and on the left side click on ‘Publishing Tools‘.
delete facebook page posts tools

◘ All of your page posts will be visible to you. Choose and select all to delete.

◘ Now you will see the Delete option on the drop-down of ‘Action‘. Make sure to hit the delete button to delete the posts from your page. 
delete facebook page posts

That’s all complete.

🔯 On iPhone: [With Facebook App]

If you want to delete all of your Facebook posts from your mobile app then really it’s possible without having any tools. If you’re on your iPhone, you’re good to go. You can delete them all at once, follow the steps to delete all Facebook page posts from your Facebook app:

Step 1: First of all, open your target Facebook page on your app.

Step 2: On the top section click on the icon that opens up the ‘Publishing Tools’.

Step 3: Choose the posts that you want to delete and select all at first.

Step 4: From the Action drop-down section choose ‘Delete(_)’. Tap on Delete to delete all your page posts that are selected. 

That’s all you have to follow on your Facebook App.

🔯 Facebook page post manager: Bulk Delete

The Facebook page post manager tool is beneficial in enormous ways. This tool allows you to manage your posts and also allows you to delete unwanted posts.

You can delete your posts with the help of the Facebook page post manager tool. This allows you to filter the posts according to year or month.

You can filter the posts which you linger want on your Facebook.

After selecting the filters, prescan the activity log. 

Select the individual entries which you want to delete.

You can manage your posts by selecting the option delete, hide, unlike, unhide, and other privacy setting. 

That is a perfect tool that you can use for the purpose of bulk deletion of your Facebook posts.

The Bottom Lines:

Social Book Post Manager is a tool you must use to bulk delete your Facebook posts as you have to select all posts manually either. This process is simple to delete the posts shared on the Facebook page and bulk deletion is possible without any tools although for selecting bulk posts the Facebook post manager tools can help you definitely.

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